The Enchanted Tapestry

The Enchanted Tapestry With the aid of a sorceress young Li Ju seeks his mother s precious handmade tapestry held by the fairies of Sun Mountain

  • Title: The Enchanted Tapestry
  • Author: Robert D. San Souci László Gál
  • ISBN: 9780140546262
  • Page: 138
  • Format: Paperback
  • With the aid of a sorceress, young Li Ju seeks his mother s precious handmade tapestry held by the fairies of Sun Mountain.

    One thought on “The Enchanted Tapestry”

    1. This is the same tale that Marilee Heyer recounted in Weaving of a Dream. This version has a more subdued palette and a less elaborate writing style.

    2. This story has beautiful pictures by Laszlo Gal. It is a good Chinese folktale story for parents to read to their children. This wealthy tapestry maker has three sons, she gets very invested in one of her tapestries and her family ends up poor because she cannot provide for her children. The tapestry which will be worth alot of money if she were to sell it disappears and is taken by fairies. It is up to her three sons to go get it for her or she will die. This story shows the temptation of money [...]

    3. Personal Reaction: I really enjoyed this book. It had very well done illustrations which added greatly to the story. It is a great story that shows the true meaning of family and sticking with your family which would be beneficial to read to a class.I would use this book to help teach new vocabulary words such as tapestry and figurative language development for ages first through third graders. It has very vivid examples of figurative language including personification and alliteration and has s [...]

    4. Long ago in China lived a widow who was a skillful weaver. Her three sons enjoyed the benefit of all the money she earned, for the tapestries were in great demand. But when she started working on a very large tapestry, her two oldest sons were annoyed. It was taking her too long, and they were running out of money. The youngest son went to work as a woodcutter to bring in money, but his brothers just grumbled. It turned out that the tapestry was enchanted and in the end, it proved that greed wil [...]

    5. Lovely illustrations demonstrate the painstaking sacrifice for love and beauty that are championed in the story. Selfishness and greed are fed their just desserts.

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