Slow Ben le bassiste des Stage Dive sait qu il doit se tenir distance de Lizzy devenue la belle s ur de son meilleur ami La douce et sexy Lizzy probablement la seule fille qui l ait jamais fait craquer

  • Title: Slow
  • Author: Kylie Scott
  • ISBN: 9782709647410
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ben, le bassiste des Stage Dive, sait qu il doit se tenir distance de Lizzy, devenue la belle s ur de son meilleur ami La douce et sexy Lizzy, probablement la seule fille qui l ait jamais fait craquer Quant elle, elle sait aussi tr s bien qui elle a affaire l irr sistible rocker qui veut tout sauf s engager avec quelqu un.Tous deux essaient donc de lutter contreBen, le bassiste des Stage Dive, sait qu il doit se tenir distance de Lizzy, devenue la belle s ur de son meilleur ami La douce et sexy Lizzy, probablement la seule fille qui l ait jamais fait craquer Quant elle, elle sait aussi tr s bien qui elle a affaire l irr sistible rocker qui veut tout sauf s engager avec quelqu un.Tous deux essaient donc de lutter contre cette attirance r ciproque C tait sans compter une nuit de folie Las Vegas D sormais, Lizzie et Ben sont li s par le plus fort des liens possibles

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    1. 4,5 STARS <333 One of the best series I have ever read! I can't believe that this is the last book! I'm going to miss all the characters! I don't know how but Kylie Scott managed to make me feel so connected with these characters and I'll always have them in my heart!! I really enjoyed this one! I started it and I couldn't put it down! So good! This was a sexy and funny romance!I honestly couldn't wait for Ben's story!He was a mystery to me and I wanted to know more about him!Lizzy is Anne's [...]

    2. 4.5 "Just Friends" Stars!“A wounded heart was apparently no competition for an overeager vagina.”Deep is the fourth and final book in Kylie Scott’s Stage Dive series. Fuck, I love this series! Each book that is released only solidifies the fact that I am whole-heartedly a fangirl of this author. This series is definitely one of the best rock-star series out there in my opinion! With light-hearted funny and hilarious antics, sexy moments that could melt anyone’s panties and heart-warming [...]

    3. 4 stars!!!I love the Stage Dive series. I love how this band is like a family. I think Kylie’s writing is fresh and fun and I love the characters she comes up with. This is the fourth and final book of the Stage Dive series, and honestly, I’m sad to see i it end. These books make me laugh out loud, but they also have many heartwarming and steamy moments. They really are the total package. Lizzy Rollin’s older sister is hopelessly in love with Stage Dive member Mal. So Lizzy has got to know [...]

    4. I'm Gonna Go With 3 Stars***Spoilery***I find myself struggling on my rating with this one. Now, that might just be due to the fact that I cracked this baby open at 12amd finished it at 3amwhen I had to be up at 4am, butWHATEVS!I liked it, don't get me wrong. But it felt a littlermulaic in the sense that I felt like I was reading a mash-up of all the installments preceding this one. Ben - who I quite honestly felt like I never really got to know (seriously, he was barely a blip on the pages of t [...]

    5. ”So I’d been knocked up by a rock star. Big deal.”To my utter heartbreak, this is the last book of this fun series. I was super excited to read about Ben, the bearded bass guitarist and Kylie Scott definitely delivered an entertaining story. The whole gang plays a part in this story but for me, Liz made this book. With best supporting character award going to Mal, loved him in this one!Liz was relatable, lovable, hilarious and my favorite heroine of the series. Ben on the other hand was a [...]

    6. 3 Wandering Stars. Ben lives for music. He doesn’t want commitment, he doesn’t a family, and he doesn’t want to settle. He just want to travel the world without chains, with his music. The first girl that ever leaves a mark on him is Lizzy, but since she is the sister-in-law of his friend and band mate, he keeps her at arm’s length. Until one night in Vegas changes everything… and this time what happened in Vegas doesn't stay there. Despite being in love with Ben for a while, an expect [...]

