A Scandalous Adventure

A Scandalous Adventure They re hiding a scandalous secretWhen his monarch s flighty fianc e disappears Count Maximillian von Staufer is dispatched to find her His search leads Max to discover not the princess but a look a

  • Title: A Scandalous Adventure
  • Author: Lillian Marek
  • ISBN: 9781492602231
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Paperback
  • They re hiding a scandalous secretWhen his monarch s flighty fianc e disappears, Count Maximillian von Staufer is dispatched to find her His search leads Max to discover not the princess, but a look alike who could be her double Desperate to avoid an international crisis, he conceives a plan that will buy some time and allow him to get to know a beautiful Englishwoman.AnThey re hiding a scandalous secretWhen his monarch s flighty fianc e disappears, Count Maximillian von Staufer is dispatched to find her His search leads Max to discover not the princess, but a look alike who could be her double Desperate to avoid an international crisis, he conceives a plan that will buy some time and allow him to get to know a beautiful Englishwoman.And time is running outLady Susannah Tremaine and her young friend Olivia are staying at the Grand Hotel in Baden, where so far the most exciting part of the visit has been the pastries But when a devastatingly handsome royal German officer asks Olivia to impersonate a missing princess, Susannah finds herself drawn into a dangerous world of international intrigue as she tries to protect her friend and her heart.

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    1. To read an excerpt and enter to win a set of the Victorian Adventures series, please visitRomantic Historical Reviews.“Well, that was fun, I said to myself, after finishing A Scandalous Adventure, the third in Lillian Marek’s Victorian Adventures series. Indeed, this appears to be Ms. Marek’s third book period, and I am impressed with how well she pulled it off. Her experience in journalism and teaching English certainly shows, as it was free of the grammatical and spelling errors that too [...]

    2. A fun 3.5 stars. Lillian Marek has done it again with a detailed HR that takes us to another place in Victorian times- namely a small German Principality stuck between the ambitions of Bismarck's Prussia and the Austrian Emperor. The political tightrope that these many small German states had to walk to try to remain independent is described with great accuracy. The issues of the backward development this led to (few rail-lines and all different kinds, for example) and the need to maintain a str [...]

    3. I've given this a C at AAR.This third book in Lillian Marek’s Victorian Adventures series takes place in the small – fictitious – German state of Sigmaringen and is basically a gender-swapped version of Anthony Hope’s classic, The Prisoner of Zenda (which the author acknowledges as her inspiration). In that book, an English gentleman traveller who could be the twin of the King of Ruritania Is asked to impersonate him during his coronation as the real king is temporarily indisposed.  In [...]

    4. 4.5 starsThis was a fun read, in an enjoyable series. While it is a series, I do think they work as stand alones. The Tremaine parents are the primary carryover characters, but since the locales are different, each novel has a different feel to it and is separated.The Tremaines featured less prominently in this book, as they sent their daughter Susannah, Olivia (who is essentially an adopted daughter of the Tremaines), and Augusta to Baden, Germany, on Holiday. This was the only true issue I had [...]

    5. I have enjoyed all three books in this series. I am not sure which is my favorite. I think all three have a little different feel, especially this one. It started a bit slow, but I could hardly put it down in the last half.The question is if Lady Penworth will ever get "a chance to arrange a wedding at Penworth Castle.”I look forward to book 4 and definitely plan to read once released.

    6. My first book from this author and I like it very much!It's light, fun and an interesting read.Oh no unnecessary torture hero/heroine and no hot scenes either, lol:).It just proved, if you talented you can write a fabulous story with normal hero and heroine and readers still enjoy them very much.This book setting in a small kingdom in Germany, I guess somewhere close to Freiburg or around three hrs from where I lives, but in those days took them days to arrive from one place to another:)Currentl [...]

    7. Definitely an adventure! Impersonating a Princess and her ladies-in-waiting, while it sounds improbable, Ms Marek has made it believable. The is an adventure filled with fun, humor, moments of tension and drama, chases, fisticuffs, sword fights, chloroform and ether, great personal realizations and of course love.Lady Susannah Tremain is the youngest daughter of the Marquess of Penworth. She is the one on the trip that is supposed to keep her travel companions OUT of mischief. She is the sensibl [...]

    8. A fun adventure in Victorian Germany, the book gives the reader a well rounded romance story in an unusual setting. I mostly enjoyed the setting in Southern Germany, but sometimes was troubled by little details.I was born in the region and grew up about an hour from Sigmaringen, therefore little geographical or historical "adjustments" by the writer confused me. I'm sure not many readers will have this problem :) For more romance reviews, check out my website: katherinasbooks.wordpress

    9. Captain of the Royal Guard Maximilian von Staufer is sent to escort the princess so she can marry a prince and thus form an alliance. But when the German officer is drugged and the princess is missing, the assignment quickly take a different turn. Susannah Tremaine is traveling with her two companion, her friend and foster sister Olivia and her seventy year old aunt Augusta with an adventurous nature. They are taking a rest at a spa when a brute suddenly try to drag off Olivia, grumbling nonsens [...]

