Step Right Up: How Doc and Jim Key Taught the World about Kindness

Step Right Up How Doc and Jim Key Taught the World about Kindness William Doc Key had a special way with animals Growing up enslaved in Tennessee Doc was sent to plantations around the state to care for sick and wounded animals When the Civil War ended and Doc was

  • Title: Step Right Up: How Doc and Jim Key Taught the World about Kindness
  • Author: Donna Janell Bowman Daniel Minter
  • ISBN: 9781620141489
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Hardcover
  • William Doc Key had a special way with animals Growing up enslaved in Tennessee, Doc was sent to plantations around the state to care for sick and wounded animals When the Civil War ended and Doc was freed, he began to dream of breeding a winning racehorse But those dreams were dashed when his colt was born weak and sickly Although many people would have euthanized tWilliam Doc Key had a special way with animals Growing up enslaved in Tennessee, Doc was sent to plantations around the state to care for sick and wounded animals When the Civil War ended and Doc was freed, he began to dream of breeding a winning racehorse But those dreams were dashed when his colt was born weak and sickly Although many people would have euthanized the colt, Doc nursed him back to health and named him Jim.Noticing a level of curiosity and eagerness in the horse, Doc began teaching Beautiful Jim Key first to recognize letters, then to read, write, add, subtract, and Doc soon took his talented horse on the road, spreading a message of patience and kindness, over cruelty, to all animals.With striking illustrations by Daniel Minter, Step Right Up is the inspiring story of one man and one horse who showed the world the power of kindness.This biography explores Common Core English Language Arts Standards and Social Studies Standards.

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    1. This is an outstanding picture book biography - beautifully written, gorgeously illustrated and an incredible example of scholarship with its copious source notes and bibliography. A fascinating story to be shared by all.

    2. “With kindness, anything is possible,” is the theme of this beautiful biography.Even though Doc Key was born into slavery, when he became a free man, he started several successful businesses. He purchased a neglected Arabian mare who gave birth to Jim Key. The mare died while Jim was still young, so Doc let Jim into the house where the colt watched his every move.Doc realized how intelligent Jim was, so he started teaching him numbers, the alphabet, and various facts. Doc always used love an [...]

    3. Step right up, educators! Parents! Children of all ages! Most classrooms during the school year teach a genre study of biography. In an all-too-ugly world, a reminder to be "kinder than necessary" is an always present whisper in our students' ears. Diverse literature is a must in any classroom, especially in mine and the population I currently serve. Children need to read about how this country treated African Americans so history may never be revisited. For all these reasons, and so many more, [...]

    4. This is the true and amazing story about William “Doc” Key, born into slavery in 1833, and illegally educated by his masters. Young William had a way with animals, and soon he was being sent all over Bedford County, Tennessee to help with injured or ill animals. Before long his skills extended to people, who started calling him Doc Key.After Emancipation, Key started his own business and even created his own line of medicines, including “Doc’s Keystone Liniment,” which became a popular [...]

    5. I have heard of this horse before and, I must admit, I assumed that there was some kind of chicanery or at least a gimmick that allowed the trainer to signal to the horse what answer to give. Interestingly enough, the professor for my class in Cognitive Theory last spring brought up the horse and his trainer and we had a good discussion about the power of training, kindness, and the unconscious cues that scientists can impart upon their test subjects. What I wasn't prepared for, though, was the [...]

    6. Jim Key, the horse was an incredible animal, whose intellect was almost too good to be true. However, no one could ever prove that the horse did not actually know exactly what he was doing, or that he was being subtly coached by his owner/trainer Doc Key. Doc Key's rise from slave to wealthy business man is an equally inspiring story. Doc's gentle, kind, and very patient ways with the horse is no doubt the entire explanation for the horse's intelligence.

    7. This is an amazing and true story of a man named Doc Key. Doc Key trained his young horse to do all kinds of amazing thingsspell, make change from a cash register, recognize colors, solve math problems. It really is remarkable all that the horse, Jim Key, could dod through gentle, kind training. I thought the story of both the man and the horse were fascinating. Both had to overcome great difficulties. Doc was born a slave, but became a free man. He helped slaves on the Underground Railroad. He [...]

