The Horse Mistress: Book 1

The Horse Mistress Book Book One of the Rainbow Award winning poly romance series Carivel has a secret It could save her village but it will also destroy her life She was born female but she has been secretly living a

  • Title: The Horse Mistress: Book 1
  • Author: R.A. Steffan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Book One of the 2016 Rainbow Award winning poly romance series Carivel has a secret It could save her village, but it will also destroy her life.She was born female, but she has been secretly living as a boy for years in her adoptive village of Draebard, doing a job the elders insist can only be done by a male The last thing she needs is to fall for not one, but two u Book One of the 2016 Rainbow Award winning poly romance series Carivel has a secret It could save her village, but it will also destroy her life.She was born female, but she has been secretly living as a boy for years in her adoptive village of Draebard, doing a job the elders insist can only be done by a male The last thing she needs is to fall for not one, but two unattainable men a fierce warrior and a reluctant wolf shifter with a horrific past Now, the Alyrion Empire is poised to invade, and Carivel must choose whether to keep her secret or reveal it not only to the men she loves, but also to the powerful female ruler whose army could help protect Draebard during the coming war.Perfect for open minded fans of m nage and reverse harem romance, The Horse Mistress Book 1 by USA Today bestselling author R A Steffan combines detailed world building, and a heartfelt romance between three noble, damaged people who have no one to turn to but each other.Author s note This book contains sex The sex is not vanilla Some of it is between two men who love each other If any of those three facts made you go Eww, please do the author a solid and don t download this book.

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    1. ★★★★☆ ~ 4 StarsThis is one of those freebies that surprise you by being pretty darn good. Author has written a sensitive menage story about three different people who you wouldn't think would work, but they're well on their way by the end of this first story in a trilogy.Carivel (Cara) escaped her village because women weren't allowed to work with horses, something she's very skilled at. So she's been hiding that she's actually a woman. But that's not all her secrets, she identifies as [...]

    2. I am going to use gender-neutral pronouns for one of the characters, though they're not used in the book.In Carivel's tribe, women aren't allowed to work with horses. Carivel doesn't usually think of zirself as a woman, and dresses as a boy to be assistant to the Horse Master. Zie has what she thinks are hopeless crushes on the eunuch priest Senovo and the warrior Andoc. Tragic circumstances bring them to try to seek an alliance with another tribe.I liked that there was some focus on the charact [...]

    3. Carivel is a young woman who is forced to pretend she is a man by the Bronze Age style culture which forbids women from handling horses. Since she arrived at this village and apprenticed to the Horse Master, though, the horses have thrived. Then an attack by night kills some of the villagers including the Horse Master. Can Carivel keep her secret and live up to her training? I enjoyed particularly a scene where Carivel works the Monty Roberts magic on a fierce stallion. (If you don't know about [...]

    4. The following review was originally posted on my book blog The Book Challengers.I actually started reading this book as it happens to be one of those freebies that has been sitting on my Kindle for an eternity and for a moment it seemed like something that I might enjoy at that particular moment. I quite enjoyed the fantasy-like background and the fact that our hero was born female but was trying their best to do what they loved despite the itsibitsy problem of having a female body but a male mi [...]

    5. I liked it. I happen to read a lot of amateur/new/self-published writers as well as I get free books at Kindle store and I must say that half of the time I am disappointed by the quality of books. It is hard to stumble upon something which is not too cliched, full of tropes or basically a retelling of another book. Even though this book was not mind blowing or exciting in terms of the plot, the characters were pleasant and likeable, and I think this book deserves some love for executing a believ [...]

    6. This story hit several of my favorite themes: role-bending, fantasy, horses, social role negotiation, power exchange, and the characters filling in the empty spaces in each other. The protagonist doesn't necessarily identify as male or female, although they live as a male for their role in society and were born female. I appreciated that the situation was handled with such matter-a-factness by the two secondary leads and love interests. Beautiful horses and shape-shifting wolves did not hurt eit [...]

    7. Very enjoyable book! It's a romantic and believable three-person love story with a solid fantasy-quest type of plot. It is definitely not a YA novel, but it's fun in the way that YA can be; the main characters don't fit into their world, and it seems likely that they will change their society over the course of the series. The point-of-view character, Carivel, is nonbinary in my (cis) opinion, and uses female pronouns. To me the character is written with sensitivity, and her gender is only one p [...]

    8. I finished listening to this story a few days ago, and I had to give myself time to consider my best response. The short answer is that I *really* liked this story. It has a lot of elements that shouldn’t work, and yet it does quite well.The plot of the story is that our 3 lead characters are all important people in their village. When the village gets attacked, they got to a neighbor to recruit help for the war that is sure to come. Each of them shows strength and weaknesses with each other a [...]

    9. I enjoyed this way more than I thought it would. It's a romance set in a fantasy world involving two men, one of which is an eunuch, and a woman who is struggling with her gender identity. I liked the fact that it had real substance to the plot despite the heavy focus on the romance. For some reason when I started this I thought it was erotica. However, aside from one scene at the end there aren't any sexual scenes although sex and sexuality are discussed throughout the book. I immediately read [...]

