Renegade One thousand years after Earth was destroyed in an unprovoked attack humanity has emerged victorious from a series of terrible wars to assure its place in the galaxy But during celebrations on humani

  • Title: Renegade
  • Author: Joel Shepherd John Lee
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Audible Audio
  • One thousand years after Earth was destroyed in an unprovoked attack, humanity has emerged victorious from a series of terrible wars to assure its place in the galaxy But during celebrations on humanity s new Homeworld, the legendary Captain Pantillo of the battle carrier Phoenix is court martialed then killed, and his deputy, Lieutenant Commander Erik Debogande, the heirOne thousand years after Earth was destroyed in an unprovoked attack, humanity has emerged victorious from a series of terrible wars to assure its place in the galaxy But during celebrations on humanity s new Homeworld, the legendary Captain Pantillo of the battle carrier Phoenix is court martialed then killed, and his deputy, Lieutenant Commander Erik Debogande, the heir to humanity s most powerful industrial family, is framed with his murder Assisted by Phoenix s marine commander Trace Thakur, Erik and Phoenix are forced to go on the run, as they seek to unravel the conspiracy behind their Captain s demise, pursued to the death by their own Fleet What they discover, about the truth behind the wars and the nature of humanity s ancient alien allies, will shake the sentient galaxy to its core.

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    1. 4.5 StarsRenegade by Joel Shepherd is a space opera tailor made to my likes. This is the first book in the Spiral War Trilogy. I will summarize this review with my 5 reasons why you too should read this book.1. the female lead character is kick-ass and unforgettable.Trace Thakur is a marine commander who like all Marines is genetically and surgically enhanced to be an even more lethal soldier. Trace also happens to be fearless and incredibly focused. She made me want to keep reading as she is a [...]

    2. I really like where the author is taking this upbeat and yet seriously engrossing series. 3rd person POV space opera involving humans, aliens, and cybernetics in the distant future at various planets in the Milky War. Likable and textured characters! Lots of action, including military battle scenes (but not too much battle, which gets boring to me). Excellent dialogue and characterization. Strong plot, with a suspenseful peeling-the-onion feeling as "the truth" is gradually uncovered. There's al [...]

    3. Pretty good, though I skimmed several pages of run-on descriptions. I look forward to more of this series.

    4. Excellent first book in what promises to be a great space opera. Nicely different in that the two main characters, one male, one female, share the stage as the "hero(ine)". Most books of this type seem to feature one leading character, albeit often with a supporting cast. Ms. Shepherd's characters have depth, to go with a good plot.

    5. I want to start out by saying how absolutely terrible I feel about how long it took me to finish this book. According to , I started it February 24, which actually wasn't as long ago as I feared. It really WAS excellent, and the last 30% or so really flew by because I was actually able to devote a proper amount of focus to it.I had never heard of this series or even of Joel Shepherd until some friends recommended this book. I read the blurb and was immediately hooked by the whole on-the-run-afte [...]

    6. Fantastic from start to finish. Well written, great characters and a solid well thought out plot. Highly recommend for all science fiction junkies.

    7. I loved this book. For me, it had a bit of everything I like in a good military science fiction story - great characters, great space battles, great ground combat, and an intriguing overall plot. This story had such a great mix of fleet action and marine action that kept things interesting. But the real gem of this book was the great characters and their struggles. Although the captain dies in the first part of the book, I loved his character by the end of the story. How did that happen?! The tw [...]

    8. Now, this book was a surprise. In this book, Shepherd merges good space opera with good military sci-fi. I quite enjoy both of these, but until now I haven't read anything that merged the two this artfully. It has the detailed story world and deep characters you'd expect from a space opera, but the usually slow flow of space opera is augmented with fast paced action, which makes the whole story more dynamic.This is a must read for every sci-fi fan.

    9. Brillant.Really nice story setting, oddly enough the background story reminded me of C.J. Cherryh's Chanur novels, which is a good thing. If someone would dissect the story for all the parts and try to find something exceptionally different compared to other stories, there's nothing much to find. The basic ingredients are solid, but nothing out of the ordinary. But the blending, myIt's basically a space opera, mix in some ancient alien conspiracy (but who conspires against whom? Or even - why?), [...]

    10. Renegade is a nice blend of standard Military Science Fiction with far thinking political science fiction. Shepard takes a page from Campbell's Black Jack Geary Lost Fleet series, but with a main character that is just a bit more fallible and a whole lot less moralistic. Oft used mil/sf tropes and given just enough tweaks to let push it past cliche and allow hardened mil/sf fans something new to grab their attention. Renegade is full of characters on the positive side of the realistic spectrum, [...]

