Desire of Our Hearts

Desire of Our Hearts It is a time of pleasure and luxury if you belong to the inner circle of King Noah and his decadent priests It is a time of servitude and deprivation if you don t And if you dare to believe the bold w

  • Title: Desire of Our Hearts
  • Author: Sariah S. Wilson
  • ISBN: 9781598114072
  • Page: 479
  • Format: Paperback
  • It is a time of pleasure and luxury if you belong to the inner circle of King Noah and his decadent priests It is a time of servitude and deprivation if you don t And if you dare to believe the bold words of the prophet Abinadi, it is a time to fear for your very life.

    One thought on “Desire of Our Hearts”

    1. I loved this story. I admire an author when they can take a Book of Mormon story and add details that neither take out or contradict the facts in the real story. This story of love and faith really touched me and the main characters were well developed and I could relate to. There were parts where I was so into the story that I was making side comments to myself and some scenes tugged at my heart like all good romances do. Sarah Wilson did a great job and I would recommend this story to anyone. [...]

    2. I liked this story because it shows that things can work out. This is basically an arrange or forced marriage that turns out in the end. It is about The Priest Alma of King Noah. He finds a girl whom he knows is to be his wife and she is forced into the marriage. The story follows the two characters as you see that even when it seems things are bad their can be good in it as well.

    3. I enjoyed reading the love story between Sam and Alma. It made me want to read the actual account of Abinadi, King Noah, and Alma’s conversion in the scriptures.

    4. It's always enjoyable to read a story based on historical moments in time, and I especially love reading about historical moments in the gospel of Jesus Christ bases on Scripture. I feel it helps me connect to the time frame better, the people and their hardships, and even in some ways the scriptures and words of the prophets of old. Well written and enjoyable for sure.

    5. I'm going to start out by saying I really liked this book- but I'm going to critique it so don't take it as if I'm trying to tear it apart because I dont like it because I do ya follow me? I thought the story was so cute. I love Book of Mormon fiction. It always makes me want to study the scriptures a little bit harder. I liked the characters. I felt their frustration and I was happy for them when they finally figured things out.BUTThe style of writing really turned me off. The lack of pronouns [...]

    6. Oh my goodness! this book is breathtaking! Half the book Alma is trying to convince Sam that he loves her and wants to make her happy. He has done so much for her and her family yet she is having a hard time convincing herself that he isn't the enemy. I hate King Noah, Amulon and all the other priests because of their hardened hearts and wicked ways. I feel bad that Alma had to endure so many trials. After hearing Abinadi's words he finally understands and knows the truth. I am so happy that he [...]

    7. By page six, there had already been love at first sight, a confrontation with a bad guy, the rescue of a damsel in distress, the changing of said damsel's former anger, and a crying scene. I really wanted to like this book. I'm in the mood for some good LDS fiction--ya know? I'm usually not very picky with LDS fiction, but I just couldn't get past the awkward conversations, and bad sentence construction.

    8. Alma, a young high priest in King Noah's court, has fallen in love with a Believer. How can he convince her of the error of her misplaced faith? Then King Noah forces her to marry Alma, and he hopes to find a way to teach her to love him in return.I found this book to be quite historically and doctrinally correct, and loved a different viewpoint on this familiar story from the Book of Mormon.

    9. I was a little taken back when I first read chapter one and discovered this was a romance with Alma the Elder. But I decided I would give it a chance and I ended up enjoying. However, I did find that it tended to follow the traditional romance novel format. I hate the guy, I secretly love the guy, I don't know how to tell the guy I'm in love with him!

    10. What a fun historical fictional account of Alma, high priest to King Noah. We don't think often of the personal lives of the characters of the scriptures; that's what historical fiction helps with. This book had more reference to characters' influence from the Holy Ghost for guidance than most LDS fiction, and I appreciated it. I don't think you could tell this story without it!

    11. What a fun book! It really helped me straighten out the who's who in the Book of Mormon. Fun twist with factual accounts from the scriptures well written for easy understanding. Great insight into the character of Alma and a reminder that Prophets are people too. I'm going to read all of her books!!!

