Swept Away

Swept Away The emotional story of a young woman s journey as she leaves behind all the things she thought she wanted only to discover who she really is New York Times bestselling author ROBYN CARR explores the

  • Title: Swept Away
  • Author: Robyn Carr
  • ISBN: 9780778319016
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Paperback
  • The emotional story of a young woman s journey as she leaves behind all the things she thought she wanted only to discover who she really is 1 New York Times bestselling author ROBYN CARR explores the challenges facing women today as they are valued for what s on the outside rather than the inside.Jennifer Chaise is proud of her life Coming from nothing, she s used herThe emotional story of a young woman s journey as she leaves behind all the things she thought she wanted only to discover who she really is 1 New York Times bestselling author ROBYN CARR explores the challenges facing women today as they are valued for what s on the outside rather than the inside.Jennifer Chaise is proud of her life Coming from nothing, she s used her beauty to her advantage and is swept up in a glamorous world of wealth and privilege as the mistress of a high flying businessman But when she walks in on a violent scene in their Las Vegas hotel room, Jennifer knows she can no longer ignore the truth about her boyfriend and she flees Desperate to escape the men searching for her, she invents a whole new persona with a new look and a new name as she hides out in a small Nevada town.Working as a waitress in the local diner, she finds a mentor in Louise, a retired professor who takes her in As Jennifer begins to embrace a new life, she realizes how much was missing from her old one a sense of community and purpose But it s not easy to simply disappear Her neighbor Alex is a cop, and while he s friendly enough, he may also suspect that Jennifer is not what she seems.Although she is under constant threat of being discovered, Jennifer is surprised to realize that, for the first time, she s genuinely happy Suddenly this real world is all she wants But will it be enough when her past catches up with her

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    1. Robyn Carr rarely disappoints. Wasn't fond of the life Jennifer had when the book first started, but this was about change and finding out what is really important. Jennifer didn't have many friends or appreciate the simple things in life until she was forced to. Loved the friendships and the romance! Alex was a normal guy, no yacht or millions to his name, but their feelings for each other were so very genuine and passionate! Hated Sylvia, Hedda's mother! She was a piece of work!

    2. I’ve been loving Robyn Carr’s Virgin River series, so I thought I’d step away from it for a moment and try something else. Runaway Mistress is a different kind of love story than I’ve read before. Alex and Jennifer, er, Doris, don’t have their first real interaction until about page 100, but it’s worth the wait. :) And Jennifer’s metamorphosis throughout the book is seamless and interesting. I also have to say the final line is this story is one of the best I’ve ever read. It’s [...]

    3. I picked this book up hoping it was an easy read to take my mind off of wedding planning, but I found out that I'd rather read it than flip through a bridal magazine! Very entertaining and for some reason you feel yourself relating to the characters in this book.

    4. Jennifer Chaise believes she witnessed a crime and that her boy-friend is out to kill her. She flees to a small town and gets a job as a waitress. She makes many friends in the small town, including Alex, a cop.The story had a bit of a chick lit vibe to it and the romance element starts later than most romance novels do. The book centers on Jennifer and her journey away from the life she once had and learning to fit in with the new friends she is making. There were a few heart-wrenching moments [...]

    5. Still on my women's fiction, audiobooks that I can listen to as part of my subscription kick.I've read quite a few Robyn Carr books and of all the ones I've read this one does not really feel like a Robyn Carr book.Our heroine is Jennifer -- a professional mistress of rich older men. She is blond (dyed), beautiful, had some collagen in her lips, a little breast job (paid for by one of her men),a condo (never in her own name) and now she is the petted side piece of a super rich real estate develo [...]

    6. Thoroughly enjoyed this contemporary romance that reminded me a lot of the first books in the Virgin River series except substitute Jack's Bar with the diner. :-) Nicely written and the characters kept me interested. Plenty of side characters that complemented the story nicely (like Virgin River). It did have a feel of chic-lit, but I did not mind that at all. Again, it was a nice story, there was a nice romance and it was (you guessed it) nicely written. :-)The setting is Boulder City, Nevada, [...]

