The Red Circle and Seven Deadly Daughters

The Red Circle and Seven Deadly Daughters All Peter Prego wanted to do was have a little night cap before bed but this is postponed once a bloodied pit bull shows up at his door Cruising around the city of Red Circle a fictitious coastal met

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  • Title: The Red Circle and Seven Deadly Daughters
  • Author: Rich Tommaso
  • ISBN: 9781632155382
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Paperback
  • All Peter Prego wanted to do was have a little night cap before bed, but this is postponed once a bloodied pit bull shows up at his door Cruising around the city of Red Circle a fictitious coastal metropolis resembling L A Atlanta, New York, and Miami , Pete tries to find the dog s owner and ends up in quite a jackpot With help from his pals, an expert thief Johnny CAll Peter Prego wanted to do was have a little night cap before bed, but this is postponed once a bloodied pit bull shows up at his door Cruising around the city of Red Circle a fictitious coastal metropolis resembling L A Atlanta, New York, and Miami , Pete tries to find the dog s owner and ends up in quite a jackpot With help from his pals, an expert thief Johnny Collins and Carter Ford an ex cop newly sprung from prison, he secures the dog in his home, after cleaning out the place of its valuables Once they ve gone, a woman dressed in black appears at that same residence to claim the pup Who does this dog really belong to Why was Carter in prison for ten years And who are the Seven Deadly Daughters Answers to these questions and can only be discovered by diving into volume one of Rich Tommaso s exciting ongoing crime series.

    One thought on “The Red Circle and Seven Deadly Daughters”

    1. I received a copy of this book for free from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review.This comic has interlinked crimes all based in the same city, with many characters and a lot of mystery and intrigue.I went into this expecting a lot more from it than what I got, which left me feeling a little disappointed in it. I struggled to get into the plot, the characters, the setting and most of all the artwork.This one just clearly wasn't my cup of tea. If you enjoy a good gangster pl [...]

    2. A series of short stories about lowlifes and other criminalsWith cartoon-style illustrations, this series of inter-connected short stories take place in criminal circles from thieves, fences, hitmen to corrupt policemen. Each Mafia family is out to wipe out the others using various hitmen. Meanwhile the Deadly Daughters are also doing their bit to wipe out the Mob.Quite entertaining but predictable. Recommended to those who like gangster stories with plenty of bodies.

    3. Pete, a hit man for hire in Red Circle, had a bloody dog stop by. Trying to track down the owner lead him to a murder scene which he then proceeded to rob with the help of a few friends. Over time we learned that there were other killers in town, 7 females to be precise who had a grudge they were working off. Pete and friends just managed to get caught up in the drama. And in the end, Pete decided the best course would be to drive away. Alone. While the city burned!

    4. I didn't like this at all! The story is all over the place and all the characters are psychotically unlikable. One star because I did read the whole thing. I'll try the author again though as I did like "Clover Honey"

    5. Dark Corridor is a uniquely stylized noir comic series that moves between stories about feuding mob families and a group of badass women assassins trying to take them all down. At times Tommaso's style, which features bubbly action lettering and often bright colours, feels at odds with the gritty, bloody story, but the tension is definitely interesting. Despite the lady assassins this series just wasn't really my thing - a lot of violence without quite enough backstory or character development f [...]

    6. A neo-noir with a retro punch, Rich Tommaso’s “Dark Corridor” blends elements like Darwyn Cooke, Daniel Clowes, and “Sin City” and remixes them into this unique and remarkable book. Now, complete and collected, here’s this odd little gem of a comic, presented by a confident and assured cartoonist.“Dark Corridor” features a knotty storyline centered around a city run by gangsters called The Red Circle. Cartoonist Rich Tommaso juggles a wide cast of characters, who may not be entir [...]

    7. Interlinked crime stories all taking place in one corrupt city, a la Criminal or even more so Sin City. But where both of those series matched their tales with similarly noirish art, Tommaso instead uses a naive, brightly coloured indie cartooning style. And I'm sure the tension between form and content must be part of the point, but for me it just felt like an awkward disconnect.(Netgalley ARC)

    8. This is a series that was ambitious at the outset. You could tell from the very first issue of, published by Image Comics last year, that Rich Tommaso had big plans for this project. However, and as he discloses during our Comics Alternative interview (comicsalternative/comics-a), the sales for this series just wasn't there, and he had to end up truncating his larger narrative plans. I hope he returns to this storyworld in future comics.

    9. I wanted to like this more than I did. I think it's mostly because Rich seems like a really interesting guy if he's representing himself accurately in the backmatter (I read it in single issues). I don't love the art and I'm not completely following what's going on. There's definitely potential there, though.

    10. I received this from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I didn't care for this during the first few issues, but I kept with it, and I found myself more interested in it as it went along and introduced the Deadly Daughters, which were my favorite part of the story. There were moments in which it was hard to figure out what exactly was going on, but overall, this is an interesting story.

    11. This read like a newspaper comic trip with more violent and sophomoric content. I didn't hate it, and there were somewhat funny moments. I didn't love it either.I received an advanced copy of this from Netgalley and the publisher

    12. (I read this in its initial serialized magazine form.) 4 1/2 stars. Grindhouse Dick Tracy, art comix sensibility. Two threads of interconnected vignettes converge to tell a quirky multi-generational crime story. Affecting, visceral, and charming work by Tommaso.

    13. An unusual noir graphic novel. Two stories parallel each other, but finally intersect at the conclusion. The art has an indie feel that kind of reminds me of a modern Chester Gould. The story was intriguing, but needed a few more connections among the 7 Daughters.

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