Unleashed (A Bad Boy Stepbrother Romance)

Unleashed A Bad Boy Stepbrother Romance I took a Chance on my bad boy stepbrotherhe took me on the floor At the hotel pool The beach My innocence We had a deal Just one time and nothing and I ll never forget the memory of his rock hard b

  • Title: Unleashed (A Bad Boy Stepbrother Romance)
  • Author: Emilia Kincade
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I took a Chance on my bad boy stepbrotherhe took me on the floor At the hotel pool The beach.My innocence.We had a deal Just one time, and nothing , and I ll never forget the memory of his rock hard body over mine, his hard muscles clenching as he claimed me, as he made me scream out in pleasure.I don t need some MMA cage fighting bad boy thinking I m his, eveI took a Chance on my bad boy stepbrotherhe took me on the floor At the hotel pool The beach.My innocence.We had a deal Just one time, and nothing , and I ll never forget the memory of his rock hard body over mine, his hard muscles clenching as he claimed me, as he made me scream out in pleasure.I don t need some MMA cage fighting bad boy thinking I m his, even if he makes my panties melt.I definitely don t need to be sharing a room with him on a family vacation for two weeks Alone.But then things go horribly wrong, and Chance is the only one who can get us out.Before, I hated wanting him.Now, I just hate that I need him to save my life I turned a good girl badI m not looking for a wife, just a hot lay.I wanted a taste of Cassie the second I saw her.Hit it and quit it never sounded so damned good.If only it stayed that way Now, she s my stepsister, and knowing she s off limits just makes me want her .I can t even look at her without wanting to tear her clothes off and feel her uncoiling around me.Without wanting to take every sweet inch of her again And again.When I hear her old man s gotten her into trouble with the mafia, I lose it.I ll do anything to protect her, make her mine, and tame her lips for good.Nobody endangers what s mine I ll never abandon what s mine.

    One thought on “Unleashed (A Bad Boy Stepbrother Romance)”

    1. DNF at 20%. Didn't like the heroine and I guess I've read too many of these type of books -- I want more story and a lot less sex and talk about sex. I guess my age is showing.

    2. ARC given in exchange for an honest review Holy hotness. I really enjoyed this book. The author did a great job on keeping you hooked and focused from the beginning. This is a steamy stepbrother read that will keep you hot. There are different emotions that will run through this book and love that forms between two people unexpected.Cassie & Chance will take you on a journey from the first time they meet and continue until the very end. Cassie will be going off to college overseas in the UK [...]

    3. 3 stars for attention to detail and of course, the alpha male hero (Chance). I don't know how accurate all the MMA jargon and specifics are but I was really interested. Other than these two things, there was nothing to distinguish Unleashed from other MMA books. The writing was good but the story itself was unoriginal. The sex was mediocre. The heroine (Cass) was irritating and self-righteous. Although Chance was sweet and protective of Cass, he was also on more than one occasion an unapologetic [...]

    4. I'm disappointed. I was hoping for something different. It was almost the same storyline as Unraveled (a book written by the same author). Unfortunately, just like in Unraveled, this story was full of edit issues and a few other issues. I enjoyed the previous book, but reading two books by the same author with such similarities and issues brings my rating down. I still hope the author fixes the issues, and continues to grow as an author.

    5. I am not usually one for step brother romances, but I loved this one :) I may have to rethink my usually 'no fly zone' attitude. This is a fast paced, witty read. Penny is a strong woman, and Pierce handles business in the ring. The story kept me interested until the end, I read it in one go, it's one of those books you won't be able to put down. The chemistry and sex between the two was off the charts. Loved it!

    6. WOW JUST WOW!This was a very good book! I liked all the characters in it. For the sake of children, no one under eighteen should read it. I really liked Emilia's writing sty!e and think others will also. You have to read this book for yourself!

    7. Ok this was a little better, but still had the two main chararcter's parents get married to each other. Jeez.

    8. Basically the same story line as Unraveled. Bad boy MMA fighter and shy/studious girl. Can't say I would recommend or read again.

    9. Chance was a fighter, an MMA pro-prospect just graduated from high school. He had been training for eight years and was going to be a world champion. He had been with almost all the school females but now his attention was on Cassie Shannon, another student, and he wanted her all to himself. He found Cassie Shannon a very different and interesting Miss. Smart, Proper and Prim. Cassie knew Chance was a bad boy and very dangerous to her. Yes, she felt some attraction to him but she can’t think a [...]

