One thought on “Unix Network Programming”

  1. Yes, this is geekdom at its finest. Richard Steven's book is what really created the internet. Before this book, we were lost in byzantine networks like TokenRing (!!!) and after, we finally could understand the true potential of TCP/IP and network programming. The world has never been the same since this book was published. OK, it is a technical text but it is a critical one for geeks that want to understand the nuts and bolts of networking.

  2. I very rarely rate a book I have read recently. I almost never review one without having re-read it. For this book I'll make an exception. I have a lot of vivid memories of the first time I read this book. I was at a bed and breakfast on the beach on Amelia Island in Florida, in 1993. This book was heavily recommended on usenet. And in addition to being informative, it was the best written technical book that I had ever read.I was kind of disappointed that the replacement book wasn't a new editi [...]

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