The Leavenworth Case

The Leavenworth Case THIS DETECTIVE STORY CLUB CLASSIC is introduced by Dr John Curran who looks at how Anna Katherine Green was a pioneer who inspired a new generation of crime writers in particular a young woman named

  • Title: The Leavenworth Case
  • Author: Anna Katharine Green John Curran
  • ISBN: 9780008137595
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Hardcover
  • THIS DETECTIVE STORY CLUB CLASSIC is introduced by Dr John Curran, who looks at how Anna Katherine Green was a pioneer who inspired a new generation of crime writers, in particular a young woman named Agatha Christie.When the retired merchant Horatio Leavenworth is found shot dead in his mansion library, suspicion falls on his nieces, Mary and Eleanore, who stand to inheriTHIS DETECTIVE STORY CLUB CLASSIC is introduced by Dr John Curran, who looks at how Anna Katherine Green was a pioneer who inspired a new generation of crime writers, in particular a young woman named Agatha Christie.When the retired merchant Horatio Leavenworth is found shot dead in his mansion library, suspicion falls on his nieces, Mary and Eleanore, who stand to inherit his vast fortune Their lawyer, Everett Raymond, infatuated with one of the sisters, is determined that the official investigator, detective Ebenezer Gryce, widens the inquiry to less obvious suspects.The Leavenworth Case, the first detective novel written by a woman, immortalised its author Anna Katharine Green as The Mother of Detective Fiction Admired for her careful plotting and legal accuracy, the book enjoyed enormous success both in England and America, and was widely translated It was republished by The Detective Story Club after Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin, speaking at the 1928 Thanksgiving Day dinner of the American Society in London, remarked An American woman, a successor of Poe, Anna K Green, gave us The Leavenworth Case, which I still think one of the best detective stories ever written.

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    2. The Dead Man in the LibraryIf there is anything classic detective stories have ever taught us, it is this – that libraries are probably the most likely non-combat-related places for you to get killed in, with private ones being even more dangerous than those of the public order. There are probably cruel and callous people out there who would think nothing of killing a man over a book – whereas it is doubtless more romantic to kill a man over a woman –, and that’s why libraries usually ab [...]

    3. Such a satisfying story! Nothing at all is as it seems here, making for great mystery reading. Another book I'm very, very happy to have read. Ahhhhhhhh. Let me say the following to anyone who might be thinking of reading this book: There is a very good reason I don't read GR reviews before starting a book, and this time my reasoning proved sound -- after finishing this novel, I cruised through the reviews here, and discovered that there is one person writing about this book who gave away the wh [...]

    4. 2.5*Η Green θεωρείται η "μητέρα της αστυνομικής λογοτεχνίας" και η Υπόθεση Λέβενγουορθ που εκδόθηκε το 1878 είναι το πρώτο της βιβλίο και ακολούθησαν πολλά ακόμα.Διάβασα στο βιογραφικό της οτι ενώ η ίδια διακρίθηκε σε έναν ανδροκρατούμενο χώρο,ήταν κατά του φεμινισμού και του κι [...]

    5. This was a super-excellent mystery, and I am awed by its existence. Author Green wrote and published this nearly a decade before Sherlock Holmes entered the world, and many of the conventions of the genre are present in this book. Green also throws in diagrams, codes, and passages written from alternate perspectives, complete with a shift in the tone of the prose. I am amazed that this is the kind of "sensationalist" reading that the public could pick up in the late-19th century. People probably [...]

    6. Published in 1878, The Leavenworth Case is a classic murder mystery written by Anna Katharine Green. Green is credited with developing the modern detective genre with her series featuring NY police detective Ebenezer Gryce. This book is the first of the series and the best known. It has the feel of The Moonstone in its language, formality, and story complicated by Victorian manners and sensibilities. It's also a well-constructed mystery that features many of the devices we've come to recognize - [...]

