ASHOKA - Lion of Maurya (Ashoka, #1)

ASHOKA Lion of Maurya Ashoka Fifteen year old Ashoka though rightfully the crown prince has renounced his claim to the throne to protect his mother Subhadrangi from the vicious palace politics of her rival queens and the chiefs

  • Title: ASHOKA - Lion of Maurya (Ashoka, #1)
  • Author: Ashok K. Banker
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 330
  • Format: ebook
  • Fifteen year old Ashoka, though rightfully the crown prince, has renounced his claim to the throne to protect his mother Subhadrangi from the vicious palace politics of her rival queens and the chiefs of the 500 tribes that make up the great Mauryavansh Empire.Ashoka is entrusted with escorting his self centred brother, crown prince Sushim, to Taxila to negotiate with PashFifteen year old Ashoka, though rightfully the crown prince, has renounced his claim to the throne to protect his mother Subhadrangi from the vicious palace politics of her rival queens and the chiefs of the 500 tribes that make up the great Mauryavansh Empire.Ashoka is entrusted with escorting his self centred brother, crown prince Sushim, to Taxila to negotiate with Pashtun rebels When Ashoka exceeds his authority and ends the rebellion, instead of being appreciated, his actions are considered treasonous Samrat Bindusara is busy continuing his campaign of conquest against the last pockets of resistance in the sub continent, while young prince Tissa views the whole enterprise of war as brutal and inhuman Aging and disgraced ex prime minister Kautilya comes out of forced retirement to appeal personally to Bindusara s better sense only to find that he has made a grave tactical error Rani Khorasan and her mother the War Marshall of Mauryavansh have plans for the empire that do not include either Kautilya or his protege Ashoka and they are willing to go to any lengths to achieve their ambitions.Lurking behind the scenes but ever present on the theatre of politics is Alexander the Great s successor, Seleucus Nicator Through his daughter Apama, step mother of Bindusara, and Dowager Queen of the Mauryavansh Empire, Nicator is playing a long game , one whose results will only be visible in coming years The only people who genuinely care about the empire itself seem to be Subhadrangi, Ashoka and Kautilya, but in a shocking move, the Khorasans, with the tacit approval of Bindusara and Apama, decide to rid themselves of mother, son and guru once and for all.

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    1. I chanced upon this book accidentally and decided to read a couple of chapters to know the nature and tone of the book. I wasn’t planning to read the whole book but, after a few pages, I was sort of drawn in. And soon enough was keep turning pages. If you are planning to start reading historical fiction, start with this one. If you are a long-time fan of Mauryan history, read this book. If you love reading historical fiction, this is a must for you. You will immediately fell in love with this [...]

    2. Ashok K. Banker is one of the pioneers that made mythological fiction popular amongst the young readers in India. This Ramayana and Mahabharata series is read and adored by plenty. Now that Ashok K. Banker has delved into historical fiction and what better subject to write about than the lion of Maurya itself?Ashoka is a historical figure about whom there’s more unknown than known. It was a pleasure to hold the book on a historical icon by the author. Although somehow the book failed to meet m [...]

    3. Beautiful fictionalised account of those times that really makes you believe its trueNever a dull moment in the storyonly the end seemed incomplete otherwise I would have rated it 5 stars

    4. The author Ashok Banker is India's mythology man. Now add history or as Banker likes to say Itihasa to his cap. Ashok Banker seeks to revive the interest in these ancient figures with his retelling of Itihasa - History. Ashoka is the medium he has chosen to start his mighty effort. Much of knowledge about how Ashoka became the 3rd emperor of the Mauryavansha Dynasty is shrouded in mystery. There are some anecdotes about him propagating Buddhism throughout India after being enlightened post the b [...]

    5. The first ever novel of Ashok K. Banker that I read was Vertigo. I was just out of my b-school and it intrigued me to read the story set in the advertising industry. At that time, it became a favorite of mine and Ashok's writing was lucid and expressive. Years later, I saw the name of Ashok Banker on a series of Ramayana while browsing books in Crossword, but didnt recall his novel Vertigo, till I checked him out on the Internet. I admit that I didnt buy and read the Ramayana series, but Ashok h [...]

    6.  ¡Received the book in a Giveaway!RATINGS : 4.7I have read a lot of books by "promising" Indian Authors but was quite disappointed Well what can I say; when I started this book I thought it was going to be another bland old book retelling the story of AshokaBut boy was i wrong!!From the moment I started I was a bit skeptical but the pace of the story kept on increasing and it came to such a point that I couldn't sleep without knowing what happened nextThe day I finished the book I was the hap [...]

    7. Score : 4.5/5 I'm so sorry my review was so late ; so many weeks after having received the book Ashok K. Banker . My only excuse is my exams were nearing and I had to read bits of the book slowly . But threw it out the window and got into fully completing the book though my exams just started today .The book starts of with the introduction of the Grand city that Mauryas had made their capital . I was amazed by the descriptions of the city and river that tried ruthlessly to erode the city walls a [...]

    8. Quote from the Book I Liked - No matter how tempestuous or destructive, a storm always passed. It was the way of things. Starts - 3/5The book was a one time read with the Author leaving a lot of Suspense to be covered in the following 2 Books. The story takes you in the deeps of the life of Ashoka, with her mother Rani Subhadrangi and his Guru the Great Chanakya himself. From the Battles to the Ugly Politics, the book is a Full Pack which can't be stayed Put. But the whole Plot for the future bo [...]

    9. The book was excellentbut Banker had left me in lot of suspense.I have to buy the next book of this.The description is superb.He is really a good story teller.Man!!its really not an history book.Thanks for that.

