Death of a Macho Man

Death of a Macho Man From the author of the Agatha Raisin television seriesDEATH OF A MACHO MAN A Hamish Macbeth MysteryWhen Hamish Macbeth local constable of the Scottish village of Lochdubh tries to break up one of th

  • Title: Death of a Macho Man
  • Author: M.C. Beaton
  • ISBN: 9780446403405
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the author of the Agatha Raisin television seriesDEATH OF A MACHO MAN A Hamish Macbeth MysteryWhen Hamish Macbeth, local constable of the Scottish village of Lochdubh, tries to break up one of the many fights involving Randy Duggan, the ruffian challenges him to a fistfight But on the chosen day, Duggan is found shot to death and Macbeth is rud to be the likeFrom the author of the Agatha Raisin television seriesDEATH OF A MACHO MAN A Hamish Macbeth MysteryWhen Hamish Macbeth, local constable of the Scottish village of Lochdubh, tries to break up one of the many fights involving Randy Duggan, the ruffian challenges him to a fistfight But on the chosen day, Duggan is found shot to death and Macbeth is rud to be the likely suspect Macbeth must find the murderer, clear his name, and restore his Highland paradise to its usual tranquility.

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    1. M.C. Beaton's 12th installment in her uneven Hamish Macbeth series finds the lanky, lazy Highlands constable dealing with Randy Duggan, a boastful incomer from Glasgow who begins bullying those who’ve grown tired of his narcissistic and farfetched monologues. Eventually, Duggan challenges Hamish to a boxing match at midnight with villagers as audience. When Duggan turns up dead just hours before, the entire village of Lochdubh is thrown into a tizzy.Death of a Macho Man should have been titled [...]

    2. I mostly enjoy the Hamish Macbeth series, but this one seemed to drag. I even felt tired of Hamish and his indecisive life. I listened to this audiobook to the end, but when I was finished, I wondered why I had persevered.

    3. this is a really fun series - light, quick, and addictive. The stories are set in a small village in the Scottish Highlands, and Beaton writes so that you can hear lilting dialect. I thought the plot in this one was particularly good, with enough twists to be interesting. Most of the fun comes from the cast of memorable villagers who alternately harass and rally around the lead character, local constable Hamish MacBeth.

    4. I read this one pretty fast. A short book and a quick read. I loved it. It seemed a fun read. Can I say that about a murder story? Hm, let me just say it like this: It felt like a more personal story than anything; as if a long distance friend's in town for a visit telling you about the latest goings on, the big incident, in his home town or something. It held my attention in long blast; I read an average of 40 pages in each reading sessions that's a lot for me.The characters, though there were [...]

    5. What started off as another round of interrogate the villagers suddenly became terribly exciting. The murder of a local braggart brings everyone's bad behaviour to light - including Hamish's. For a quiet spot where everyone is as gossipy as can be, it turns out that there are still plenty of secrets kept in Lochdubh. Hamish is not as in-the-know as he likes to think. Though he still has an odd reputation as the laziest copper ever, Hamish goes to great lengths in this volume to discover the trut [...]

    6. This installment in the Hamish Macbeth series is definitely one of my favorites so far (despite the fact that every time I picked it up I had the Village People blaring in my head!). I kept thinking - I need to go to the Highlands and see if there is another charming, red-headed, hazel-eyed, clever constable living in a lovely and stormy little village and marry him! I really liked this one, because of the suspicion cast on characters who have been in the village and we have encountered before, [...]

    7. Dear Priscilla,If you are not dating Hamish, and he has dinner with another woman, he is not cheating on you, and you cannot call him a philanderer. Untwist your knickers.That said, this was quite the mystery, with half the village (including Hamish) under suspicion, multiple murders, stolen identity, disguises, hostages, and sexy, sexy underwear.Y'heard me.

    8. Rounded up from 3-1/2 stars. It's nice to have Hamish front and center, and Shaun Grindell's narration continues to delight! This story was a bit too convoluted - not that it was hard to follow - just that Beaton seems to have dumped everything into one book.

    9. There was indeed an American pro-wrestler who, in the 1980s and 90s, went by the name of "Macho Man" Randy Savage. Also, at the same time, there was a wrestler named "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan. Savage was on the muscular side, Duggan was just plain big, and both put on great entertainment in the ring. Sadly, Savage passed in 2011, and Duggan I believe is still making appearances here and there, most recently in Duck Dynasty as one of that characters favorite wrestlers. Beaton beautifully combines the [...]