    7. THE LEAVENWORTH CASE. (1878). Anna Katherine Green. ****. The things we don’t knowWhen asked, “Who was the father of the American mystery story?” we would immediately answer, “Poe.” Now, “Who was the mother of the American mystery story?” would leave us (at least me) scratching our heads. Turns out that the first woman to write (and create) this genre was Anna Katherine Green (1846-1938). I came across this novel, her first, in a Penguin Classic edition. It featured what was to bec [...]

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    9. I'm glad to have found this author. This is apparently her most well known of the many mysteries she wrote. As the GR descriptions says, Mr. Raymond is a lawyer with the firm of Veeley, Carr & Raymond. He is called to the home of Horatio Leavenworth the morning Mr. Leavenworth's body is discovered, slumped at his desk with a bullet in the back of his head. Mr. Veeley, the senior partner of the firm, was a close friend of Mr. Leavenworth, but, as he was out of town, Mr. Raymond was called upo [...]

    10. Anna Katharine Green was one of the originators of the detective story. Her detective, Mr. Gryce, was created nine years before Sherlock Holmes came on the scene. Ms. Green was an influence on Agatha Christie and Conan Doyle.The story is fast paced with several improbable events. It is enjoyable to read an early detective story written by an American, since the most well-known authors are English.A brief synopsis: Uncle is killed. Uncle's heir is one of his nieces. At first, it looks like the ni [...]

    11. The Leavenworth Case published in 1878 and subtitled A Lawyer's Story, is a detective novel by Anna Katharine Green. It is also her first novel and she came to be called "the mother of the detective novel" writing more than twenty detective novels and a whole bunch of other books that weren't about crime and murder and all that stuff. Green first wanted to write poetry, but when her poetry failed to gain recognition, she switched to novels. Her first and best known novel, The Leavenworth Case, w [...]

    12. The Leavenworth Case was written by Anna Katharine Green and originally published in 1878--nine years before Doyle's A Study in Scarlet. It is often considered the first full-length detective story written by a woman. It was an enormous success with the public, reportedly selling more than 750,000 copies in its first decade and a half, and, for nearly half a century, Anna Katharine Green was one of America's most popular authors. She wrote many other novels, but what reputation she has today res [...]

    13. A very fun, old-time mystery/detective novel, much in the vein of Wilkie Collins (though not quite as well done). I had solved the mystery of who-done-it and why about half way in, but that did not keep me from wanting to finish the story and see all the loose ends tied up.In the flavor of books of this era, it is a bit too neatly tied up and unrealistic by modern day standards. It is always important to think about these books in reference to the time in which they were written and without the [...]

    14. The beginning was exceedingly promising:“I had been a junior partner in the firm of Veeley, Carr & Raymond, attorneys and counselors at law, for about a year, when one morning, in the temporary absence of both Mr. Veeley and Mr. Carr, there came into our office a young man whose whole appearance was so indicative of haste and agitation that I voluntarily rose as he approached, and advanced to meet him.”Mr. Raymond was told that Mr. Horatio Leavenworth, a long-standing client of his firm, [...]

    15. If you'd like to read this, it's in the public domain here. It was mentioned (the new Penguin edition) on NPR as a book worth reading, and it is. In the same way that, say, Citizen Kane is a movie worth watching--you have to keep reminding yourself that it's not Green/Welles who are using the clichés, but rather they're inventing them. Aside from her massive contribution to mystery writing in the form of the "series detective", I'd say there's not much here to see if you're not a mystery person [...]

    16. The pacing (and Victorian sentimentality) may perhaps seem a bit off to modern readers, but this remains a fascinating early example of the detective story genre.

    17. The Leavenworth Case, 1878, by Anna Katharine Greene.Born in Brooklyn, New York, Green had an early ambition to write romantic verse, and she corresponded with Ralph Waldo Emerson. When her poetry failed to gain recognition, she produced her first and best known novel, The Leavenworth Case (1878), praised by Wilkie Collins, and the hit of the year. She became a bestselling author, eventually publishing about 40 books.She is credited with shaping detective fiction into its classic form, and devel [...]

