Game Theory

Game Theory Jamie s sister has been kidnapped And Jamie is convinced that the way to save her is to apply the principles of Game Theory But is playing the game the best option when lives are at stake A hugely com

  • Title: Game Theory
  • Author: Barry Jonsberg
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jamie s sister has been kidnapped And Jamie is convinced that the way to save her is to apply the principles of Game Theory But is playing the game the best option when lives are at stake A hugely compelling YA thriller.

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    1. Wow, this was one heck of a fun ride!! Our protagonist Jamie is a kids who loves numbers; a self-described mathematician. Little did he know that the random numbers he sprouted would help his older sister, Summerlee, win 7.5 million big ones in Tatts. Summerlee lived big with the money, until the day younger sister Phoebe is kidnapped with a ransom request following. The book follows the events to try and have Phoebe returned.Given the subject matter it seems incongruous to say that this is a ve [...]

    2. I really enjoyed the narrative voice in this novel and the plot ripped along at a great pace. Will be getting more copies of this for the library.

    3. I'm admitting right now that I am a Barry Jonsberg fan, I like the kids he writes about, they all have some fairly dramatic stuff happening in their lives that they need to overcome and they do that in an exciting way. This book has more of that flavour. Jamie is mathsy and logical and a fan of Game Theory, he applies this to his problem and goes for the win. The problem is that his sister has been kidnapped after his other sister, the flakey Summerlee has won a humongous amount of money on Lott [...]

    4. 4.5 starsThis was such a great read! Everything about Game Theory deserved a tick - the plot, the characters, the writing and the extremely satisfying ending. At no time did I pick who was the kidnapper and not knowing until near the end of the book added to the enjoyment.Thank you to and the publisher for my copy.

    5. Rating: 3/5Genre: YA Thriller/MysteryRecommended Age: 16+ (language, violence, slight mature content).I received this book for free courtesy of KidLitExchange. All opinions are my own.Jamie is a 16-year-old math whiz. Summerlee, his older sister, is in the grip of a wild phase. Tensions at home run high. When Summerlee wins a 7.5-million-dollar lottery, she cuts all ties with her family. But money can cause trouble—big trouble. And when Jamie's younger sister Phoebe is kidnapped for a ransom, [...]

    6. This was a short, well-written, simple, and easy text to complete. Barry Jonsberg writes, telling it exactly how it is - plain and simple without metaphors or beating around the bush at all. On occasion, this straightforwardness would feel unnecessary, but other times, it was greatly appreciated as it kept the story moving quickly without dwelling on insignificant details.The first part of this book seemed a bit unorganized. It was all over the place, jumping around a lot to have a chapter about [...]

    7. Thank you @kidlitexchange for providing me with a copy of this book to read and review. All opinions are my own. Jamie is a high school math whiz. Little did he know that by explaining probability to his older sister, Summerlee, that he would in fact help her choose the winning lottery numbers. Money changes people, especially when it totals $7.5 million. Summerlee quickly moves out to enjoy her new found freedom and fortune, Jamie’s parents aren’t communicating or connecting and someone dec [...]

    8. Author spends more than half of the book delving into the protagonist's life and the protagonist conducting his own investigation on his own list of suspects which led to nowhere. It'd be great if the author had provided explanations on one of the suspect's sudden change in behaviour. The protagonist (Jamie) keeps bringing up 'game theory' as if to remind readers what this book is centred about. I feel that Jamie is pretty self-centred and overestimated himself just because he is a self-proclaim [...]

    9. Jamie is a top Math student and when his sister is kidnapped he uses game theory and probability to try to second-guess the culprit. This is a well-written, edge of your seat thriller with some surprising twists at the end.

    10. Normally I do not read mysteries because I always skip to the end. However, this book was so captivating that I enjoyed the process more than the ending. I hope it has a sequel.

    11. Ich liebe dieses Buch. Jamie ist so ein toller Junge und wie er dem Leser die Familie schildert ist der Wahnsinn. Die Logik hinter Jamies Taten kann man super nachvollziehen. Er ist zwar ein Nerd und Logiker, doch trotzdem herrscht erstmal Panik, als er seine Schwester im Supermarkt verliert. Man findet hier komplizierte Familienverhältnisse vor, die vor Liebe aber auch Hass, von der großen Tochter, nur so strotzden. Das hat mir super gefallen, von Anfang an werden die Figuren eindeutig charak [...]