    8. This is a fascinating story, carefully researched and beautifully told and illustrated. My husband and I have very much enjoyed reading it with young daughter, and have all learned a lot as we have done so.

    9. The true story of Doc William Key and his horse Jim, a horse able to spell, do math, and understand all types of commands. Doc Key was a believer in treating animals with kindness and was an early supporter of humane societies. Fascinating story!

    10. This is a beautifully written story about an amazing man and a remarkable horse. Young readers will be entertained by what Doc taught Jim to do while they also learn about the capacity of kindness and the resilience of both the human and animal spirit.

    11. Fascinating story that children will love to discover. Don't miss the extensive author's note with additional information about Doc Key and his special horse, Jim.

    12. This amazing story about William (Doc) Key, a former slave who had a way with animals, will have readers questioning what they think they know about how much horses can learn. The self-taught veterinarian made a living caring for animals and selling his homegrown herbal remedies that he peddled from town to town. On his travels, he bought a broken down mare who he named Lauretta. He named her colt Jim Key. Under Doc Key's nurturing and training, Jim learned all sorts of tricks and eventually bec [...]

    13. This fascinating story of wise Doc Key and his amazing ability and patience in educating his spindly horse Jim Key is hard to believe. Yet Doc, a man who was born a slave but after the civil war became a free man, truly did teach his horse to spell, count, and understand his commands. Jim even participated and won in spelling competitions with children. This miracle occurred because Doc always gave him a study diet of kindness and understanding. Doc Kelly performed with his horse Jim in many sho [...]

    14. I had never heard of Doc Key or Beautiful Jim Key until being introduced to them through this book. This is a fascinating story of a man and his ability with animals. After Doc rescued a horse and brought her back to health, the horse was bred and gave birth to a horse that many said should be put down. However, Doc nursed the horse, loved it, and worked with it. That horse, Beautiful Jim Key, became a huge sensation and Doc became known for his gentle ways of treating animals. This is an inspir [...]

    15. An incredible biography of an amazing man with a knack with animals who teaches a horse to count make change, file letters alphabetically Doc, with Jim, were tireless in showing "that kindness was a more powerful tool than cruelty when training animals." They traveled nine years performing and money from ticket sales helped support humane societies across the US.

    16. Kindness over cruelty. Beautiful message woven inside the pages of a story about the gift of kindness payed forward between a former slave and his beloved horse.

    17. William “Doc” Key was born into slavery. Fortunately for Doc, the people who owned him, John and Martha Key, believed it important for slaves to be educated and allowed Doc to learn with their sons. His mother had shared her love of horses with him. Doc helped a mother horse birth her colt. The colt had not looked as healthy as most colts did once born but Doc didn’t give up on the colt because of his kind heart. Doc was so good with animals he never gave up on them even after others had.W [...]

    18. The true story of how a man and his horse helped change the world for better! Doc was a former slave, who after the Civil War became a successful veterinarian. On his travels he buys/rescues an Arabian mare and nurses her back to health. Imagining he could get an amazing racehorse out of her, he has her breed and sure enough she has a foal! However, the foal is sickly and obviously not cut out to race, so Doc has to nurse him to health too. While spending so much time with the foal, who he named [...]

    19. This is the story of William "Doc" Key and his educated horse, Jim Key. Yes, you read that right, an educated horse. Jim could read, spell, identify colors, make change from a cash register, file letters and more. I think it is safe to say that Doc and Jim broke barriers. Doc was able to perform on stages that were only designated for Whites and when he performed in the south, he refused to do so for segregated audiences, making property owners change the rules. This is an intriguing story. I th [...]

    20. Bowman, Donna Janell Step Right Up: How Doc and Jim Key Taught the World About Kindness, illustrated by Daniel Minter PICTURE BOOK. Lee & Low Books, 2017. $20.Doc Key was born a slave, but after the Civil War, his skill at healing man and beast allowed him to set up a confortable home. One day he saved a worn-out horse from a traveling circus and that horse’s foal was Jim Key. At first Doc was just treating Jim as part of the family, but with his wife’s help, he realized that Jim was act [...]