    7. I highly recommend Swept Away. Excellent story. Why do I think so?Robyn Carr’s Swept Away weaves together so many things I treasure in a well told tale, so very genuinely. I've lived only 15 of my years (so far) in small towns in the Southwest, but Swept Away brought those wonderful years back to me: The dusty, hot winds of summer, and the much cooler nights of winter and spring. How huge thunderstorms take over the sky with sound and light and then are gone. I’m Anglo, yet I was privileged [...]

    8. Jennifer Chaise has spent her whole adult life being some rich man's mistress. After a rocky childhood, she was determined to have security. But when she finds her boyfriend's wife dead in their Vegas hotel room, she takes off into hiding, thinking she's next. In the small Nevada town, she meets officer Alex Nichols, who knows she's hiding something. Jennifer also discovers herself, a community determined to help her, and a new lease and purpose in life. But when her past finds her, everything s [...]

    9. This was a little different from her other Virgin River series and her Grace Valley Trilogy.It's all about a woman who is on the run from her boyfriend Nick (who happens to be married) because she's afraid he's goign to kill her. To hide from him she finds a small town on the outskirts of Las Vegas, she cuts all her hair off, cuts her nails etc and starts working for min wage in a diner.Here she finds that maybe her life wasn't so great when she had no friends but had all the money and gifts she [...]

    10. There were just so many people for a not-that-long stand-alone and from the beginning I was a little bit lost in who was who. And then I lost my will to keep up with all those names and relations because every single character had more than just a small role in this bookAnd I think I'm getting sick of those lucky coincidences in which someone in trouble finds a helping hand in the first try. In this case that helping hand is almost the whole town. And almost everybody is a saint and happy and th [...]

    11. "Typical, basic beach read"Is there anything you would change about this book?For a beach read, it was a good read, but for anything more involved than that, this book would have fallen short. Typical & basic are the first words that come to mind.Which character – as performed by Therese Plummer – was your favorite?Alex. He is your "hero" of the story. He is a small town cop who has dealt with his own heartbreak with a past wife and falls in love with the new girl in town, little does he [...]

    12. Book reviewAnother good read by this author. I would recommend this book . Colorful characters and a family that grew out of strangers who needed each other.

    13. Robyn Carr has a way to surprise me now and then with her romance stories: some are good, and some are a bit too bland. This one was surprising as the female protagonist was rather unconventional, in the sense that she was a “professional” mistress of sorts. Now that's a type of woman we don’t come across that often. Was she genuine, I don’t know? I couldn’t get behind Jennifer Chaise's character completely. For me that concept of being a companion to rich men is hard to fathom. Even w [...]

    14. RATING: 4 STARS(Review Not on Blog)Listened to on AudioI was not expecting to like this one at all. I thought it would be an old fashion Harlequin romance that was going to beahem, boring. Yeah, not at all. This one reminds me a bit of Nora Roberts' Angels Fall, less suspenseful but just as good. Jennifer Chaise is basically a professional girlfriend. Due to her unpredictable childhood, this life provides her security if not friendships. With her new married boyfriend, she sees him shoot his wif [...]

    15. What a great listen Swept Away was! When I first began listening to the story, I was sure that I would not like the main character, Jennifer. She is the girlfriend of a mob-like character and thoroughly enjoys all the reward of this lifestyle. But in one incident, everything changed. I really began to cheer for her as she learned to accept her past and learn how to be a friend not just to herself but to others. She is surrounded by some funny secondary characters while she is on the run and her [...]

    16. It's an entertaining bit of fluff, but more for the women. The thing that really separates Robyn Carr's Virgin River books from other books in the genre is that she deals with issues without drowning in them. I read Runaway Mistress off the back of her Virgin River series and A Summer in Sonoma. I don't think it has the same pull for male readers as the Virgin River series, nor does it deal with characters facing very real challenges like Summer in Sonoma, but it's entertaining enough to deserve [...]

