TFS Ingenuity

TFS Ingenuity It s the year For fifty years Earth has received mysterious data transmissions from random locations in deep space The streams include advanced technology allowing Humans to achieve faster than

  • Title: TFS Ingenuity
  • Author: Tori L. Harris
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 150
  • Format: None
  • It s the year 2277 For fifty years, Earth has received mysterious data transmissions from random locations in deep space The streams include advanced technology, allowing Humans to achieve faster than light travel virtually overnight As we prepare to take our first, tentative steps into interstellar space, we know almost nothing about our alien benefactors, and their moIt s the year 2277 For fifty years, Earth has received mysterious data transmissions from random locations in deep space The streams include advanced technology, allowing Humans to achieve faster than light travel virtually overnight As we prepare to take our first, tentative steps into interstellar space, we know almost nothing about our alien benefactors, and their motivations remain unexplained While completing their shakedown cruise, Captain Tom Prescott and the crew of the first Terran Fleet Command starship, TFS Ingenuity, stumble into a first contact situation They learn that Earth is not the first civilization granted access to the stars before their time and how this Faustian gift has inevitably led to centuries of interstellar war Humanity s existence hangs in the balance as a powerful alliance assembles a preemptive military strike, believing it to be their only option to protect themselves from us Prescott and his small, initially unarmed starship must serve as our only line of defense Ingenuity is our only hope _________ TFS INGENUITY is the first book of the Terran Fleet Command Saga by author Tori Harris The story is typically associated with the military science fiction, colonization, first contact, genetic engineering, space opera technothriller, galactic empire, hard science fiction, or alien invasion categories.

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    1. I didn't finish as when I got to the point where TWO CHAPTERS were spent detailing moving a ship from orbit to area 51 I was cross eye'd and gave up. Just not my cup of tea writing style wise.

    2. Good start to a seriesA little wordy at times, but solid space combat and military sci-fi. I enjoyed the book enough to purchase the next one right now. There are some interesting thought problems in the book around first contact and being fed into from another race. Fun stuff to think about.

    3. I read a lot of military science fiction, because it tends to be more disciplined in its thinking as a genre than other subgenres of sci-fi, let alone fantasy. Why do I think that is important? Because good story-telling means taking a few good ideas and seeing how they would play out if they were true. A lot of sci-fi and fantasy is weak because it is undisciplined - if the writer gets in a corner they conveniently change the rules or throw in a new scientific buzz word to make their inept plot [...]

    4. This is a space opera book. Earth is receiving info from some unknown source that allows it to advance it's technology. But is the source of the information really on Earth's side? Interesting premise but a lot of the writing was tedious and unnecessary. Let's land the ship already, especially since it didn't change anything relevant to the plot. Several of the main points were just too unbelievable. An intelligence that can tell when nations aren't cooperating but can't see that umpteen trillio [...]

    5. I enjoy reading space based Science Fiction books. Many of them have a similar premise of Humans making the necessary advances to reach the stars.I really enjoyed this one because of the authors approach. Rather then make most of the discoveries ourselves, we are spoon fed the info and set up as proxies of another civilization.Venturing out from Earth, we discover a wider galaxy full of other sentient species all predisposed to not like us because of being set up as proxies. This has the makings [...]

    6. Fantastic Space Drama begins!It is always a supreme pleasure to read a book that is well written and combines an imaginative story with well thought out science and technology. This story is a satisfying look forward to the day when humanity leaps into space with advanced science and technology. Wonderful job! Congrats on a terrific first sci fi novel. I can't wait for the sequel.

    7. This book was a step above of some of the others found for free in the Kindleverse. I enjoyed the first book in the series because it was a fresh approach to the normal SF world. I would recommend this book.

    8. Great bookGreat story with interesting characters. Looking forward to the next book! Gave the book 5 stars but will reduce thar because of the minimum word for the revoew

    9. Great introduction bookI have enjoyed reading this first book of what looks like a great series. I will be looking forward to reading the next book when it is released. Recommended you give it a read.

    10. Great readWonderful book and realistic progression of technological advancements from an alien assist. Looking forward to future installments and seeing where the author takes it!

