Tender Betrayal

Tender Betrayal Beautiful young Melanie Johnston had every reason to hate Roland Donovan It was this man who caused the death of her beloved grandfather It was he who possessed her in a night of mischief and madness

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  • Title: Tender Betrayal
  • Author: Jennifer Blake
  • ISBN: 9780445044296
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Paperback
  • Beautiful young Melanie Johnston had every reason to hate Roland Donovan It was this man who caused the death of her beloved grandfather It was he who possessed her in a night of mischief and madness, forever staining her honor It was he who drove away the well born suitor she was to have wed.There was only one way for Melanie to take revenge she would marry him andBeautiful young Melanie Johnston had every reason to hate Roland Donovan It was this man who caused the death of her beloved grandfather It was he who possessed her in a night of mischief and madness, forever staining her honor It was he who drove away the well born suitor she was to have wed.There was only one way for Melanie to take revenge she would marry him and then use her every feminine wile to destroy him.But Melanie did not dream then of the strength of her own hungers and the weakness of her flesh

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    1. Está bien escrito y los personajes están bien definidos tanto los protagonistas como los secundarios. Sin embargo hay un exceso de descripción de lugares y hechos históricos que aunque son importantes en la trama se me han hecho muy largos en ocasiones. Se hace muy evidente el amor de Roland hacia Melanie desde las primeras páginas, además de una caballerosidad tremenda. Pero Melanie es muy fría aun cuando sabía que sus sentimientos habían cambiado no consigue transmitirlos con intensid [...]

    2. Blake can be an enjoyable author, and one of the rare ones to put an actual, authentic, historical flavor to her bodice-ripper lite fare, but this one was too clunky, flat, and boring to make it further than approximately halfway through.We have the usual trope of the H who bodice-rips his way through our Southern Belle's bloomers via a Great, Terrible, Big Misunderstanding, followed by a marriage of convenience to preserve our compromised heroine's honour. Hero is of course smitten and heroine [...]

    3. As much as I enjoy Jennifer Blake's southern romances, this isn't one of her stronger ones. The main story is focused on heroine Melanie Johnston believing Roland Donovan responsible for her grandfather's death after some dirty deeds while they were serving in the Texas/Mexican wars. It's all too complicated to try and explain, but she wants revenge and the silly girl gets it in her head to ride to Roland's hotel in the seedy part of Natchez in the middle of the night in the rain and shoot him d [...]

    4. Pensé que me iba a gustar mucho esta historia, no niego que está bien escrita, pero lamentablemente por ratos me aburría leyéndola, me pareció muy larga y la protagonista muy fría, más todos los acontecimientos y desgracias que le sucedían, (poco creíbles), terminó por cansarme, Roland, el héroe de esta historia, si que me gustó mucho, solo el me animó a continuar la lectura. Primera lectura del #RETO RITA 2.0

    5. Jennifer Blake's book proved a very mixed bag. It starts off well, with a hero and a heroine who promise interesting and intelligent conflicts, only to disappoint almost immediately after managing to raise one's interest. ***Contains SPOILERS, SPOILERS, SPOILERS***As a reader of historical romances, who's used to all sorts of styles within the confines of the genre, I don't feel I have to struggle to read through what used to be the dominant writing styles of the past. I have no problem with the [...]

    6. I just couldn't get into it! Tender Betrayal just wouldn't end. The storyline had promise but the actual book was lack luster. Sad to say but I don't think I'll read another Jennifer Blake book.

    7. The underlying emotional current this novel evokes is ANGST! Oh my goodness, this novel will summon up your fight/flight responses and make you feel on edge due to the suspenseful, and revealing moments! There is adventure in this book, plenty of it, but most of all, this book chronicles the journey to love for a relationship that seemed doomed from it’s beginning.This novel is beautifully written. At first, it takes some time to get used to the amount of detail and historical presence in the [...]

    8. This story is long and drawn out and not quite believable. I began to get bored with the characters and, seriously, how many almost assaults/attempted rapes/disasters can one person survive in one novel? I completely lost interest in what would become of these two people. I'm not saying the writing is bad, nor even the story, really. I just think I personally would have enjoyed it more if it hadn't gone on for so long. I wanted to smack the hero/heroine several times and just say "Get on with it [...]

    9. A bit out dated but goodMelanie frustrated me, Roland was the man, Dom was a cowardly wimp. Plenty of intrigue and action to keep the reader interested. There is romance but it is mostly underlying throughout the story.

    10. 3.75/5. Set in Louisiana in the mid 1800s, it follows the story of Melanie, affianced to one man, Dom, yet forced to marry another, the imposing Roland Donavan after he accidentally took her maiden-status as frequently happens in such novels. To be fair to Roland, it was a case of too much grog in too dark and seedy a hotel room, and a girl who ought not to have been there in the first place. Melanie vowed revenge on Roland, whom she blamed for her beloved grandfather's fall from military and so [...]

    11. A marriage bed should be made for love, not revenge, but Melanie makes a promise to her beloved grandfather before he dies. She vows to kill Roland and make him pay for the misery that her grandfather suffered because of Roland. Blaming Roland for her grandpa’s death is reason enough to marry him so she can get close enough to destroy him. The only thing that gets in the way is that Melanie didn’t count on Roland’s seductive kisses and her burning attraction to the one man that she shouldn [...]

    12. Sweet StoryI loved the story line, the amount of passion without being vulgar, and the length of the story was good. My only drawback was, it was too "wordy". (Technical Term) Someone would ask a question and it would be two pages over before you read the answer. By then I had forgotten the question! I found myself skipping pages to move on in the story.

    13. It is usually a treat to read a book written by Blake. I enjoy the touches of history she pulls into her books. This one was just OK. It was a little long on explanations & I just did not enjoy it as well as others. Hoorah for books about the South though.

    14. Good story. Poor ending.This was a very good story, but I cannot stand the heroine. She is self centered and rather cold. The plot has several twists and turns. The ending was too abrupt. I would recommend it though

    15. Tender BetrayalThis is a great romance novel. The characters are well developed and I loved the story line. It is very well written. Best grammar I've seen in a long time. Jennifer Blake is quite talented. This is a smooth read. I highly recommend it.

    16. Ship's being blown up, running, hiding, cheating. Melanie gets beat up and shoot someone, another good mystery.

    17. Прекрасна книга,не очаквах толкова много да ми хареса. Историята постоянно ме държеше в напрежение.Главната героиня беше точно мой тип а не ,някоя опърничава глезла.Книгата същинско старо злато!

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