    10. I got this as the complete series in audible format. While it generally was an interesting storyline and it had a bit of western and paranormal aspects in it, What I really was looking for was something a bit more I don't know something with a little more umph to it. I was first attracted to this book because of the menege aspect and I also seem to side on the one female and two guys angle, it just didn't live up to what I was hoping for. I'll keep this one on the back burner and update it if I [...]

    11. I don't know how I stumbled upon this book on , but I did, and I really liked it surprisingly. It's not a complete story, but where it ends was a good location. It has enough of a closure and depth to it, so that it doesn't feel like a serial novella. I enjoyed the character development and the interaction between themselves and the villages/townspeople around them. I don't normally like to read about this time period, but word play was just so rich that I was drawn right into the story. Really [...]

    12. This book is very cliché. The main character especially, and many scenes with her and horses, are straight from horse books you give little girls.It is saved by the humor, and by one of the love interest, who is so nice, natural and funny.And the sex was really good.But personally, I was uncomfortable with the straight woman worming her way in a already established relationship between two men.This book is not the original and revolutionary story I was hoping for, even if it is fun and well wri [...]

    13. For starters, if this book wasn't free when I got it from , I never would have discovered this amazing author R. A. Steffan, nor been so enthralled with this series. I'd looked at this book a few times, downloaded the sample, but day on it forever. Once I finally sat down and read book 1 completely, I was hooked. This story has so many twists and turns and adventure that you won't be bored; you'll probably want to just binge read the whole series.

    14. Got this book free on and added the audio for a nominal price. This is TOTALLY NOT a case of you get what you pay for folks! This book is excellent, and the narration is perfect. I am definitely going to move on in this series.

    15. Alternate outlooksThe heart of this series is about a woman who, due to idealized gender roles, is forced to live as a man in order to have the job she does. Superstitions about how females affect horses would leave her unable to be near the animals she adores and understands so well. This leaves her rather lonely as dating would reveal her secret rather quickly. An attack on her village reveals her secret to 2 members of her village. But instead of outing her they respect her decision on her li [...]

    16. Let me start by saying this is an excellent book. And there are at least four books to read. This book is about three people living in a small village. Carivel is a young woman that loves horses but is unable to work with them because she is a woman. She has been masquerading as a man for the last three year as an apprentice to the tribe's Horse Master. The other two characters are Andoc, a warrior and Senovo, a enuch priest. Andoc and Senevo have a very close relationship as friends as well as [...]

    17. Just meh on too many levels. Too much descriptive text without an interesting enough story line. Couldn’t get invested in the characters. Not enough depth in the writing style to flesh out the characters and give them more substance. It’s about as interesting as a bad porn movie. I tried a couple of other books by this author which I wasn’t crazy about either. I tried this last one because it was involving horses and maybe there’d be some more story here. Why torture myself? Because they [...]

    18. I usually don't write reviews unless i feel that Author really need to know that he did an amazing job with the book, and in that case you did, thank my luck this book i get as freebies, and i really really love the books that is MFM that involve the 2 male characters together, not only sharing the girl, so yeah when i realized that, so i read it and fall in love with that book, god it was so amazing and so good and i love all three of them so much (Carivel,Andoc and Senovo), i might kidnap all [...]

    19. Enjoyable poly fantasy with a genderqueer protagonist.I quite liked the relationships between the three main characters, but couldn't entirely buy the worldbuilding and overall plot.I certainly don't regret reading this, but I don't feel a particular desire to continue on to the rest of the series.

    20. Wow, just wow! This author has just become a favourite, and likely an autobuy. I loved this rich and rewarding story, beautifully written, and I invested to their characters from the beginning. They have a number of challenges mixed with angst, culminated in a menage based on a mix of attraction and love. Loved it and while this was HFN, think there are more books to buy.

    21. Loving this SeriesWhat a beautiful story. Lots of thought went into writing this. Action, conflict and the sweetest menage love story ever. I will say you need to keep an open mind to see the beauty of these characters. I especially love Senovo. I'm currently on book 3 and I'm loving it.

    22. This book was way outside my comfort zone , that may be why I didn't really get it . Basically you've got M/M and female who wants to be a male . If you're into gender identity problems , a priest who's a eunich, and a warrior , go for it !

    23. Lot of story to get through to get to the final 2 chapters with all the "action." I feel like if you are going to write an erotic novel there needs to be balance between story and sex. Don't just cram one or the other into a one section of the book.

    24. I didn't think this was amazing. I wanted to like it, I really did. I wanted to like Andoc because the narrator's voice for Senovo was so annoying, but his character just didn't seem to fit. I also totally didn't enjoy the world, the priests were just messed up.

    25. I liked the development of the main character, and would have liked more for the rest. That may happen in the next books. This isn't really a stand alone novel, more the first short story in a series.

    26. Unusual and Compelling TaleI found this to be a fascinating adventure. I was drawn further into the story more deeply every page. Experiencing Carivel,Andoc,and Senovo'sseduction into becoming the heroic unit that they become is engrossing.

    27. MistressI loved this story, I recommend everyone to read this book. I look forward to reading more of her books. Kattie

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