An Introduction to Steiner Education: The Waldorf School

An Introduction to Steiner Education The Waldorf School This is a basic introduction to Steiner education

  • Title: An Introduction to Steiner Education: The Waldorf School
  • Author: Francis Edmunds
  • ISBN: 9781855841727
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Paperback
  • This is a basic introduction to Steiner education.

    One thought on “An Introduction to Steiner Education: The Waldorf School”

    1. I am not convinced that Francis Edmunds sells the idea of Waldorf education effectively. The educational and metaphysical concepts in Waldorf are complex, self-contained and can appear to be, well, weird. This book tends to couch the concepts further in "poetic" waffle and it is oft-times cryptic and unclear.Waldorf education is based on a philosophy called Anthroposophy. It is not religious but it may seem like it at first glance - Bible stories and Christian festivals are studied or celebrated [...]

    2. Personally, as a pre service teacher in Australia looking into teaching at a Steiner school, and trying to gather as much information as possible about the culture of this pedagogy, I think this was a very good introduction. Would not recommend for anyone other than parents looking into sending their children to a Steiner primary school, or pre service teachers like myself who may be interested in completing practicum at a Steiner/Waldorf school.

    3. Dude, this lady is such a hippie! In parts i had a hard time taking her seriously that aside, the writing is very philosophical and dense and the book gives a good sense of the origins of Waldorf and theories behind it.

    4. A good introduction to the organization of the Waldorf school system. I found this book helpful even as a Waldorf homeschooler as it explains the why of much of Steiner's methodology.

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