    12. When I read this book I felt as if I was being watched the whole time! It's kind of creepy at first, and then you realise that everything is okay. And then the guesses start, who kidnapped Phoebe? The answer is really surprising and I didn't suspect a thing. Game Theory is really cleverly written and just makes you want to keep reading. Turns out Jamie's little sis is awesome.

    13. Fast paced thriller about 16 year old mathematician Jamie who has to play 'game theory' to get back his younger sister Phoebe who gets kidnapped when their older sister Summer-Lee wins $7.5 million dollars in the lottery. Un-put down-able and a page turner!

    14. Jamie's sister, Summerlee, won a considerable amount on OzLotto, widening the rift between her and the rest of the family as she does exactly as she wants, and everyone else be damned. She has ignored all advice about privacy, investing etc, and there has been a huge amount of publicity about her, especially with the way she quit her job at the supermarket!Their little sister, Phoebe, has been kidnapped and the kidnapper will only talk to Jamie, who is fascinated by maths and game theory in part [...]

    15. Jamie is 16 and is brilliant at maths. He's particularly interested in 'game theory', which isthe study of mathematical models of conflict and cooperation between intelligent rational decision-makers . . .Game theory applies to a wide range of behavioral relations, and is now an umbrella term for the science of logical decision making in humans, animals, and computerse this articleThat's all the reader needs to know. In fact, the reader doesn't need to know anything about it because Jamie weaves [...]

    16. Jamie's sister has been kidnapped. And Jamie is convinced he can save her using the principles of game theory. But is strategy the best option when his little sister's life is at stake? Game theory has brought me to this point and I must follow where it leads. Even though this is not a game.Jamie is a sixteen-year-old maths whiz. Summerlee, his older sister, is in the grip of a wild phase. Tensions at home run high.When Summerlee wins a 7.5-million-dollar lottery, she cuts all ties with her fami [...]

    17. I really liked Jonberg's literary writing style inGame Theory. I just didn't think the plot line turned out to be exciting or original. There were loose threads in the story line and I am wondering whether there might be a clash between an appropriately aged audience who are exposed to the vulgarity of expletives and YA themes and an audience who will persist with the predicatable plot (middle schoolers). I didn't really connect with the characters, including the protagonist, Jaimee, even though [...]

    18. I received this book as a good reads giveaway.I was kinda a tad disappointed that a book called game theory that's based on the character using game theory, didn't really seem to use a whole lot of game theory. That aside, the characters are really well written and believable and the story line was brilliant. The general gist is the main characters older sister wins the lottery and then the youngest sister gets kidnapped with the main character being selected to deal with the kidnapper and ranso [...]

    19. This book was horrible, might aswell say adding "math whiz" was a read bait. Most of the time, no all the time, the book was only about what going on in Jamie (protagonist) head, no math, no problem solve, just rambling rubbish. Author intentionally made math teacher a suspect with no explanation at the end. The antagonist was trash too, literally nothing, book is a waste of time. Only good character is the fat kid. Disappointed, not even a single "Artemis fowl" twist or suprise

    20. Another great read by Barry Jonsberg. The characters are so strong and the story is epic Loved reading this great book about a teenage boy who predicts the winning lotto numbers, and his older 18 year old sister actually puts them in, she comes off as the multi millionaire, and a whole string of problems that follow with those late teenage years , too much money and too little sense.

    21. 4.5 stars I think. Loved the main character and his voice. I don't usually go for mysteries but I enjoyed the story and particularly the ending. As a film I imagine an Aussie teen version of 'Lock, Stock' especially with the humour of the Darcy and Ma scene.

    22. this book provided me the much needed break from the pretty little liar series. And this book reminded me the feeling of thriller read. Its a edgy book , with ample drama and suspense. A very well written book and the ending shocked me .

    23. I really enjoyed the narrative voice in this novel and the plot ripped along at a great pace. Will be getting more copies of this.

    24. Maths and gamers will especially enjoy this. You think you know where things are leading, but the end will be a surprise.

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