The Mighty Thor, Volume 1: Thunder in Her Veins

The Mighty Thor Volume Thunder in Her Veins DR JANE FOSTER IS THE GODDESS OF THUNDER AND IT S KILLING HER Her enemies are many as Asgard descends further into chaos and unrest threatens to spread throughout the Ten Realms Yet she wages her gre

  • Title: The Mighty Thor, Volume 1: Thunder in Her Veins
  • Author: Jason Aaron Russell Dauterman
  • ISBN: 9780785195221
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Hardcover
  • DR JANE FOSTER IS THE GODDESS OF THUNDER AND IT S KILLING HER Her enemies are many as Asgard descends further into chaos, and unrest threatens to spread throughout the Ten Realms Yet she wages her greatest battle against a far personal foe the cancer killing her mortal form When Loki steps back into Thor s life, will it ease her troubles or only add to her pain DR JANE FOSTER IS THE GODDESS OF THUNDER AND IT S KILLING HER Her enemies are many as Asgard descends further into chaos, and unrest threatens to spread throughout the Ten Realms Yet she wages her greatest battle against a far personal foe the cancer killing her mortal form When Loki steps back into Thor s life, will it ease her troubles or only add to her pain There s no such question about Malekith as he continues to fan the flames of a looming War of Realms when he isnt wedding planning, that is And as Asgard is torn apart, the skies will shake in one of the bloodiest battles of all time It s Thor vs Odin like never before Collecting The Mighty Thor 1 5

    One thought on “The Mighty Thor, Volume 1: Thunder in Her Veins”

    1. I hate the concept. Hate it. Hate that there's a new person running around with the name Thor, wielding Mjolnir, and calling down the thunder. I don't care if the person a female or not. I just don't like my original characters getting displaced. <--personal preferenceI also hate the cancer theme. Haaaaaate it.I guess the idea is to bring real-life struggles to a comic character, butFuck! Utilize the magic to heal yourself, you idiot!Any real person who had cancer would, and you're being flip [...]

    2. I am absolutely loving every issue of Marvel's new Thor saga. Jason Aaron is really delivering the goods on this book; every single issue has contained an 'OMG' moment for me.Oh, and let's not forget Russell Dauterman's incredible artwork! Any artist who can make me not miss Essad Ribic has got to be pretty damned good.I do understand those readers who are pining for the original Thor. I'm a huge fan and miss him quite a bit myself, but I also love the new Thor and am very happy to be patient an [...]

    3. Marvel relaunch their female Thor series after just two volumes because of Secret Wars despite there being no real change after that event. Le sigh. It’s easy to see why irregular/non-comics readers get confused trying to read superhero books in a certain order when the fucktards at Marvel/DC are constantly pulling the rug out from under them. Anyways, if you’re not caught up on this series yet (despite this being a Volume 1!), SPOILSIES AHEAD if only because I mention the name of who Thor i [...]

    4. Hold up, stop the beat a minute. I got something to say. Jason, I wanna tell you this shit right now while this fucking weed is in me. I don't know if I ever told you this, but I FINALLY love A thor title, so now I got your back. Just know this shit. Sorry, had the chronic 2001 in my car this morning while I was thinking of how to review this. So anywayThor has been a hit or miss with me. Even the exciting "Godbomb" arc was "Good" but not "Great" for me. I've never liked Thor much. He's one of t [...]

    5. This will be a YMMV book. I was really interested by the political unrest in Asgard and by the war between the realms, but this won't be a hit with everyone. The first issue, though, is one that I think will be almost universally well liked. It's the most introspection we've gotten from Jane since she became Thor, and it was badly needed. The juxtaposition between Jane undergoing chemotherapy as Jane and flying as Thor was very nicely handled. Aaron explains that her chemo won't work, because tr [...]

    6. I haven't been a huge fan of the new female Thor but this book really clicked for me. More excellent work from Aaron.

    7. I'm getting a bit fed up of watching Loki and Malekeith constantly trick everyone. Can't they come up with something new?I think Aaron has lost me on this run.

