A Wild Ride

A Wild Ride With forever on the line Jessica wants nothing than to settle down finally and continue on with her life The only problem is that since she s moved to Texas she has been fraught with problems Desp

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  • Title: A Wild Ride
  • Author: Willow Summers K.F. Breene
  • ISBN: 9781519404329
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Paperback
  • With forever on the line, Jessica wants nothing than to settle down, finally and continue on with her life The only problem is that, since she s moved to Texas, she has been fraught with problems Despite a narrow miss when her home gets broken into, this time it isn t her that s in danger When William has a tragic bull riding accent, it is up to Jessica to play herWith forever on the line, Jessica wants nothing than to settle down, finally and continue on with her life The only problem is that, since she s moved to Texas, she has been fraught with problems Despite a narrow miss when her home gets broken into, this time it isn t her that s in danger When William has a tragic bull riding accent, it is up to Jessica to play hero.Alongside Jessica s personal problems, her friend Lump is also trying to find her way One bad, violent date after another and she is left broken and spent The one man that is perfect for her, is out of reach.

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    1. Jessica is someone I can relate to, she is loyal, worries about how people think of her among other things, she waits until she is mature enough to make her relationship with William more seriouswhich I respect. She has amazing friends.I'm glad that this series didn't drop the main characters to tell about the other characters, it tells the lives of all of them throughout the book. I love it. I have laughed and cried. Adam and Lump finally get together and in the end are engaged. Jessica marries [...]

    2. Loved this series OMG was a great ending to a beautiful story. I just loved Jessica what hoot she was throughout this whole book. Thumbs up to Summer for such a great story.

    3. I really enjoyed this entire series. I got the first book as a free download on and I was so hooked that I had to read the next two books of the series.The first book, Back in the Saddle is quite slow, but not in a bad way. Although there was instant attraction, it took a long time for anything to actually happen between the two main characters, and only near the very end of the book do they even kiss. In the second and third books of the series (Hanging On and A Wild Ride) there is a lot more [...]

    4. This is the third book of Jessica Brodie Diaries. I must say K.F.Breene done it again. I could not go to sleep until i finished reading it.This was an awesome reading. I laughed, cried, ran the gamut of emotion: fearful, sad, happy, amazed at what came of the girls mouths.All characters had grown thru the series.I took the first book because it was free, butt i read almost all books of K.F. Breene and she had not disappointed me yet. So i give it a try. I liked the first book but just for 3 star [...]

    5. So many mixed feelings on this series. Random thought that doesn't have to do with contente Kindle version I have use different covers which I personally like better, the covers showing up here look really cheesy. I almost put it down after the first chapter, it just didn't grab my attention, but I decided to keep going and ended up liking it in the end. Jessica did seem pretty shallow at times and her weepiness got a bit annoying, I have to admit that she did mature a lot through the series. Lo [...]

    6. So enjoyed the last book, found myself laughing and crying. The story line continue to make me want to enjoy the journey with them. The story ended as it should and made you feel happy for Jessica and Lumps journey, William and Adam were lucky men and they made you feel proud there are gentlemen still left in the world.Have to admit the cover version for the books were very different that what is pictured here. not sure if I would have picked them from these cover shown but enjoyed the books and [...]

    7. An Awesome Read!I absolutely loved reading A Wild Ride (Jessica Brodie #3), all about Jessica Brodie & William Davies who are boyfriend and girlfriend! The author wrote an incredible funny story, that is warm and loving, and the characters made the story come to life! This is a three book series and book one thru three will keep your attention from start to finish! Read this series because it will make you laugh, cry, sigh, shake your head and cum up a storm! Come fall in love with Jessica a [...]

    8. The third, and last installment, was a bit sad, which almost made me rate it lower just because my heart broke lol. But, I suppose that is a sign of great writing! So 5 it is. It was definitely a great conclusion to a series and I think wrapped the story up nicely. I felt there was real resolution and it was a great spot to pull the plug as it were. Again, really well written and a great flow all the way from Book 1 through Book 3. A series that is well worth the read!

    9. Loved it. Sad it ended.Another great book by Willow Summers. This book had me on a rollercoaster of emotions. I hope Summers writes more on these characters. I loved reading about them. One of my favorite parts was when Jessica and Lump where negotiating Jessica helping her. I laughed my but off.

    10. This was my favorite of the series. It had so many great parts to it (for example William's recovery and Fred~I love Fred). I really enjoyed watching the characters grow and develop in this book. The only drawback for me was that I would have liked a more in depth epilogue. After investing so much in the characters I would have liked to have seen further into their future.

    11. This book made me sad a little (for the life of me I cannot think of the old lady's name) when the old lady died. The author still made you part of the story. I would like more of their story, maybe a series on Adam and Lump!!!!!!!!!!!! I would highly recommend reading these books they are amazing. I am looking forward to reading more.

    12. Great series!This was a wonderful series to read. I loved how all the characters were such great friends and always stuck together. I couldn't put each book down!! This series made me lol so many times throughout reading it. I also cried towards the end of the last book. Great read!!

    13. Loved it as much as the first two.I love the strong willed chick with the equally bulkhead dudeBut that is what made this couple each passing and pulling. I had moments of uncontrollable laughing. Along with a flow of tears I like my books with comedy, heroics, and tears well done well done

    14. now I have read them allWow, I find the writing style excellent! I often read to occupy my mind and as a filler of time I was pleasantly surprised by this storyline often laughing out loud or in tears. Maybe it is just some experiences are reflected in the books but they touched me in a way very few stories have.

    15. LOVED IT!!!Try hard to live a good life and be loyal and true to your friends and family. NEVER NEVER NEVER TAKE ANY OF THEM FOR GRANTED! Life is a great and precious thing NEVER forget that!!!

    16. Again, loved it. I love Jess' friendships and her strength and her sense of humor through it all. I couldn't rave about this series more. It's the kind that makes me want to go back and mark down all the other books I've ever given 5 stars too.

    17. A Wild Ride (Jesse Brodie Diaries)Could this get any btr!! I absolutely loved this seriesIt drew you in, makin you wantin more!! K.F. Breene has become one of my favorite authors nowCan't wait to read more books!!

    18. Again a fun story with Jessica and William. It is really hard not to enjoy the fun that all these characters brought to the story. However, I did feel like the story moved a little slower than the other two. But still a fun and easy read.

    19. I love the strong-willed chick with the equally bullheaded dudeBut that is what made this couple each pussing and pulling.I had moments of uncontrollable laughing. Along with a flow of tears I like my books with comedy, heroics, and tears well done well done

    20. I liked the series as an overall. I thought the characters were awesome and full of spunk. The 2nd book lost me a little as the whole "club scene" dragged on and on. But other than that I give a 4 star grade for the series. Well done.

    21. This was a first time reading this author. I enjoyed this story that I had to keep going. I finished and went and bought the next one. This was a laid back read for me. A little different that what I am use to.

    22. i downloaded this when i finished book 2 hea all round ,but i had a felling jess would get what gladis left her ,i would read more from this series if they come available

    23. Loved this serious I laughed, cried and couldn't put it down. This book was the saddest but I still loved the entire series.

    24. Cute series and definitely a fun read. Again I would say 3.5 more than 3. I will be honest, I didn't expect to like it as much as I did. Total recommendation for quick vacation/beach reads.

    25. A good ending to a good series although the ending was a little rushed it did tie up all lose ends leaving a great HEA. Highly recommend the series but do read them in order!

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