The Bomb Girls

The Bomb Girls THE CODE GIRLS IS AVAILABLE FOR PREORDER NOW On an ordinary day in a letter arrives on the doormats of five young women a letter which will change everything Lillian is distraught And whether s

  • Title: The Bomb Girls
  • Author: Daisy Styles
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • THE CODE GIRLS IS AVAILABLE FOR PREORDER NOW On an ordinary day in 1941, a letter arrives on the doormats of five young women, a letter which will change everything Lillian is distraught And whether she tears, hides or burns the letter the words remain the same she must register for compulsory war work Many miles away, Emily is also furious her dream job as THE CODE GIRLS IS AVAILABLE FOR PREORDER NOW On an ordinary day in 1941, a letter arrives on the doormats of five young women, a letter which will change everything.Lillian is distraught And whether she tears, hides or burns the letter the words remain the same she must register for compulsory war work Many miles away, Emily is also furious her dream job as a chef will have to be put on hold, whilst studious Alice must abandon her plans of college Staring at an identical letter, Elsie feels a kindling of hope at the possibility of leaving behind her brutal father And down in London, Agnes has her own reasons for packing her bags with a smile Brought together at a munitions factory in a Lancashire mill town, none of them knows what lies ahead Sharing grief and joy, lost dreams and gained opportunities, the five new bomb girls will find friendship and strength that they never before thought possible as they unite to help the country they love survive.Praise for Daisy Styles A great read that I think will appeal to fans of wartime sagas and authors like Donna Douglas From dances to disasters, encounters with handsome Yanks, rationing and relationships, The Bomb Girls has all the ingredients of an excellent wartime drama and I thoroughly enjoyed it Onepage The story is full of drama, love, heartbreak, friendship and in some part some comedy It s full of twist and turns and is a real page turner Laurahbookblog

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    1. A sweet and frothy wartime read following the trials and tribulations of a gathering of new friends who meet when they are conscripted to a munitions factory in northern England as World War Two rages on.I loved the story of Alice in particular, and how she was scouted to become a member of the French speaking special operations forces. I felt her chapters could be a standalone story. My issue with the book - and why I have resisted rating it higher - is that much of the dialogue feels disjointe [...]

    2. I loved this book, about a group of girls of very different backgrounds brought together to work in a munitions factory during world war two. It's set mainly in Pendle, Lancashire. The group quickly become firm friends and although the girls all have their own stories their friendship is what sees them though many ups and downs. This book is well researched and informative and manages to blend the story into the facts. As all good stories should this book takes the reader through all sorts of em [...]

    3. This is my first book by this author but definitely won't be my last. Sent during WW2 it tells the story of young women moved out of their comfort zone to help win the war. You get drawn into the characters lives as they learn to live with each other and end up as firm friends. There are happy and sad times but the girls are there helping each other through. A great read

    4. Absolutely brilliant! It took me a while to get going as there were so many new characters at first and I had to keep checking back who was who. Once the story came together I began to enjoy it. All chapters are titled which gives you an indication of what is going to happen. I warmed to all the main characters. I think it could have been a little more detailed in some areas and the way it was written seemed a little rushed. It was emotional in parts and made me cry a little. If you like Ww2 Sag [...]

    5. This is the first book in a wonderful war time series. Women over 18 were called to sign up for war work- and this book is about a group of girls who sign up to work in a bomb factory where the Cordite will send their hands and hair yellow!It has wonderful warm friendships, war time camaraderie and gives you a wonderful sense of wartime life.I will definately read the rest of this series to catch up with the girls.

    6. The brilliant bomb girlsWell I know have some new friends. All the bomb girls have fabulous personalities. You can't help but love all their different characters. This book is wonderful made me laugh a lot. I recommend this book to everyone. Thank you Daisy Styles. I'm now going to get the next book in the series.

    7. Liked the characters and the plot, but the book is not very well written - I only carried on despite that because I really wanted to know what happens in the end. In other words: the author managed to hook me with the characters and storyline, so that, through gritted teeth, I went on reading to the very end.Why the gritted teeth, you ask? The writing was mostly ok but somewhat clunky. There were far too many places where you're supposedly inside the head of one of the characters but suddenly th [...]

    8. I found this book slightly deceiving. It started off as a sweet tale, one that I questioned whether it was going to be a little too sweet with not much substance. Whilst I was questioning this sweet story I found myself getting attached to the characters. Soon I found myself getting sucked into the story, it became difficult to put the book down. I found myself thinking about the fate of the characters throughout the day and now the book has been finished I am finding it unusually difficult to l [...]