    10. Pretty easy, quick read. When I started this book, I wasn't totally sure how I was going to feel about it. Chance comes off as an arrogant prick at first, and not the delicious, arrogant jerk, but the cocky asshole, arrogant jerk, but a few chapters in, it seems like the author tones all that down a bit. I also found Cassie to be a bit pretentious, totally prude-ish, and honestly, quite snobby. She didn't get better for me until about halfway through the story, but once she settles in to her rel [...]

    11. This is a terrific MMA fighter book written by Emilia Kincade . Chance is a student who took a year off high school to fight in Europe and now here he was back in the States. After taking a year off , he was able to finish and graduate HS—but his mom didn’t show up to his graduation—in the same boat was Cassie –she was very smart and her dad didn’t even show up to her graduation. Chance had been with pretty much every girl in their HS but Cassie. He has always had his eyes on her but n [...]

    12. I was given this book for an honest review. This makes the second book I have read of Emilia Kincade. I love her work. She has a way in pulling you right into the story. Cassie Shannon I felt sorry for. Here she was on her graduation day and her own father would not even show. He should of been right by her side beaming around that his daughter worked so hard and was valedictorian. But now here she was making her speech with no one who cared for her sitting listening and watching a very importan [...]

    13. Another exceptionally well-written, gripping and sensual MMA stepbrother story from the author about Cassie and Chase, and their journey of love. It is the day of graduation and Cassie and Chance lament the fact that neither of their parents are there to see them. Cassie is devastated; she has worked so hard and is the best student in the history of the school. Chance is a fighter, one of the top five upcoming wrestling stars in the country; whether it’s wrestling, cage fighting or boxing, he [...]

    14. I really enjoyed this MMA fighter book written by Emilia Kincade. Chance is a student who took a year off high school to fight in Europe for a year. He is back and graduating and ready to get involved with a girl he just can't get off his mind."She doesn't really know me, she only thinks she does. It's like that with her for everything. She's got this confidence that I adore, and a stubborn pride in her capacity to judge people correctlyThere's a fire in her, a spring of self-assuredness."Cassie [...]

    15. Cassie has always prided herself as someone who knows what she wants in life and works towards it. For now, getting good grades and getting into a good college are the highs in her list. Cassie denies her attraction towards Chance despite him being good looking, sexy and a MMA fighter. It is precisely that he quitted school to be a MMA fighter that she kind of looks down on him.Chance has girls all over him but there's only 1 girl that he is interested in.A surprising turn of events led to Chanc [...]

    16. Only read the first bookChance and Cassie had great chemistry from the begging. I'm happy the author did not obsess over the fact that they were step siblings. Sometimes with stepbrother books it seems like that's all the author talks about but it was refreshing that it didn't happen in this book. Overall the story was enjoyable but there were some things I found super annoying throughout the book.First I don't really get why the author added in a bunch of white dots in between each chapter It a [...]

    17. I was gifted this book for an honest review and have to say I loved it because not only is it a step sibling romance kind of , but it also has some suspense to it. Cassie meets Chance while in high school, but what neither one of them know is that at the time of Cassie's graduation her father would rather be in Las Vegas with suppose to be his companies partners then at her graduation. Now Chance he has liked Cassie every since he came back from Asia and an MMA fighting tourney to finish his edu [...]

    18. Wow!! Duncan and Dee make you want to melt, in this book the heat is off the chart! I was given this book in exchange for an honest review and I say if you want crazy hot heated romance plus crazy mafia and underground fighting and you have the thrill of life Deidre is a beautiful woman who has lived with a mob father who never wanted a daughter but a son.erefore anything he wants her to do she needs to comply. But he also goes and adopted a street kids in other to train to Thailand to train wit [...]

    19. Chance is the bad boy at school and Cassie is the good girl, and you know what they say about opposites attract.After their high school graduation Chance notices Cassie waiting for the bus to take her home and decides he's finally going to make a move. It's actually pretty funny the way the bad boy is a bit nervous about making a move, he has been with most of the girls in school but there is just something about Cassie that is different. The chemistry was really good between the two and I reall [...]

