Dead to Me

Dead to Me The new novel from the international number bestselling author brings together two very different women who witness a murder

  • Title: Dead to Me
  • Author: Lesley Pearse
  • ISBN: 9780718181208
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The new novel from the international number 1 bestselling author brings together two very different women who witness a murder.

    One thought on “Dead to Me”

    1. This is the first book that I have read by Lesley Pearce and I adored it. It is a epic historical drama set in 1935 right through the war years. It covers the themes of poverty, brutality, love, relationships, friendship, crime and murder. It begins with the coincidental meeting in Hampstead Heath of Verity and Ruby who come from opposite ends of the social spectrum. Ruby's mother is a prostitute and Ruby has to steal to survive whilst Verity's family are well to do. Despite their differing circ [...]

    2. *Thank you to Netgalley and Penguin- Michael Joseph for my ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review*It feels right now as if I've just closed the book on some very special long standing friendships with this one, and it's going to be hard to leave the characters that I've come to know and love, behind.At over 500 pages, it's a long read, but the pages literally flew by as I became more and more engrossed in this epic historical saga. It covers the years from 1935 through the dark and dangero [...]

    3. I must admit I am one of Lesley Pearse's biggest fans. I have read all of her books and have not been disappointed with any of them.This starts with a chance meeting of two girls who come from very different backgrounds. Verity is from a sophisticated, rich family whereas Ruby comes from the slums. Tho their backgrounds are different they become close friends.We find out that Verity has not had an easy life either. Her stepfather has embezzled his works company and leaves Verity and her mother t [...]

    4. 3.5 stars. Like an all-in-one meal, there's something for everyone in this novel: romance, crime, murder, a bit of suspense, chick-lit and historical fiction (WWII). The writing is sometimes rather uneven, but the story carries you along to the end. This is popular lit: not great, but entertaining.

    5. O caminho foi longo e sinuoso acho que ja nao vale a pena dizer nada todos os livros desta autora sao fantasticos adorei.

    6. *This review also appears on my blog mrsbbookreviews.wordpressPopular British novelist Lesley Pearse is back with her 24th novel, a historical saga set in a time period spanning eight years, from 1935 in Dead to Me. Dead to Me opens with the momentous meeting of two teenage girls from opposite sides of the tracks, who have more in common than they first realise. When Verity, a young girl from a modest background, meets Ruby, a girl of similar age living in the slums with her prostitute Mother, i [...]

    7. 'Two very different women, one unlikely friendship.In the chaos of war-torn Britain, can any relationship survive?’Dead to Me is the latest release from international bestselling author Lesley Pearse and was published in paperback by Penguin on the 4th May 2017.Described as ‘a story about loyalty, love and the strength of friendship in the face of adversity’, Dead to Me is a heartwarming and emotional tale about two friends and how they cope with the obstacles they must overcome in order t [...]

    8. I'd really forgotten how much I enjoyed books by Lesley Pearse. Just on a whim, I decided to give this a go and I am so glad I did. Really really good. I will be on the look out for books by her that I haven't read and may even revisit ones I have read.

    9. I love Lesley Pearse’s books and they make a great holiday read because they really draw you in and get you totally absorbed in the storyline. She has fantastic characterisation and Verity and Ruby are great to follow in the latest book. It’s a real page turner – willing you to read just one more chapter! They meet as teenagers in London, although they have totally different lives and backgrounds they become firm friends. The book takes you through the war years and explores friendships an [...]

    10. There's a reason Lesley Pearse has sold over 10 million copies worldwide of the 23 books she has written and that is quite simply because she is a superb storyteller that never ever disappoints. Each book is of such a high quality, I've said this several times before but I know plenty of people would agree with me. No matter what mood you are in or if you have had a run of only OK books you can be guaranteed that by picking up anything written by Lesley your reading slump will instantly vanish, [...]

    11. Between the beautiful writing and the flawless narration, this incredible wartime story was, well perfection.

    12. This book was an intense and stressful read, and I was disappointed that although it was a fairly long book, you didn't really feel that you knew the characters by the end. I think this was the result of a 'tell' style of writing rather than 'show'. The story was pretty convoluted and some sections felt contrived.