    10. Lady Susannah Tremaine, Aunt Augusta and her young friend Olivia are staying at the Grand Hotel in Baden for a spa adventure when Olivia is mistaken for a Princess Mile. Olivia looks exactly like the Princess Mila, the runaway princess’s, identical twin. They accosted by very handsome German officer, Count Maximillian von Staufer is the man in charge of bringing the Princess Mila to meet her betrothed and now he has lost her. Max feels the spoiled Princess has run away and they will find her, [...]

    11. Lady Susannah Tremaine has been sent with her friend Olivia to the Grand Hotel in Baden. They are accompanied by Susannah's aunt Lady Augusta. Count Maximillian von Staufer is on the search for his monarch's runaway fiancee. He sees Olivia and attempts to kidnap her because she looks so much like the missing princess that she could be her. Maximillian asks Olivia to impersonate the missing princess. He draws Susannah into the dangerous world of court politics. Will Maximillian be able to protect [...]

    12. I received this book in a contest from Sourcebooks and promise a fair and honest review. Lillian Marek is a new author to me but I will definitely be reading more of her books. A Scandalous Adventure is a fun, cute, adventurous love story. Lady Susannah, Olivia and Aunt Augusta are on holiday when Olivia is mistaken for a runaway princess. Max is part of the royal escort for the princess. He and the head of the escort convince the three to impersonate the princess and her entourage for a few day [...]

    13. BUY BUY BUY!Okay for the review. This was a gentle romance that just holds your attention and keeps you turning pages. It has the passion and humor. It has the drama and suspense. The characters are well written and flow making you wish for more and a longer book. It has a couple of small problems that I notated in my mind as I read but overall I found this book to be a very enjoyable read. The writer is definitely growing in her way of describing as well as narrating from each of the characters [...]

    14. At first I didn't really like Max, he was high-handed and a little too naïve. He really thought posing one woman as another would be no issue. Susannah saw the folly in his plan from the beginning but she was overruled by all the people around her. Yet when push came to shove both of them stood side by side to face the danger. There were a lot of little things that were a good twist on the norm, like I was very excited when they told Prince Conrad the truth and his entire story ended up being b [...]

    15. What a great historical romance, I had so much fun following Lady Susannah Tremaine through all the adventures she came up with. What a page turner.

    16. Review written: August 1-2, 2016Star Rating: ★★★½☆ Heat Rating: ☀☼☼☼☼An Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of this book was received free via Netgalley for an honest review.After reading Lady Emily's Exotic Journey and being wowed by the portrayals of the Victorian era and the female characters, I was eager to snap up A Scandalous Adventure. I was definitely looking forward to more of that special blend of adventure, strong women, and the open, enthusiastic learning that was so obviou [...]

    17. Previously reviewed on The Good, The Bad, and The Unread:I’ve been avidly following this series about Victorian lady adventurers and their suitors, so when the author’s note to this third instalment acknowledged Anthony Hope and The Prisoner of Zenda, my curiosity was piqued as to whether there would be a Ruritanian element to the story. Fortunately for my interests, political intrigue and mistaken identities abound from the very first pages.Lady Susannah Tremaine, at first glance, doesn’t [...]

    18. A Scandalous Adventure by Lillian Marek is Book 3 in her "Victorian Adventures", 3 Book series, but can be read as a stand alone. See, "Lady Elinor's Wicked Adventure" and "Lady Emily's Exotic Journey". This is the story ofCount Maximillian von Staufer, the handsomely, royal Germanic officer. Who seems to have had his charge disappear, of course she is the Princess Mila, his Monarch's flighty fiancée.EnterLady Susannah Tremaine, her young friend Olivia, and Aunt Augusta, an esscentic older Lady [...]

    19. This was a bit of fun to read. I enjoyed it. When a princess disappears, the people who were in charge of delivering her safely go out in search of her. The Captain (Max) thinks he has found her, but instead he has found her spitting image. The General hashes a rather silly plot to have Olivia pose as the princess in the mean time so they can locate the real girl. Much to her friend, Susanna's despair, Olivia is on board with presenting herself as royalty. She has had the upbringing and knows ho [...]

    20. First I would like to state that I have received this book through the giveaway in exchange for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I would like to thank the author for giving me this opportunity and honor in being able to read this book. I have not read any of the author’s books before. I really enjoyed the authors writing style very much. I will be checking out this author's other books. When I received this book I began [...]

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