    12. At first I thought this book was going way too fast. By the end of the second chapter I wasn't sure I'd like it, but I started to get it into it. I absolutely loved reading the story of King Noah and Abinadi in this new point of view. It was very exciting and now when I read this story in the book of Mormon, I always think of this book and its characters!

    13. This book is about Alma the elder in king noah's courts. it is a a fiction love story about alma and his wife. it is historically accurateexcept for the love part but the events that take place (abinidi, the lands of mormon, helem, alma, and finally zarahemla, king amulon) are all true. it is a really interesting book. i loved it.

    14. Hands down, this is probably my favorite out of all the Fiction book of Mormon books (including Tennis Shoes). I have read this book so many times. I love how headstrong Sam is and how loving Alma is. They both have their faults and so it shows that they aren't perfect. Definetly recommend if you are in the mood for romance and BoM in one go!

    15. I like reading a story that personlizes the "Book of Mormon" characters. I enjoyed Alma's perspective of what was happening with King Noah and Abinadi. I didn't particularly like the way Abinadi was portrayed (his conversation with Noah). I picture him differently, but that's okay. I loved Alma!

    16. This is the BEST BOOK EVEEERRRR!!!! I loved it So much!!! I loved the descriptions it gave. You could tell the author really loves to write. This Book is absolutely fantastic! I would definitely recommend this book in a heart beat to anyone:)So much passion and love:) Did I happen to say that I love this book? well I ADORE THIS BOOK:)

    17. I loved this portrayal of Alma, one of the high priests in King Noah's court, and this fictionalized account of his life and his conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Sariah Wilson does a masterful job at tying the Book of Mormon account to this fleshed-out version. I also like how she shows us, through the various main characters, where the true desires of our hearts will take us.

    18. I love this author! She makes scripture stories come alive with her action/romances. This story is about Alma, King Noah's priest, and an impoverished girl that unwittingly makes him fall in love with her. She hates him and all the things he represents, but he can't stop loving her.This is a wonderful read and I recommend it to anyone who just wants to kick back and enjoy a good romance.

    19. I didn't like this one as much as "Secrets in Zarahemla" but it was still good. Set in olden times the characters struggle against an evil king, love unaquainted, and a faith that changes thier lives.

    20. I loved this book! It uses the story of Alma as the based made a love story to go with it. I wasn't sure I wanted to readbut quickly got sucked into the story!(what else is new?) I had to remind myself it wasn't real:)I totally recommend it, easy read!

    21. This book gave me new insight as to how the scriptures can be read. It brought the story of Abinadi and Alma to life for me and brought their lives more in focus. I think I may have a better understanding of scripture study and the faith our Heavenly Father has in us.

    22. I really wasn't sure what to expect with this book, but I was kind of disappointed in it. I'm not quite sure what it was about the book that disappointed me, but in a way, I did like it. It was kind of fun to read one person's interpretation of a favorite scripture story.

    23. It was really good! the romance was so cute and it had spiritual aspects as well. Now, when I read the scriptures and I come to the Abinadi and Alma story, i get even more excited because of this book!

    24. This book is a pretty good one. It made me like the story of Alma and King Noah. It was unique and well written and had me very interested in it. I'd love to read more like it based on the Book of Mormon people.

    25. I liked it, it was a little silly, but it made me want to go back and read the actual scriptural account just to see how much was from the authors imagination. I did enjoy it though because i am very silly. *sigh*

    26. I like historical fiction. This author takes someone in the Book of Mormon and builds a fictional (but possible) life around them. Kind of like The Work and the Glory series. This one is about Alma the Elder. I enjoyed it.

    27. I loved this book. It has Alma from the Book of Mormon as one of the main characters, it is definitely fiction but great setting. I loved how the characters grew together and but hated each other in the beginning. Great book have re read it already.

    28. I really enjoyed this. It had a fun romantic story that was great if you are a romantic. The book also helped me understand a little what Alma might have felt and what might have happened during Book of Mormon days.

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