    8. This. Was. Awesome!This comic had everything I'm looking for from the medium: strong character-based conflict, narrative twists and turns, exciting battles where something is actually at stake, maniacal bad guys who have incredibly smart and well-thought-out plans to achieve their ends, multiple clashing agendas, secrecy and intrigue, fantastic art and great colour work, sharp dialogue, and above all, tons of fun. Jason Aaron has been killing it on Thor since issues one, and is one of the best w [...]

    9. Holy crap, is Jason Aaron on fire lately. His Doctor Strange is the best new Marvel series, Star Wars is still really good, and his creator-owned The Goddamned promises to be all kinds of crazy (I've only read the first issue so far and am waiting for the trade). And here comes the next chapter in his epic Thor run, yet again re-numbered and re-titled (In Marvel's defence, though, this easily could be a great jump-on point for new readers, it is very friendly in that regard).Aaron writes an extr [...]

    10. With the current release of Thor: Ragnarok, which finally takes the God of Thunder into a colourful and hilarious cosmic adventure that would make Jack Kirby and Walter Simonson proud, now would be the time to start reading the comic books exploring the tales of the Nine Realms. Whilst currently reading Kieron Gillen's run of Journey into Mystery, I also started reading somewhere in the middle of Jason Aaron's ongoing Thor run, in which our mighty hero is now the former love interest Dr Jane Fos [...]

    11. Jason Aaron continues writing in peak form, in my humble opinion, his best series yet. Aaron's body of work on Thor is his best yet and I only hope he continues on the book for long into the future. He's got a firm grip on the mythology and perfectly paced storytelling - while always breaking new ground. Something nearly impossible to do in a title as long-running as Thor. Russell Dauterman works the whole book, thank the Gods. Having a fill-in artist would nearly doom the book. Dauterman's styl [...]

    12. So happy there is more Thor! And OH MY GOD this volume. Holy shit.This picks up where Volume 2 of Thor ended, with Roxxon and the dark elves invading Alfheim and basically committing genocide. Meanwhile on Asgard, Odin has become more dictatorial and imprisoned Freya. Jane-as-Thor really lets Jane shine, and gives her a much stronger character than she has in the past. The fact that her becoming Thor undoes all the good chemotherapy does to her human body is heart-breaking, and eventually the wr [...]

    13. Oh yeah, Jane fucking Foster. I love you, and I love this comic. God damn.Fuck! Jane Foster is Thor! And no one knows except her! And it's killing her because every time she holds the hammer it removes the chemo radiation but the cancer still remains and gets worse! But she's still not willing to give it up!And Odin is a fascist turd! And Loki is the master double crosser (who is he even really playing for?!)! And Malekith is my most favorite Thor villain of all time! And JANE FOSTER IS THOR AND [...]

    14. Well done Mr. Aaron. Well done indeed. The greatness of the last volumes continues in this one and is building to a War of the Realms. Can't wait to see it unfold.

    15. Jason Aaron has done it yet again, and better than ever before. I started issues 1-3 with a very open and excited mind considering I've read thor (2014) and absolutely adored it. Howevermething with those first issues felt lacking to me, maybe it was the mood I was in, I was very distracted. But even though they paled in comparison to the later issues, they were still absolutely amazing. The story of Jane Foster is beautiful and it is only made better by Jason Aaron's writing. A lot of the comic [...]

    16. Dr. Jane Foster is dying of cancer as she beats baddies with a hammer. But with all Thor stories, the real treachery lies with home and hearth. Elves are fighting again on Alfheim; shocker, Malekith is up to some sh*t with Enchantress and the rest of the Dark Council, now featuring Loki the Backstabber. Mom and Pop All-Parents are in some stage of divorce. Basically nothing’s going right.I really like Thor’s mask. I really dislike Loki’s curly squiggle beard. The art is wonderful and color [...]

    17. Jane Foster is the hero we need and do not deserve and I love her and I need her to live forever and ahhhhhh. Odin needs to go away forever. Loki needs to WHAT THE HECK LOKI WHAT ARE YOU DOING wise up? I don't know what is going on? I am so confused and worried? I was really worried at how they would deal with the revelation in previous books that Thor has cancer. I have not personally had it, but close friends and family have. And I think this was really well done. I was halfway to preparing a [...]