    10. This was a change of pace from the usual village murder and I definitely wasn’t expecting that ending from a cozy crime novel but I think it’s good to shake things up once in a while even if it was bordering on slightly ott at times

    11. Another one of the Hamish Macbeth series. Always an entertaining read, at times totally preposterous but holds my attention. I do wish I could meet Hamish:-)

    12. Justice rules over law. Author Chesney always makes me smile. So far, whatever she writes, I read, catching up on series re-reads, starting from beginning. Can I read and review faster that Chesney can write? "It took guts not to kill Randy" p 98. No matter Hamish or Agatha Raisin series, author Chesney likes to make the victim a villain. That makes the back story a mystery we cannot possibly guess. Reminds me of TV Motive that starts with crime, then parallel histories of two unlikely far-apart [...]

    13. This series is starting to peter out for me. It's becoming exhausting watching Priscilla and Hamish spend so much time bickering. This book did have a bit more action which was interesting, but there are certain elements of the series that are starting to get a bit old, especially the Hamish/Priscilla affair and the fact that the villagers are the most fickle characters I've ever seen. The mystery itself is okay, but it keeps getting bogged down by the side stories.

    14. I was a little bored by it as I have become bored with the formula. I've read 3 or 4 of this series and enjoyed them all, but I am finding that the general outline isn't changing enough to keep it interesting. Light mystery reading with Highland charm. This was my least liked of the series so far.

    15. Hamish gets himself entangled once again, steers an unorthodox route to solving this particular crime which once again involves travelling outside his beloved highlands. Well paced light crime novel with a wry smile and a wee dram.

    16. In this episode, Hamish is the prime suspect in another murder in his town. He is forced to go undercover to prove his innocence. And Pricilla's choice in men sure is getting questionable.

    17. Things are stirred up and ugly in the usually peaceful Scottish highland village of Lochdubh. Randy Duggan has come to town, and he is a loud braggart who claims to be an American and who is eager to bed the ladies and fight the men. Needless to say, that kind of attitude doesn’t go well in the rather insular village in which Hamish is the unambitious but lovable constable. Eventually, Duggan picks a fight with Hamish, and the day is set for the brawl. But when the appointed day arrives, Randy [...]

    18. macho man is a new arrival in the village. flush with his money he tells very tall tales but they soon grow rather tired of him. he makes many enemies and then challenges hamish to a public wrestling match hamish is quaking in his boots but will not step down and then the body of macho man is discovered - he has been murderede question is by whom? there is a list of suspects a mile long and most of them r friends of hamish. added to which he seemed to have a liking for women soon hamish is up to [...]

    19. Hamish is a perfect companion for sewing. The mysteries are complicated enough to keep my interest but not so intense that I can't do two things at once. Plus each volume advances the character-driven stories of life in the small Scottish village. This one involves an outsider who comes to the village and brags about his past, but things seem odd about all his different activities. Things spiral until Hamish finds himself traveling to other cities to find clues, being chased by the police, and d [...]

    20. Death of a Macho Man is the 11th in the Hamish Macbeth series by M.C.Beaton. The police constable in Lochdubh in the Scottish Highlands is in trouble again as he disagrees with the findings of detectives and investigates a homicide on his own. This would be a spoiler in most novels but, since it happens in every Hamish Macbeth mystery, it is part of the scenery. The books are a delight to read as the stories tell of a great location and likable characters.

    21. This series continues to get better!Hamish carries on being a lovable yet sometimes frustrating copper, this book retaining its captive attraction to the reader by having no obvious murderer in the midst of Lochdubh.This edition to the Hamish Macbeth series continues to contain inappropriately hyphenated words, e.g. 'Strath-bane', suggesting this series isn't proofread.

    22. This book was a big bundle of crazy. It was so crazy, in fact, that the titular character was the least interesting, and, therefore, easily forgotten. And I never did work out why Annie was lying.

    23. Not my favorite, but still like listening to The Scottish accent.Hamish went outside of the police procedures and made a lot of people angry. He got (actually killed) his man, a major criminal, in the end. Saved Priscilla and found a new love interest, tho probably for only a short time.

    24. Hamish is in and out of trouble - again. He and Priscilla are on and off - again. Th villagers love him and leave him and love him - again. Blair almost gets him - again. But it's all such fun - again.

    25. Hamish has himself in another adventure that has murder, love triangles and his job in the Highlands all part of this fun story.

    26. Hamish once again does not disappoint, not my favorite of the series thus far, but well worth the time for a quick and light read.

    27. Another decent entry into the Hamish Macbeth series. It's not very challenging as a mystery, but it's a fun read, and I enjoy reading about the ensemble cast in Lochdubh.

    28. I just love the Hamish Macbeth mysteries. M.C.Beaton's stories, using Hamish as her protagonist are creative and fun. Also, There's not too much darkness or gore.

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