    20. As I have said in the past, I am a HUGE sucker for MMA Fighter/Bad Boy Romance stories! And this book certainly delivers all that and more! I love the whole suspense/thriller aspect that was worked into this story. This book is very well written, the story flows well and the characters are very well developed! It has everything that I consider a must in a 5 star read. It has a great story line, it's well written, full of suspense, drama, action and top all of it off with some hot-as-hell sex, th [...]

    21. My first and only complaint about this book is that it was advertised nowhere that there were actually two stories in this book. I thought I was getting one story. At 50%, when I saw the epilogue, I was a little pissed. I just want to know what to expect. Even though there was a natural and normal conclusion to the book, I felt duped that it was already over. I had been wondering and predicting what was going to happen next, wondering what twist was going to take place to take up the next portio [...]

    22. Love it, is sucked you in from the beginning, heart pounding, page turning addiction. Chance is a Pro prospect in MMA, just won amateur tour in Asia and now he’s back for finish high school and graduates but first day in school he sees Cassie and he has made up his mind and she is the only one he wants and will find a way to get her. Cassie is top of her class, valedictorian, and got into a London Collage, very hard to get into type of collage. She has been advoiding Chance since the first day [...]

    23. INCREDIBLE READFirst off, I loved the dual points of view. It always makes the story much more interesting. Chance gives Cassie a ride home after their graduation that neither Cassie's father nor Chance's mother show up for. They decide to have one night together and that will be the end of it. The next morning upon their arrival back from Vegas, her father walks in with his new bride, Chance's mom, which means they're now step-related. Their attraction only intensifies and is very hot. To add t [...]

    24. Cassie and Chance are students at the same school.He came back to school after taking off a year to fight out of the country. He is an MMA fighter. Cassie does not like Chance because of his cocky attitude and his manwhorish ways and she is annoyed that they have many classes together. He has been tormenting and teasing her for a year. He approaches her after graduation and after back and forth banter he ends up giving her a ride and they end up at the beach and things get steamy. Even though Ca [...]

    25. This is a twist to a stepbrother romance. What you may think about it will surprise you. Chance is a amateur MMA fighter. He is just graduating high school because he took a year off to do a fight tour in Asia. Now he wants to turn pro. Cassie goes to school with Chance but never really cared to much about what he did. She had a plan. She always planned for everything. But what she didn't plan for was when graduation happened so would her thinking about Chance. Things really got changed when Cha [...]

    26. I received this book for an honest review. Cassie is graduating and her father isn't even there to see, but he's not, he's not there to watch her walk across the stage or give her valedictorian speech.Chance is the player, he has women groveling at his feet and once he's done with them, he doesn't even remember their names. The moment he sees Cassie, his heart isn't his anymore, no other woman matters.Cassie though knows the Chance would never even look at a girl like her, he's gorgeous and she [...]

    27. Unleashed was a tension fraught with sexual want for Chance and even Cassie tho she isn’t quite aware of it right away. Chance knows what he wants and he’s going to go for it. I loved the internal dialog and play that gave us a glimpse of the inner workings of both Chance and Cassie. It helped better understand where both were coming from without making either seem snobby or arrogant. I loved how they were both drawn together and stronger for it. Things moved fast for them, but they weren’ [...]

    28. I got this in exchange of an honest review I loved reading this book I got hooked from the first page I love to read stepchildren romances and in this one I met Cassie and Chance who kept me captivated with them a lot I loved how they are so different yet together they are wonderful and make perfect sense also how life can change a person and their relationships goes into a lot of in my mind hardship her with college him fightings the action and suspense alone is as hot as the love between them [...]

    29. This author is now on my radar. I read Uncaged and LOVED that the H was so crazy about the h. I'm a sucker for that. This book was no different. The h was IT for the H. He was so HOT and only obsessed about the h. He was even stalking her a little bit. (sigh) I want more of these heroes please!! Plus, the sex scenes are SMOKING HOT!! The best I've read in a long time. Unfortunately, I HATED the h, she was so incredibly bratty. She responded to everything with such attitude. She was super annoyin [...]

    30. liked it, but at times felt like a repeat of Unraveled. Even the protagonist has an Aztec print piece of clothing. Really not a blue dress or pink or plaid or any of the other type but very distinct Aztec print that the guy describes. Also, Chance is supposed to be around 20, but sometimes sounds older and even describes himself as having the body of a 26 yrs old, but doesn't mentioned that he is younger making it sound like he actually is 26, and then Cass is 19. Hmm not sure that is an ok matc [...]

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