    7. 4 the bearded wonder stars!Kylie Scott's Stage Dive series is probably my favorite rock star series of all time. Every time she releases a book for each member of the band, I can't help but fall more and more deeper in love with the characters and their journey to HEA. Lizzy Rollins has left her wild teenage years behind. Since then she has been nothing but a good and supportive sister to Anne, and a good student. Then she meets Ben Nicholson, Stage Dive's laid back bass player, and suddenly, Li [...]

    8. Deep is book 4 and, I believe, the final instalment of the Stage Dive series. Despite this, it works perfectly well as a standalone so don't be worried if you haven't read the first three, although I can highly recommend them.What we've come to expect from a Kylie Scott Stage Dive novel is an entertaining, feel-good romance loaded with her trademark humour and wit and Deep is most definitely maintaining that trend. It's a beautiful contemporary romance to binge read in one sitting with a big ole [...]

    9. 4 StarsSo I'd been knocked up by a rock star. Big deal.Nothing can ruin a dinner party quicker than a random pregnancy announcement.cially when it's yoursd the guy that knocked you up is the sexy bearded bassist for a rock band that also happens to be a commitment phobe. Oh and said pregnancy is the result of one stolen night together that really wasn't supposed to happen and said bassist hasn't talked to you since. Suffice it to say that Lizzy Rollins is having one hell of a week.Also, wow, if [...]

    10. 4 stars! These books are hands down my favorite rock star series! I'm so bummed it's over.This last installment (cries) is the story of the Stage Dive bass player Ben and Mal’s sister-in-law Lizzy. Lizzy is a young college student who worked hard to get where she is at, along with her sister Anne’s help. When Anne and Mal began seeing each other, Lizzy met Ben and developed an immediate crush on him. Ben has been warned away from Lizzy by Mal, but this doesn’t stop Lizzy from pursuing Ben [...]

    11. 4.5 Stars!"Good girls don't fall for rock stars."Oh man. These rock stars rock my world. Deep is the last installment of Stage Dive series and I couldn't help but feel a little bit sad because all the characters (David, Ev, Mal, Anne, Jimmy, Lena, Ben, and Lizzy) have grown on me. How can I not? In Deep, we finally get to have the story of Ben Nicholson, Stage Dive's bass player, and Elizabeth "Lizzy" Rollins, Anne's sister. Ever since Lizzy set her eyes on Ben, she has been crushing and sort of [...]

    12. It's Live: amzn/1Fz7fE3Stage Dive series has some of the best opening scenes. I love in book one, 'Lick', when Ev wakes up after her 21st birthday to find out she’s married to a rockstar and she can’t remember the previous night. Deep doesn’t disappoint in having a great opening scene like the blurb mentions Lizzy finds out she’s pregnant from a rockstar. YES! We finally learn about the mysterious, Ben, of Stage Dive. He’s the quiet one who is always running off whenever he is in a sce [...]

    13. 4 STARS! ★★★★"Good girls don't fall for rock stars. It just isn't done."As much as I was happy to reunite with my Stage Dive boys, I still went in with a heavy heart as this book would mark the end of this amazing series :( Every book in the series had been an all-round entertaining read with humorous characters that I've grown attached to and with Deep, we have finally made it to Ben Nicholson, the remaining member of the band aka bearded bassist who still needed his own HEA. With Kylie [...]

    14. Dear Ben,I wanted to write you a heart felt letter and just say that: I love you! EDITI know I have to wait until March when we can really be together and that's going to be really hard but I love you, so I'll wait until 12 March's from now if I had too. I just wanted you to know this, and that Sincerely, ~Kristin

    15. In the fourth and final book of the Stage Dive series, we get bass player Ben and Mal's sister-in-law, Lizzy's story. Ben is committed to his music and free lifestyle, while Lizzy is a hard working college student. One night in Vegas these two give into their attraction, but that night changes everything.“So I’d been knocked up by a rock star.Big deal.Deep breath. Okay.”This was a quick, enjoyable read, with fun characters, a little drama and some sweet moments. While Ben wasn't my favorit [...]

    16. So we all have our types of books, the ones you love and can’t wait to read. I love brother’s best friend books, that’s not a secret, and I love books were the characters get pregnant. Yes, I know this is a huge pet peeve for most, but me I am all about an unexpected baby. That being said I was completely ready to fall madly, deeply in love with Deep.So I’d been knocked up by a rockstar. Big deal. The Stage Dive series is my favorite rocker series. I absolutely love these guys and their [...]