    18. Published nine years prior to Sherlock Holmes, The Leavenworth Case has been called one of the earliest detective fiction books. What makes this book great is that in this age where everyone is blabbering about feminism and boo-hooing patriarchy, Ms Green quietly wrote her story and was published in 1878. And is still in print. Proof that good stuff sticks, no matter what the demographics of the author may be.Oh and according to the introduction, Ms Green inspired Agatha Christie.

    19. A rather interesting classic mystery encompassing the likes of guns, millionaires, beautiful young women, obsessed and unusual secretaries, detectives, and inheritance, etc, etc, and all that Here, a millionaire by the name of Horatio Leavenworth, Esq. is found murdered, a young lawyer decides to get involved in the case, and the range of events that transpires thereafter makes it quite difficult to solve the mystery

    20. Looking for something a little different in the murder-mystery genre, I found “The Leavenworth Case” by Anna Katharine Green, and published in 1878, who I learned is the “mother of detective fiction.” This was her first novel. There are two movie versions of this particular story, one released in 1923 and the other in 1936.This story revolves around the murder of retired New York businessman Horatio Leavenworth, and the introduction of the smart and clever Ebenezer Gryce.Admittedly, this [...]

    21. I loved The Leavenworth Case; it was a really good mystery by the "mother of the detective novel." It is one of the first American mysteries, published nine years before Sherlock Holmes. Mr. Leavenworth, the wealthy client of Veeley, Carr, & Raymond, is mysteriously murdered in his library, with (seemingly) very few clues to go on. Everything seems to indicate Mary, his favorite niece and heiress, or her cousin Eleanore. But everything is more complicated than it seemsd that's before the sec [...]

    22. An early Victorian mystery by one of the most successful American writers of her day. The mystery is a good one with lots of twists and turns, and some truly surprising aspects to it. The writing is sort of florid and sometimes a little hard to get into, but the narrative is still very good. The setup is that a rich man with two wards (his nieces) is found murdered in his library. One of the nieces is suspected, although it's the other one who will inherit all the money. Ebenezer Gryce is the de [...]

    23. Although I'd heard of this book as possibly the first detective novel written by a woman, I was a long time getting around to reading it. So glad I did! It was one of the first best-selling American novels with good reason. I was a bit ambilvalent in the beginning as to whether or not I would go on to read more of her books, but as the story progressed it became harder and harder to put down, so yes, I hope to make time in the future for more of Green's books. There are about a dozen novels in t [...]

    24. What a great read. It started out a little slowly but picked up and held my interest until the very end. I have wanted to read this book for a long time and was thrilled when I was able to get it on my Kindle. This is one of the first books written using a private detective. It was written in 1876 but did not appear dated at all. I love historical mysteries so this had the added benefit of being true to life.

    25. I only made it about 2/3 of the way through this book before I got bogged down by the extremely slow-moving plot. Unfortunately. I realize the literary importance of this book in the detective genre, but it just didn't capture my attention. Then again, I'm not a dedicated fan of detective novels anyway.

    26. This is one of the earliest works in detective/ mystery fiction genre. The technique, modus operandi and motive given in this story has been used in many works since. So, an avid mystery fiction reader may find it a bit ordinary. But considering it's year of publication, this one is truly a good one, which I liked and was unable to guess the culprit till the final revelation.

    27. I enjoyed reading this classic mystery. There was one big twist I wasn't expecting. I did feel uncomfortable a few times with how much the narrator focused on the beauty of the women (and thus they must be good, as if nothing else matters). But besides that I enjoyed the work.

    28. My first have-read book of Anna Katharine Green. The plot, plain as it may seem, will leave you on the edge of your seat till the very last chapter.It was very surprising for me to find that it's not just a mystery book but a love story from the very beginning.

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