    11. That was funThere are so few pleasant surprises in the world of Kindle Unlimited, and now I've actually hit two in a row (if haven't read Atlas then by all means do so, but not till after you're done with TFCS).Getting the basics out of the way, unlike most KU offerings, the book is well written and well edited. The author writes like an adult and doesn't use words he doesn't understand.With that out of the way the best way i can describe book one of the TFCS is just what I said at the top, it w [...]

    12. If the first 80% were as good as the last 20% -- and if the ending had some sense of resolution rather than just an abrupt stop -- this would be a five-star read. I want to love this book and support this author, but the first 80% of the novel is weighed down by info dumps, exposition about how things work, a lengthy practice run for the starship with no real stakes, the most interesting characters (minor ones, unfortunately) disappearing off-stage, and a near-endless landing sequence that even [...]

    13. This book was believable and entertaining Many times when reading science fiction by a New author, you feel like you were late to the party. They are so advanced and so blase'' about space travel that you just can't get interested. The characters were, well, human, likable and believable. I'm really looking forward to the next book!

    14. I really wanted to like this book because the premise of aliens spoonfeeding humans technology was a good one. But after about a third of the book i gave up. A good portion of this was spent in boring conferences where nothing happend. Furthermore, the dialogues/language of the characters didn´t fit and were immature, not something I would expect in the navy.

    15. Shockingly good. It's books like this that make kindle unlimited such a great deal. I can't wait to continue the series. I sure hope the author gets a nice cut from . If I had to make one critique it would be that the story is a bit short.

    16. Great readingReally enjoyed this book,storyline is solid and believable. The abilities of humanity to capitalize on the technology is exiting to read about. Look forward to the next book.

    17. Enjoyable ReadThis is an interesting depiction of accelerated development influenced by deliberate exposure to advanced technology. Humor is involved with the interaction of the characters.

    18. Good story with alien assisted tech advancementI enjoyed this story. Based around alien assisted technological advancement and first contact issues. Military SciFi basics but still enjoyable. Worth giving this book a go.

    19. Series debut reading fun.Tori Harris début had me unable to turn the page's fast enough on my kindle fire. Thanks a new fan.

    20. Great readGood tale. So far I have really enjoyed this series. Thanks to the author for sharing his imagination and writing skills.

    21. Thoroughly EntertainingA great read that mixes the old and new. One minute I thought I was reading classic Clancy, the next Roddenbery!!Can't wait for book 2!!!

    22. Brilliant story.Does exactly what you expect, but the twists work in unexpected ways. Really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone.

    23. Great Read!!!Enjoyed very much. Sometimes got a little long on the tech side, but interesting take on Earth's first ventures to the stars and first contact.

    24. Overall this wasn’t a bad SciFi novel, but it did seem to take a long time to get anywhere, I really felt like I was been drip fed information. Fortunately this improved, but not until the last quarter of the book.My biggest problem was too much technical information and too many pages spent on the technicalities of running a space ship e.g. it took 2 chapters to land the ship at the Yucca shipyard and there are only 15 chapters in the whole book. The whole procedure could have been written in [...]

    25. This is a pretty good military-based science fiction tale that will lead you to daydream with “what-if” in respect to the situations and future technology. The author does a good job of getting you into the head of his main character, and I felt as if I was right in the middle of the action as a participant vs. a reader.I picked the Kindle version up for free with my Kindle Unlimited membership vs. the normal price of $2.99 – I received more than $2.99 of entertainment value out of this on [...]

    26. Not a bad premise for a book, and not necessarily a "bad" book, nonetheless this military space opera is plagued with info dumps and just plain tedious writing, tedious chapters. But it gets better toward the end, and I'd be open to reading the next one in the series, just to see what happens next, as well as to see if the author has matured in their writing style to become a little less tedious. I did find the characters largely interesting, which was nice, because one can't always say that abo [...]

    27. Very good story idea and well thought out technical details regarding the ships and technology.Unfortunately, characters are rather one dimensional. I had the feeling that the author couldn't decide on the qualities of the protagonist so he became rather bland and uninteresting. Also, there was a lot of superfluous and lengthy description about unimportant action which disrupted the plot and the dynamic of the story arc.Hopefully writing quality is better in the next book.

    28. Good first book in the seriesI like this book because it had a clear, to the point story line with just enough intrigue. I like the Prescott and Reynolds characters and look forward to the next installment.

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