    13. Despite being a huge crime and thriller fan, (I would say 90% of the books I read are of this genre), I do love a Lesley Pearse book, I’ve read every and I mean every book she has ever written and she never fails to let me down. Dead To Me begins in spring 1935 and tells the story of Verity and Ruby, Its suffice to say the book description tells you all you need to. This is a story of friendship, resilience, challenges, hardship and most importantly the bond between two friends. Lesley Pearce [...]

    14. Once again Lesley Pearse did not disappoint. This is an incredible book, although it was a long story it kept my attention all the way through, no slow or boring bits. It's set in a era I love to read about, at first it seems like a simple but touching story of friendship against the odds, but it's much more than that, the plot deepens chapter after chapter, there's abuse, crime, unwanted pregnancy and even murder, all that against the backdrop and horrors of the second world war. The characters [...]

    15. Set during WWII, Verity and Ruby are from different backgrounds who soon come together and witness a body being pulled from the swimming ponds and form a firm friendship over the years to come.Both girls had troubled childhoods, but where Ruby finds happiness Verity finds her past catching up with her. Then when an incident occurs their friendship is turned upside down with Ruby sending Verity a letter quoting “you’re dead to me” and so their friendship seems to draw to a close…Lesley Pe [...]

    16. Lesley Pearse is a class act and this is another of her classics. It has the Pearse charm ,hardship, stress and poverty all over it, woven into a delectable tale of two girls from the opposite side of town.Pearse fans will not be disappointed and those who haven't discovered her yet are in for a treat. Travel to London and Devon with Lesley PearseThis was a delight to read. I love Lesley’s books and this was no exception. I grew to love both Verity and Ruby and when events in their lives spira [...]

    17. This was received as a giveawaySo once again a book I feel so strongly about so again I fear that I will ruin the tale by giving my own verdict.Set during before and during ww2 we follow Ruby, verity and Archie through this tale of love, desperation, poverty, Joy and finally Bliss. It's very much an emotional rollercoaster but is so worth the ride.The tale is of a young well of lady meeting a girl on the other end of the society spectrum. A strange friendship is struck which is then tested and [...]

    18. I have yet to read a book by Lesley Pearse that I haven't loved and this one was no exception. It was absolutely wonderful. The way Ms Pearse writes you actually feel you're right in the book and can get a perfect image of the descriptions and characters. Like her previous books this one deals with crime, murder, poverty, richness, sadness, happiness and romance. I highly recommend this brilliant book.I received an advanced e copy from the publisher Penguin UK Michael Joseph via NetGalley in ret [...]

    19. I haven't read a Lesley Pearse book for some time - I think maybe the size of the puts me off! This was a gentle story with a few grittier undertones and the book slowly pulled you in. You spent the book rooting for the heroine but you knew her past would eventually catch up with her. But, as always, there is a happier ending.

    20. I enjoyed this book set in the second world war. It was a story about a friendship between two young girls from very different backgrounds who formed an unbreakable bond even through difficult times. Thank you for the ARC

    21. – From what I see of married life around where I live, marriage isn't idleness but slavery. –– 'Mum said [menstruation is] a good thing, because it means I'm becoming a woman,' Susan said. 'But if the tummy ache you get is a regular thing, I'd rather be a man.' – – Our real stories are far more exciting than the ones we make up. – – But how did you make a friend? You could hardly stop someone in the street and demand they became your friend. – – 'Don't you think with war likely [...]

    22. second book from Lesley and definitely not my last. love the characters and storyline in the book. thought that the ending could be better.

    23. Dead To Me is a huge book at around 500 pages, but I raced through it in a couple of days and feel a little bit lost without the company of Ruby and Verity now I've finished it.Beginning in 1935 and continuing through the years of World War II this is a captivating and heartwarming story about a strong and enduring friendship between two young girls who are as different as chalk and cheese.Both Verity and Ruby are well-drawn characters with their own charms. Well heeled Verity and streetwise Rub [...]

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