    11. Renegadee Spiral Wars;An excellent illustration of power-hungry leaders attempting a surreptitious coup with murder, and military takeovers as the main means.It's also a terrific military sci-fi action adventure, with the maturity of a marine officer and the growth of a young fleet 3rd officer leading the fight against the greedy, political scumbags attempting the takeover.I really, really look forward to the rest of the series. A Great Read!!!!!!!

    12. If you want substance and a rich, well-written wartime space opera, this is not it. This is a story about what happens after the fact. The war is over, there is minimal action and the story trundles along at a snails pace with plenty of filler. If you like shady back-room politics and a murder mystery. This is for you. I read the next in the series hoping the arc would change my perspective but it hasn't.

    13. Great story but it gets off to a very slow start. Once the story gets going it becomes very interesting, there's not too much action but the way space travel is approached is fascinating and comes across as more realistic than most stories manage. Eventually the story started to really pick up and was very exciting and then it ended. I was quite surprised the book ended so suddenly, but at least it has good potential for the second book.

    14. I read the HELL out of this bookI grabbed it because it soundedkinda cool I sorta like Shepherdbut damn it really surprised meNot just the believable and intense scenes of space warfareBut the deeply intriguing charactersthough flawed and very humanstill amazingly compellingIt left me itching for the sequel

    15. A perfect introduction to a what looks to be a most promising series.Five stars.Fans of The Red Rising Trilogy, The Nights Dawn Trilogy and the Quantum Thief should find take note of this seriously good writer.

    16. Anyone following my feed lately has seen that I've been reading a lot of the new wave of space opera novels lately and while they've been ok, this first volume of The Spiral Wars stands above the pack in terms of originality. Not quite as well thought out as a Reynolds or a Hamilton but close.

    17. Fast paacedFor me this was a page turner. The first book I've read by Joel Shepard. Ill definitely read more. Fast paced, lots of action, kept my attention until the end. I read strictly for enjoyment and i really enjoyed this book.

    18. Excellent startCan't go wrong with space marines and aliens. Good characters and a great story, hope book two comes out soon

    19. Loved it all the way though only a 4.5/5 but still it was consistently good enough though-out to round up to a 5 I feel. Great opening book to a new space opera.

    20. Not goodThe aliens are interesting both in their social organization and interspecies interactions. The humans, not so much.The author does not describe a viable economic divide between space and planet based humans. In a very few years, the Fleet would lose political power or rule through threat of orbital bombardment. This limits its ability to utilize planetary production and manpower. Shabby manufacturing will kill a Fleet unit more certainly than an alien missile. Troops forced into a milit [...]

    21. This is a pretty good sci fi title that mixes in humans, aliens, and future technology you can wrap your arms around. I found it refreshing the author had a rather green and inexperienced person as the main character and captain of the ship, the action scenes weren’t too over-the-top, and you felt like you were right there in the middle of the story. I’m looking forward to reading the next book in the series.I picked this up for free using my Kindle Unlimited borrow vs. the book’s normal p [...]

    22. I was won over by the political manuvering + conspiracy elements. As long as you buy into the "Marines are vastly superior to any other ground forces" premise, you're in for a fun ride.However, I felt the Marines in the book were more skilled then described (or they had plot armor). They seemed to be elite, veteran but very much human soldiers who were able deal with any non marine enemies with impunity. I wouldn't mind as much if they were described as super soldiers (similar to Spartans from t [...]

    23. The story and characters, especially the main two, are developed slowly, methodically and with great attention to detail. That's both this series greatest strength and weakness so far. The author really enjoys peeling the onion back slowly, layer by layer, too slowly in my personal opinion. That said, the story is unique for a space opera and is really entertaining, the writing is good, and you can see the authors passion for this story shine through his writing. 8/10 - Recommended reading for s [...]

    24. Start of a new series Contrasting this to his Kasandra Kresnov novels, this feels like a slower start. In his defense, this is naval fiction, not the close focus special agent/military combatant of the Kresnov series. It requires a bigger cast. The world building has been moved up and placed front and center. Which should give him a lot more room in his subsequent novels. In other words, this is a better start to a series than an excellent stand alone novel.

    25. This book is closer to a 3.5 than a 4, but it was a fun read. It was fairly fast moving at the start and finish with an interesting history woven throughout. I like how it focuses on a smaller group of characters but still feels grand in scale. I will be looking into reading the rest of this promising series.

    26. Great first series bookSolid read. Great character development and well written. Sci-fi introductions are nearly woven into the story vs popping up as their own chapters, which I always prefer. Can’t wait to read the next book.

    27. Great fun. Like a spy thriller in space. full of intrigue and action. The fighting at the end was a bit chaotic and difficult to follow, but that may be down to this being my first space based sci-fi.Moving straight onto the next book.

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