    17. Carr has yet to dissapoint me. This was a good book to read in between my different series I am reading. This was about a girl who grew up in poverty and made a life for herself by being a girlfriend/ mistress to rich men. However, after an event that scares her from her current lover, Jennifer is scared and on the run. She discovers a cute, remote, quiet city outside of Las Vegas where she discovers the life she was living didn't make her as happy as living in this town. Love, friendship, a sen [...]

    18. This was my first time reading this author. I almost stopped reading it, because I thought the opening was a bit formulaic. So glad I stuck with it. Loved her characters, loved the little plot twists. Really loved the ending. I will definitely try more of this author's books! I have tagged this a beach read because it is the kind of story I want to read when I am on vacation. Thank you to the publisher for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

    19. Ate this little gem up in a Sunday afternoon. Great storysweet characters, and a little different style from Robyn Carr, but in a good way. Ending was a little rushed for my tastes. But, I also think all books I love should have an epilogue that follows the characters I'm so invested in for an additional 5-10 years ;)

    20. I enjoyed this book. Most of the characters were very likeable. I liked the way Jennifer/Doris came to think of the towns people as family and began to appreciate the simple things in life. She definitely redeemed herself from being a rich man's mistress to someone who enjoyed helping others.

    21. Never Too LateSometimes fear can be a good thing, as in the life of Jennifer aka Doris. Especially when one's reAction to that fear brings something you didn't know you were missing. Wrapped together, romance and mystery beckons you to read Sea Swept !

    22. I liked having a heroine who'd made some mistakes, had some real flaws but was still a cool person. Generallyliked this story.

    23. This story had me hooked from me first chapter. Murder, money laundering, mistress, running away, kidnapping and building a new life. It had a lot in this story. Jennifer is a mistress and she is with rich powerful Nick Noble. Until one day she sees his wife face down on his bed with blood on the walls and she runs. Since she is in Vegas since runs to a small town called Boulder City. She looks all trace of who she is and shaves her head. She ends up finding work at a local diner while trying to [...]

    24. THIS BOOK HAS BEEN REPUBLISHED AS SWEPT AWAY AND THAT IS THE TITLE I READI had an extremely hard time getting into the story. I'm a character driven reader and therefore when I first encountered Jennifer Chaise I did not like her much at all. She wasn't someone I'd want to hang with, and therefore I had a hard time getting past the first part of the book for that reason.Of course, she grew as a character and I began to like her a little more every time I'd visit Boulder City. It was that first f [...]

    25. This is my first book of Robyn Carr and it will not be my last! I loved how she wrote. Liked all characters. Liked the plot too. I somehow didn't like the career choice of Jennifer. Even if I understand why she became a mistress first time, I don't understand why she had to continue on taking other guys. Other than this, I liked all the other characters. There was romance, friendship, compassion in this book. We need more people like Buzz! Louise was also very inspiring. All in all it was a good [...]

    26. This is another good Robyn Carr romance story. Jennifer Chaise is a kept woman. Her sugar daddy is wealthy and ruthless. The later kind of surprised Jennifer when she thought Nick had killed his wife. Jennifer ran away to a small town, used an alias Doris, cut off her hair, and changed her wardrobe. She makes a lot of friends in this small town, including Alex, the man next door. This story explores the challenges facing women. Are they valued for what's on the outside or for what's on the insid [...]

    27. This was an absolutely amazing story! I am so glad I read it. I completely loved the main character. She is the kind of person who is good and kind, and inspires you to be a better person. She personifies generosity in daily small ways and I so want to be more of that kind of person. I also loved all the other characters and would gladly step into that town and befriend that group of people if I could bring my family along. It made me want to laugh, and cry, and turn the page as fast, and yet as [...]

    28. Well, it's Robyn Carr. And while I wouldn't call her books Romances, exactly, there's still a lot of romance in them. Also, the characters are soce. Except for the one who's bad, of course. Why I don't classify this as a romance is because it's about a bunch of people. A community, let's say. And all of them are, roughly, human, and have, roughly, human problems. Which are engaging and interesting to the reader, because Robyn Carr makes them so.

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