Sweet Justice failed but revenge is sweet Six years ago Declan lost his wife and unborn child to a heinous crime and the man responsible was let off on a technicality He s spent six years planning his re

  • Title: Sweet
  • Author: R.E. Saxton Kit Tunstall
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Justice failed, but revenge is sweet Six years ago, Declan lost his wife and unborn child to a heinous crime, and the man responsible was let off on a technicality He s spent six years planning his revenge, and denied the pleasure of destroying the long dead murderer, he s turned his attention to the man s daughter She ll pay for her father s sins, and revenge will be sJustice failed, but revenge is sweet Six years ago, Declan lost his wife and unborn child to a heinous crime, and the man responsible was let off on a technicality He s spent six years planning his revenge, and denied the pleasure of destroying the long dead murderer, he s turned his attention to the man s daughter She ll pay for her father s sins, and revenge will be sweet After a lifetime of disappointments, Katriona shouldn t be surprised when the vacation she s supposedly won ends up making her a captive to Declan, a man she s never forgotten a man now determined to claim her and use her in his twisted pursuit of vengeance Knowing his intentions, it shouldn t be difficult to fight him, but with his every touch, and every mark he leaves on her as a sign of his possession, she falls deeper under his spell and into the darkness inside her Pleasure is nice, but pain is even sweeter, and love is the ultimate agony This novel has content some readers might find objectionable It is a dark romance with dark themes If that isn t your preferred reading material, this probably isn t the book for you If you like a possessive, deeply emotionally scarred alpha male with revenge on his mind and the dark urge to possess his woman in every way possible, spend some time with Declan He s pretty sweet deep down very deep down.

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    1. The blurb sums this book up rather perfectly as to plot. An obsessed man kidnaps the daughter of the man that killed his wife and unborn child several years after the incident. Is his obsession hate? Lust? Love? All of the above? It's a short read that flows & paces well. No boring lulls for sure. There's a lot of kinkyfuckery in this one. I would guesstimate the book is probably 70% sexual and 30% plot. The whole kidnap and enslave her as a sexual/ baby making machine is flowered up by him [...]

    2. 2 1/2 stars. From the blurb I expected to really like this story. There are some people who will l love it and some people who should not read it, I fall somewhere in between. People with triggers (dubious consent, extreme bdsm) should beware of the content.SPOILERS ********************************Back story: Declan's wife and unborn daughter were murdered by Kat's father. She was just 16 at the time and her father got off on a technicality. She attended the trial everyday not for her father but [...]

    3. Declan's wife and unborn daughter have been murdered and the person that committed the crime is set free only to be killed in a drunk driving accident a couple of days later. With no one paying for the crimes committed Declan sets his anger towards Kat, the daughter of his wife's murder. Kat is under the impression that she has won a scholarship to an art school as well as an all expenses paid trip to a private island for a week little does she know that she is being set up and once she is on th [...]

    4. This is a Dark Romance (short) story. Kat's father murders Declan's wife and unborn child and gets dismissed of all charges. 2 weeks later he dies in an accident which throws Kat (who is only 16 at the time) into foster care and robs Declan of his chance at revenge. Flash forward 6 years later and Declan has lured Kat to his private island and has plans to take out his revenge on her instead. As far as a dark romance is involved this was successful in a lot of ways as Dark Romance is supposed to [...]

    5. RE Saxton is fast becoming one of my favorite authors. I absolutely loved her Mafia series so when I saw this book I immediately bought it & I'm so glad I did. Kat has just graduated from College, she's an artist. She thinks she's won a trip to an island for a relaxing vacation. When she arrives on the island there is only one other person there. Declan lost his wife & unborn daughter six years ago when Kat's Dad raped & murdered them. Her Dad got off on a technicality & died a f [...]

    6. Very goodI really enjoyed this book very much, I recommend to all adults to read, it is definitely adults only though

    7. The idea of the book was really really good.I don't know but to me it was lacking that ''je ne sais quoi'' who is making you not leave a book down until you finish it, or maybe I was just bored.Either way, I didn't like it

    8. I am somewhat familiar with this author and was happy when I was given the chance to read and review this book I liked the plot and story line they were captivating and well written as well as the flow of events as for the characters they were interesting Kat and Declan are great charming characters to read and get to know they each had their issues their strengths their weaknesses it had a lot of anger pain revenge emotions that can enchant and an repulse to what would happen or why did it happ [...]

    9. Six years ago, Katriona's father kidnapped, robbed and killed Declan's wife who was pregnant with their first child. Due to a technicality, her father was released and all charges were dropped for the heinous crime he committed.Since that day, Declan has become obsessed with owning Kat and making her pay for her father's sins. However once he has her, Declan's feelings change. He still wants to cause Kat pain, but he also wants to cause her pleasure. Kat realizes she should hate Declan for what [...]

    10. I really enjoyed this book. It has alot of pain behind it with what Declan has been through. But Kat has also seen her share of pain and is just trying to survive and make her life happy. When Kat is tricked into staying with Declan, sparks and anger fly and it was just off the charts hot. Can you fall for the person you are set on revenge for what her father did and can the other fall for the tyrant who has stolen her? Read to find out!

    11. GoodI'm not big on the h being so indecisive. Wish she would not fight him so much or be repulsed and fight hard against him. h slept with him and yet at the end of sex she would freak out that was too much for me. H was crazy but like that he wanted her and control but protect her at the same time

    12. Not bad felt rushedThis book had a great idea and seemed to do well at explaining the feelings, the who's, what's and why's, but the ending felt rushed. The fact that she fell in love in less than two weeks makes the whole story unfathomable. However the dark sex aspect of this book was intriguing and for the most part well described.

    13. DNF @ 17%I couldn't even really get started. The dynamic between the two main characters was ridiculous. It was like they've known each other for years rather than only spoken once six years ago. It took away from whatever the plot was supposed to be. And the language was ridiculous! Were these people English royalty or something? They sounded ridiculous.

    14. Very good readI enjoyed this story it was really good a MUST read. Sexy, sweet, romantic, hot, with a little drama. I do wish it was a little darker that she would have resisted more it was tame but a sexy read

    15. Arc review For honest review. When a hate ,love relationship grows from a past that started with the murder of his wife and unborn child from Kate's father. Declan kidnapped Kat e how their relationship grows. What a great story a little dark romance but wow great writing.

    16. DarkYour right that it's dark novel with happy ending. Really enjoyed reading this book. Declan set out for revenge only to fall for her completely. It was a good read.

    17. Wow! Kat and Declan are really interesting characters. They have such a twisted relationship but it works. This is a very erotic story. I got caught up in it. Another hit for R.E. Saxton.

    18. GoodThis was a good story. It was sad at times I felt bad for Declan. He lost his wife and child, he wants to seek revenge.

    19. Good bookThis was a good and sensual book to read. I liked the characters. I liked the S & M factor in this book.

    20. I'll give it fiveIt was dark, but too dark. It was sexy. It had some surprises. It even bad some sweet. All in all it was a decent read.

    21. Great book This is the first time I have read her books, I really enjoyed her writing, well worth my time and money. If you like reading dark romance I recommend reading this book

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