    18. Jason Aaron is my favorite writer in comics right now. Everything he does is absolutely solid, and the newest incarnation of Thor is no different. This is quite possibly the best comic Marvel is putting out right now, and both the writing and artwork are absolutely stunning. My only regret is that I didn't pick this volume up much much sooner.

    19. I must admit I'm new to Thor Universe so I don't feel totally entitled to give this stars or an opinion which goes further from my personal taste. I've enjoyed this quite a lot despite being aloof because I don't quite understand asgardian politics. I liked how it juxtaposes reality and fantasy with Jane Foster’s frailty in undergoing cancer treatment and her superher/Godess side as Thor. I liked Aaron's vision of Loki and I fancy his hiddlestonish looks. I'm excited to see what happensnext

    20. CANST I JUST GET JASON AARON WRITING THOR FOREVER?As with all post-Secret Wars books, this one picks up in the middle of the action, months after the universe has re-formed. Jane Foster is settling in to being Thor:And a senator in the Congress of Worlds, alongside Senator Volstagg the enormous. Odin continues to imprison his wife Freya, Thor is Asgard's most wanted, the dark elves are stirring war across the realms, Dario Agger & Roxxon are exploiting other worlds. There's lots of conflict [...]

    21. Honestly, I was glad to get to the end of this. I've never read Thor before. Does that, like, hurt my ability to understand the characters, realms, and conflicts going on in this? Because I was confused. Something about a civil war. Something about someone getting married. Something about fuckers wanting to take out Thor. All of it is hard to grasp. It seems like this is another series going for all out war rather than a story with pace, emotion, and interesting characters. No one is interesting [...]

    22. Everything is terrible, everyone is being murdered, and for some reason they're turning Thor into a carbon copy of Thor Odinson. Wow she is so annoying now and I am REALLY UPSET.

    23. Now that the identity of the Mighty Thor has been revealed, the story can progress beyond the mystery and delve into the mind of the main character and explore the impact of this new power and responsibility on a mortal woman. It's a fun read, but I'm looking forward to seeing Thor interact with Odinson soon.

    24. Took a break from Thor for awhile because we don’t have this volume at the library (yet). But then! I discovered I could totally read it for free through Prime, so booyah. Anyway, Bob, why didn’t you get me hooked on Thor sooner? I’m having so much fun with this series, and the Thor vs. Odin fight is pretty epic! Plus it was nice seeing my friend Hipster Viking again. Heh.

    25. War between light elves and dark elves, civil war in AsgardThor/Jane has to deal with some serious stuff. And every time she takes up the hammer, she destroys the chemo that is trying to save her life. Makes me want to cry.

    26. Still really enjoying this series, knowing the identity of Thor adds another interesting layer to the story. Looking forward to continuing on!

    27. I loved this volume! In the last volume it was revealed who this new Thor is and in this one we also get to see her struggles when she's not the Goddess of Thunder. Her fight against cancer and the fact that turning into Thor keeps her from healing made this really emotional (although I was kind of wondering why she can't somehow heal herself magically). I also really loved the art in this it's still really beautiful especially everything in Asgard and the other realms.This volume was so well wr [...]

    28. Where has Thunderboy gone? How could Odin be so arrogant as to imprison his wife? Which side will Loki betray? Will the world of the light elves fall to the frost giants? l of these are questions posed by this book, but the one burning question in my mind isWhy did they put pubes on Loki's face?This is the 3rd volume in the new Thor-is-a-woman series, but because comic books don't want to make anything easy, the other two volumes are categorized as "Thor, Vol IV." So, start at Thor, Volume 1: Th [...]

    29. I was so scared through this whole book that they were gonna mess up the great character arc that Al Ewing and Kieron Gillen made for Loki in this, the first book we've majorly seen him in since Agent of Asgard (because we're not gonna even talk about, let alone count Vote Loki).But it seems they're carrying on the spirit of those stories here, and it goes well with Jane's growth arc. Both characters are fighting fate and expectations of other characters--and in a meta way, the more conservative [...]

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