    10. 3.5/5The 0.5 would seem unnecessary, but in that 0.5 lies my hope for the next installment of the Ashoka Series. I must confess, I did not enjoy the beginning of the book. My lack of enjoyment did not stem from any lack in Banker's writing, far from it, Banker's eloquence was (as it always is) a pleasure to witness. I was, however, slightly miffed at the things he was writing about. A sizable portion of the beginning of the book reads like a culmination of the Kamasutra and Chanakya-neti. Politi [...]

    11. Known mostly for his mythologies and the distant past of India with fact and fiction mixed, Ashok Banker is back to doing what he does best. This time he delves into ancient Indian history and recreates the Mauryan era in his latest, Lion of Maurya, with Bindusara on the throne and Ashoka, the reluctant second-in-line, waiting in the wings. Palace intrigues abound with all eyes on the prized throne. A glimpse into a slice of the period shows the key players jostling for space that includes triba [...]

    12. That was some interesting read for this historical event. This a kind of book that can have sequel after sequel and people will still read. (as well as prequel). I haven't checked whether it does have any prequel but sure about the sequel(it is coming). Recently, i have been reading "historical events, myths, epic fictions, etc." and get easily hooked into all these. As somehow, it's different or maybe the perspective​ is different now from when i was little. Understanding it more deeply.Looki [...]

    13. Historical fiction has been my favourite genre and this book falls in that domain. As a storyteller , Ashok Banker does a decent job on the telling of Ashoka's earlier years whilst growing up as the unassuming heir to the throne with political intrigue and suspense evolving in all forms. It is a good airport read with twists and turns of a masala potboiler , reasonably fast paced with cameo appearances by one of my favourite historical characters - Kautilya / Chanakya.

    14. Considering I don't normally read historical fiction, I have to say, this was kind of an achievement for me. For those of you who do enjoy reading historical fiction, this is a great read. If you want to dabble in a little Indian history, I would strongly encourage you to pick this book up. But personally, history has never been my cup of tea and I've always been weary of picking up historical novels. But despite my doubts, there were quite a few things I enjoyed and it was a quick read.

    15. The acclaimed author Ashok K Banker did great justice to the main character Ashoka by bringing our the best of Ashoka in a packed with non-stop action, adventure, battles, and lusty no hold that barred in his storytelling. Wishing him to contribute more to the ancient Indian hidden history. Sivkishen Ji Author

    16. This is not a history book but its a historical fiction. I loved that it is based on true historians, and did not bored me with all the date and details and facts. I found myself in magnetic chain of reading, now I am in hangover of the mauryavansh world created by the author. Ashok k. banker is indeed a great story teller. He created a world where all women and men are more than gender. loved how he described chandikas, female military who can beat men face to face and can do more than that. po [...]

    17. Interestingly written in modern prose style, although one wishes Ashok Banker could elucidate historical facts in more detail. Albeit, leaves the reader looking forward to the next instalment.

    18. Poor reading Not history not fiction pure adulterated imagination At time reads like a soft porn and had gore without any depth

    19. Superb writing as always - can't wait for the next one hope he does finish this (unlike the forest of stories, which started off with so much of promise)

    20. The current book, the first in the series, is titled Ashok – The Lion of Maurya For the life of me I cannot fathom why Indians insist on the trailing “A” when penning proper names in English! To be precise, the actual book is Ashoka – The Lion of Maurya; the trailing A is fine in Maurya due to the following vowel sound!. Lets be crystal clear here : this is a work of fiction. It comes under historical fiction, and cannot be treated as anything else, as I point out in detail in the revi [...]

    21. Ashok K. Banker's 'Ashoka' published by Westland, is the first of a series about the great emperor. Good cover, paper, font and layout, with British spellings and sentence construction, the narration is mesmerizing, pulling the reader into that era and sequels are eagerly awaited. But there is much sand in this tasty sandwich: I see kilometers and metres, also measurements in yards; veteran instead of veterans (P.22); Chandikas's instead of Chandikas' (P.); assassins instead of assassins' (P.52) [...]

    22. My rating: 4.5 out of 5 starsSeries - Itihasa - AshokaBook#1_2016The first book of 2016. What a start it is. Ashok Banker is India's mythology man. Now add history or as Banker likes to say Itihasa to his cap. Ashoka - The Lion of Maurya is the first of the series of books based on the greatest Indian Emperor ever - Ashoka Maurya. The 3rd in the Mauryan Dynasty, the man who laid the foundations of modern day India, a man whose deeds are still seen in various facets of Modern India.The Lion of Ma [...]

    23. Rating: 3.5/5I hardly knew about Emperor Ashoka and this one is a historical fiction, I started reading keeping that fact in mind and was pleasantly surprised by the way the book kept going. It was faced paced with action and keeps you engrossed totally. And it brought about the good human nature of Emperor Ashoka throughout the story. The ending of the book will definitely make you await for the next one in the series, and as such the trilogy itself to know the complete story. Good writing by t [...]

    24. This novel depicts events that happened in Ashoka's life when he was a teenager.It shows Ashoka's bravery, his love, his respect and gis struggles.The writing is really good, though the story seemed a bit lacking to me.It was an interesting read, but it was more fiction than fact.If it is read just for entertainment purpose then it's pretty great, but if you're thinking of reading it to gain knowledge, then back off!So yeah, even though it wasn't that enlightening, it was a good ole short read t [...]

    25. Historical fiction as a genre is really interesting. It keeps you engrossed while adding to your knowledge. This book is a testament for the same; well, mostly. The story became a bit uncanny after a particular point of time.

    26. I wanted to read about the emperor ashok from quite sometime. This interest made me pick this book and it is quite disappointing. Not a very good read except for the good usage of language.

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