    9. I really enjoyed this book and raced through it very quickly. I loved the characters, so varied and yet all bound together by their common purpose and their close proximity to each other. The research that had obviously gone into the period and the subject matter, meant that the tale felt believable and authentic.Thanks to Netgalley for the chance to read & review this book. I am now about to start The Code Girls by the same author now my head is in that era!

    10. I finished this book last night and wow! it left such an impact on me throughout today, I could not stop thinking about it and the tragic loss towards the end, it was so unexpected and sad! it's an exciting book full of laughter friendship and hard times!

    11. I read this on the kindle This is the first of 3 books the 3rd will be out late 2017 You have Emily, Alice who are from the area where the bomb factory is then there is Agnes who is from London & been transfered from the Woolwich Arsenal factory,Lillian from Bradford & Elise who escaping from her father in Gateshead It tells of their ups and downs as they make the bombs, Agnes who's husband is missing &who's daughter is in Keswick that is why she come up to the newly formed bomb fact [...]

    12. The Bomb GirlsBy Daisy StylesFive girls, five different lives all brought together by Winston Churchill calling the women of Great Britain together to work to help the Allies win World War Two.Lillian, Emily, Alice, Elsie and Agnes along with thousands of other women have to leave their homes, lives and families for the munition factories. Thrown together these girls forge friendships out of necessity and each day risk their lives on the bomb making conveyor belts. Dangerous and difficult work t [...]

    13. Simpler times although toughI like getting lost in these stories, the characters feel so real as you get to know them all. The twist and turn of life during the war although tough, the commardery amongst the women has long since been lost! Will these times ever reappear?

    14. Loved the many storiesThis book of the bomb girls was so exciting. I couldn't put it down. Reading the different stories of all the characters was thrilling.

    15. A fairly enjoyable read, although I found it began to lack substance and became fairly disjointed story about half way through. Although the characters were gorgeous.

    16. The Bomb Girls written by Daisy Styles for me was one of the best books I have ever read! and I read a lot!! The Code Girls is based on a group of girls who were strangers, through their love for the country they live in they become closer than sisters.The girls Lilian, Emily, Agnes, Alice and of course Elsie come together in Lancashire to help Great Britain win the Second World War, they were going to be the Canary girls and build bombs, and what an experience this was going to be!I loved this [...]

    17. I really enjoyed reading this book and found it a really quick read once I got into it.At the beginning I found it quite difficult to get into and hoped it didn’t disappoint me, as when I read the synopsis it caught my attention straight away and I knew it would be something I would enjoy reading.The story is full of drama, love, heartbreak, friendship and in some part some comedy.The author Daisy Styles had obviously done her research on the time that the story was set and the goings on durin [...]

    18. I took a while to get into this one. The first five chapters introduced the five girls we would be reading about. But the chapters were short and I felt I was only getting to know the person when the next girl was introduced. There were a lot of people to get to know in a short time. However, once the story got going I really started to enjoy it and I've actually been reading for two solid hours because I wanted to see how it ended.It had everything! From women making bombs to cooking and mindin [...]

    19. Thank you to netgalley and the publishers for the opportunity to review this book in exchange for an honest review.This was my second Daisy Styles book. We meet Lillian, Emily, Alice, Agnes and Elsie. They all work as a Bomb Girls in a bomb factory in Pendle, Lancashire. They all have their own stories as to how they ended up there. It's the story of 5 girls who become 5 best friends. It's full of love, heartbreak, laughter and friendship. It's also full of drama - I never knew how dangerous it [...]

    20. I really like a good World War 2 saga, however this one didn't live up to my expectations. It was well written, well researched and very descriptive but I just felt it was quite formally written and could have been non fiction. I didn't feel any connection to the six bomb girls and really think the author should have probably written about three girls only. There was a lot of separate stories going on, with six girls, but too much for a normal sized book.

    21. A good first novel from Daisy Syles. I felt the five central characters were introduced well and I like the heading at each chapter.Gave an insight into what happened at the munitions factories in WW2 and the camaraderie the girls all shared.Could have been a two book saga, where the writer could have delved more into Alice's time in the resistance and what happened to the Bomb Girls when war ended.

    22. Loved this book.Enjoyed every minute of it. You instantly fall in love with all the characters. They're so different but that's what makes great friendships. Would highly recommend. I was very sad to finish it.

    23. Brilliant insight to the brave girlsThis gave you a brilliant insight to the lives of girls working in the factory s across the country marking bombs how they came together to help each other no matter what a really good read

    24. A great light, frothy read. The Norfolk setting drew me, love interest everywhere, a lovey historical home as a setting, code breaking, a flavour of the war. Not my usual choice but it was a enjoyable.

    25. I really enjoyed this book. There were a lot of characters to start with but I had no trouble keeping up with who was who. It had lots of twists and turns and I was quite sad when it ended

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