The Village

The Village Tells the story of the hard life in an Irish village looking at characters such as the local tailor the blacksmith and the farm wife The book combines laughter pathos and innocence with the gossip

  • Title: The Village
  • Author: Alice Taylor
  • ISBN: 9780863221422
  • Page: 395
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tells the story of the hard life in an Irish village, looking at characters such as the local tailor, the blacksmith and the farm wife The book combines laughter, pathos and innocence with the gossip of a closely knit community.

    One thought on “The Village”

    1. This was part of my Modern Mrs. Darcy reading challenge as a book set somewhere I'd like to visit. The writing was fun and endearing and she describes the time and place very vividly. The author has a great voice and a lot of delightful Irish humor. There are also some touching moments. It isn't plot driven, its more a slice of life over a period of twenty years or so during changing times in a small Irish village. I really enjoyed this!

    2. The descriptions of the village shops and traditional craftsmen (the village's confectionist, blacksmith, tailor, etc.) and the interesting quick history of Innishannon made this book on the same level as Taylor's first book. Although change is good in many ways, you can tell there is a bittersweet tone to Taylor's look back at the village as it was. On an interesting note, some of the changes that occurred during the later part of the book are now slowly reversing themselves, in some ways. Midw [...]

    3. This book was a sweet remembrance of the author's life as a new bride in her husband's home village in Ireland. It's a very small sized book, and each chapter is generally only about 3 pages long. But it's endearing, and in that compact form still manages to convey the sense of what it was like to come as a stranger and be welcomed into a new family and new life in a new town. You especially feel like you get to know the older generation of Irish townspeople--in this book, the one's who's way of [...]

    4. Another reminiscence by an Irish author? You better believe it, and I loved it!Taylor makes you feel as if you're sitting in her cottage kitchen in the Irish countryside, sharing a cup of tea and yarns about her life. Her voice is smooth as Irish cream and warm as a peat fire.I was totally captivated by her story. Makes me yearn for a trip to the home country to raise a cuppa.

    5. Stories of her life after she married and was raising her children in 60's and 70's Ireland. A very enjoyable book.

    6. A beautiful view into village life in earlier years and of older ways which are slowly but surely coming to an end, a sad yet warm tone to the book which I enjoyed.

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