    17. 3 starsAll it took was one-night, one-night that was never supposed to happen. Lizzy was supposed to be off limits, she wasn't supposed to be the girl Ben had a good time with, Lizzy is his best friend's little sister and even knowing all that it did fuck all to his control and reason. But you and me, we’ve never been easy. Minute I saw you, it’s been complicated. What happened in Vegas definitely didn't stay in Vegas. While Lizzy had hope, Ben had his tantrum of good intentions but lacked a [...]

    18. 3 starsThis book started off well, I thought Liz was quite witty and the text messages were funny. I didn't get Ben though. If only we got his PoV! Then somewhere along the way my feelings for it fizzled out. I couldn't feel their romantic connections. Liz became a pushover. It was still a nice enough read and end to the seriesC provided by NetGalley

    19. So, we finally get to Ben's book, the last book in the Stage Dive series. I have to admit that I've never been a big Ben fan but I'm happy to say that he won me over.lly. The star of the book is Lize is hilarious. I could read her inner dialogue all day long. Some of the emotional stuff but was bit hard to read though. Did I say Liz was the star of the book? Well, I LIED!! No one can quite steal the show like Mal! OMGhe is just perfection. I actually probably liked him more in this book than his [...]

    20. Oh, well That's it!!!! No more members of Stage dive!!! What a pity!!!!!How am i supposed to leave without these guys????Without tender and my personal favorite of all, David????Without my lovely hillarious puppy, Malcolm??? That guy was making my day!!!!Without that crunchy bastard, Jimmy??? Ok, i like him more now!!!!!And without Ben, who actually was a free spirit???? In the end he got me, like the rest of themAnd how will be my world without Ev, Ann, Lena and Lizzy????I loved that guys All o [...]

    21. “You’re the only girl I want.”Well, tickle me pink and call me a Stage Dive groupie for life, because this was the perfect ending to a series I adored beginning to end. We’ve been collecting clues about their relationship for so long, little breadcrumbs Ms Scott has been leaving here and there just to keep us speculating, and now we finally get to hear it all and fall in love with yet another couple in this crazy, addictive rock star family. As the entire Stage Dive mob comes together to [...]

    22. I loved it! But the ending was abrupt for me. The declaration of love was a bit forced. I love the epilogue. I just wish it was longer. Maybe that's just me, a book-junkie, wanting more. :)

    23. 2 Noooope StarsBoth Lizzy and Ben were just too immature for me to enjoy the book. All I kept thinking was "poor kid". Just no!I do feel curious about the Martha-Sam thing though.

    24. "So I’d been knocked up by a rock star. Big deal. Deep breath. Okay."Deep is the fourth and final book of the Stage Dive Series. Each book has featured a member of the Stage Dive Rock band. This is Ben's story.In Play, we meet Lizzy Anne's sister. Anne and Lizzy are close. Anne is very protective of her little sister. Naturally, when Mal and Anne got serious, Mal became equally as protective of his new little sister-in-law. Translation: HANDS OFF! Even though the boundaries were clearly stated [...]

    25. 4 Oh Baby-Mama Drama StarsDeep is part of the Stage Dive series. Deep is a standalone, but it’s strongly advised you read the series in order. This is Lizzy and Ben’s story!!!!!Lizzy is pregnant and with **GASP** Ben’s baby. (I didn’t give anything away, this is disclosed in the summary). First off, I LOVE a single mom story and I love a single pregnant mom story even more!I love the beginning. Kylie Scott totally punched me in the face with drama and I was just engrossed with the read. [...]

    26. Kylie Scott is one of those authors that can create magic the minute she puts pen to paper. The Stage Dive Series is a favourite of mine. I loved reading everything about all the men in Stage Dive. They all have a dynamic relationship and it all creates such scintillating stories and fantasies. I am sorry to say this final instalment fell short for me.We're given the story of the last single man in Stage Dive, our very own enigmatic Ben Nicholson. As the blurb says he's "the irresistibly sexy ba [...]

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