    21. The reviews from the publisher, HornBook, etc. are fine as far as they go. The book is beautiful, it's well written, and it carries messages about the life of ex-slaves, kindness to animals, what can be accomplished with kind training. HOWEVER it does nothing to address the fact that Jim could not have done the tricks he did without being cued by Doc. The back of the book is full of details "behind the story," but almost all of the sources cited are from the turn of the last century. Yes, even H [...]

    22. NON-FICTION - Ed 230This story follows a freed slave, William Key who loves working with animals. His experience comes from during his time as a slave he traveled around to different plantations to take care of sick and wounded animals. When the Civil War ended and Doc was freed, he began to dream of breeding a winning racehorse. But those dreams were dashed when his colt was born weak and sickly. Although many people would have euthanized the colt, Doc nursed him back to health and named him Ji [...]

    23. This is the true story of a man and his horse who made their mark in history. William was an African-American born into slavery in Tennessee. As a boy he had a way with animals and was often sent to help other farmers' animals. By the time he'd become a young man he was trusted for his doctoring skills. William rescued a horse and eventually also owned her new colt born in poor health. William did all he could to nurse the colt to health, earning the young animal's devotion. He named the horse J [...]

    24. Step Right Up combines a heart-warming story about late 1800s America with a biography of a horse and its owner. William "Doc" Key was educated by his masters in Shelbyville, Tennessee and as a young man treated the injuries and illnesses of both people and animals. He sold his own line of medicines and bought a horse Lauretta who had a colt whom he named Jim Key. He trained the horse to read, write, spell, and do sums and performed at the Tennessee Centennial Exhibition in 1897. The themes of k [...]

    25. Wow! Doc Key was an amazing person. He was born into slavery and his owners taught him how to read. He ended up in the Civil War on the Confederate side as a medic, because of his healing skills. During this time, he was a spy for the north, as well as, helping other slave to freedom on the Underground Railroad. This book though, is really about his love for animals, especially his horse, Jim. He trained Jim to read and do math! They traveled through the North (as African-Americans were not welc [...]

    26. This is the second kid's book I've read about the horse "Beautiful Jim Key," and I'm pleased to pronounce it another winner.Jim's caretaker Doc, a former slave, originally planned to race the Arabian horse. But Jim was born small and sickly, and in the course of nursing this weak foal back to health, Doc decided that Jim's friendship was far more valuable than accolades at the racetrack. Using gentleness and patience, Doc taught Jim a variety of humorous and amazing tricks, and their performance [...]

    27. 4.25 StarsI will admit, this book was not a book was dying to read, but oh boy am I glad I did. Super interesting! If the horse did 'tricks' or was actually taught read and write it is still cool. The whole premise is that instead of beating a horse to act in fear, teaching the horse to move with kindness. I heard a story similar to this about a horse in Germany and honestly I thought this was the book I was reading "Clever Hans" enpedia/wiki/Clever_ If I remember correctly the proved Clever Han [...]

    28. The layout of this book was very interesting in that it goes through Doc's life and shows all of his accomplishments. the pictures were very artsy in the way they were illustrated and i thought it added a nice touch with all the vibrant colors and brush strokes that you could see. the story was long but i felt it was better long rather than trying to condense it into something shorter. it was very interesting in how just one man and his horse could change the way people act. he even caught the a [...]

    29. Step Right Up is a children's non-fiction biography that tells a story about a man who grew up caring for animals and befriends a horse when he grows up. His nurturing soul coined him the name Doc and his horse, Jim. He had a dream of breeding a racehorse but had some struggles at first because the horse fell ill. Once he nursed it back to life, he started teaching the horse to read and write. When he has trained him up he begins to take him around to show him off. The overall theme of this stor [...]

    30. Step Right Up is an endearing story about a man, a horse, and a mission. Doc Key's mission is to show the world how far kindness can go. In the book, we learn about Doc Key's upbringing and how that affected his life, and especially his future career. He was an incredible, and interesting man. He taught one of his horses, Jim Key, so many things in their time together. Jim Key was ill at birth, and many told Doc to put him down. Doc said no, continued to show Jim kindness, and nursed him back to [...]

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