The French Gardener

The French Gardener An epic love story at the heart of a novel of family life and the conflict between duty and desire

  • Title: The French Gardener
  • Author: Santa Montefiore
  • ISBN: 9780340840498
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Hardcover
  • An epic love story at the heart of a novel of family life and the conflict between duty and desire

    One thought on “The French Gardener”

    1. I had to spend a bit of time thinking about my review of this book. The starring role for me and the novel's saving grace was the garden around which the story is set. Time jumps between two families living in the same English country estate one in the late 1970's, the other in 2005. The strong and vivid writing brings the story of a garden to life. I could practically smell the flowers and see the stages of its creation, collapse and recreation. What I found incredibly disturbing was the author [...]

    2. OK, I finished it. The author states in her interview at the end - "I think infidelity is wrong only if it hurts other people". Enough said.Why I am distressing myself trying to finish this book is beyond reason - I keep hoping to find redeeming value in it. May be because it was described as Rosamunde Pilcher-like and 20 odd years ago I loved "The Shell Seekers". Who knows, maybe today I would dislike that book too. Over romantification of characters, hit over the head foreshadowing/plotting, i [...]

    3. While I don't normally read 'romance' novels, the description and reviews caused me to delve into this title anyway because of my love of anything french, gardening, family dramas and believe it or not, the rainbows. And there is plenty of all the above in this novel-- the author writes very well. I found myself drawn into the garden landscape of crushed gravel paths, old stone bridge, dovecote, hollowed Ash tree and pitched roof country cottage. I don't know if her writing foreshadowed events t [...]

    4. So I finished this book last week but I haven't quite known what to rate it. I actually did enjoy this book, the setting in the English countryside was magical, the romance and further relationships were lovely, the one big problem- the main romantic relationship came as a product of infidelity. It's just so hard for me to get past that. And not only that, but the marriage was great, happy, everyone treated each other nicely, etc. There were no faults, no cracks, no one was being a jerk. So from [...]

    5. Ovo je knjiga koja se "pije" kao najljepša izvorska voda , priča tako fino teče,žubori, likovi detaljno opisani i jako realistični, životni, a onda sve to oživi i razbukta nevjerovatna ljubavna priča, i završi na moju žalost sa gorko slatkim okusom u ustima, kraj koji vas u isto vrijeme rastuži i razveseli, ova knjiga je u meni budila razne osjećaje i definitivno je jedna od lijepše napisanih koje sam čitala u zadnje vrijemeTko voli osebujne likove, sadržajnu priču i finu razmjen [...]

    6. An eloquently written love story. I couldn't help being captiaved from the very first page. I was reminded of The Thorn Birds or The Bridges of Madison County. It was Santa Montefiore is now a favorite of author and I cannot wait to read more from her.

    7. O meu coração ficou totalmente rendido a este livro, foi magnifico numa maneira super diferente, adoro aqueles romances super frescos que se lê numa noite, mas este estava carregado de uma historia profunda, adorei, não esperava gostar assim tanto

    8. This was my first read by Santa Montefiore and I really enjoyed it. It was beautifully written and very descriptive. She made me want to go out and start digging a garden! Even though I don't have a yard! The characters were well developed and I really liked most of them. A beautiful love story told in two different time periods. One thing I really liked were the author's chapter titles, very unique. And the epilogue was beautifully written and brought a tear to my eye. A definite thumbs up!

    9. This week I read The French Gardener by Santa Montefiore. My bloggy friend, Linda, posted about it here, and I wanted to read it based on her review. I will keep my review brief and refer you to Linda's post. Linda also has another blog, News from Italy, I enjoy reading, too.Last week, I wrote about The Winter Sea, and I loved it because it was two stories in one book. I was a little surprised that The French Gardener also contained two separate stories. It has been a joy reading two very good b [...]

    10. It is only two months since I last read and reviewed a book by this author but this one from the blurb on the back cover sounded just perfect for spending a few lazy summer afternoons reading. It was perfect so Santa Montefiore gets to feature here again. These are the words that jumped out at me from the back cover ‘A neglected garden. A cottage that holds a secret. A mysterious Frenchman, (handsome naturally). A family in need of some love. These elements are entwined in this heart warming n [...]

    11. I enjoyed this book - of course, I cried through the last parts of it. It takes a look about what is important as a family.Jean-Paul has been sent to work with ? who has the most beautiful gardens in the area. He comes across as an arrogant, shiftless playboy and she doesn't figure he'll last a week. But he works with her in her gardens, planting and weeding and watching her interact with her children and family. He sees how she teaches them and loves them and he begins to fall in love. She tell [...]

    12. 2.5 StarsMy full review: coffeecookiesandchilipeppePutting the infidelity to one side was not easy for me, but the portrayal of the magic of nature, and the garden in particular, was strong enough to keep me reading. The author obviously has a deep connection with the earth and countryside that shone through in her writing and resonated with my own love of the natural world. I liked how she understood the healing qualities of nature, especially with regards to Miranda’s children who blossom wh [...]

    13. We found this on a charity stall at the local County Fayre. Mum enjoyed the last book by this author, so we picked it up. Now she's read it, it's been passed on to me.This was the first book I'd read by this author and I did find it quite enjoyable. It's quite a 'gentle' romance, telling the dual stories of two women who live in the same house decades apart. One, Ava, has a happy marriage, a beautiful garden and wonderful kids, but still falls for the young French gardener. The other, Miranda, f [...]

    14. This was yet another started-but-couldn't-get-into book for me, of which I've had my fair share lately.I totally picked it up because of the cover (gorgeous), the title, and the comparison to Rosamunde Pilcher, one of my favorite authors. I just couldn't get more than a quarter of the way through, though, without admitting to defeat. One of the many things I love about Rosamunde Pilcher's books is that I'm immediately sucked in by her characters -- they're interesting, three-dimensional, human, [...]

    15. this book covers the gardens at Hartington House over 2 different times - from 2004 and the 1970's. Miranda and David move to the country after their son Gus is expelled and its a big change for them all, especially Miranda as her husband works mainly in London leaving her and the children in Dorset. She sets about rediscovering the gardens that Harrington House was once famous for and with the help of the mysterious French gardener who shows up out of the blue they all begin to discover the hid [...]

    16. After reading this book, it felt like I just spend 10 hours viewing a Picasso in watercolor and on construction paper. The work was certainly there but the true art of developing a good story was missing. It was a book of many "other" books which gave it little originality. The French Gardener is filled with subterfuges and superficialities, especially when it comes to deep heart issues. Pardon the brevity of my review but I'd rather be curled up near a warm fireplace, reading a really good book [...]

    17. I really enjoyed this. The 'past' storyline was so absorbing that it was a jolt when the author switched back to the present. The characters felt very real. A great read!

    18. I loved this love story from Santa, it was full of mystery and romance, and the settings were idyllic. I'm going to read more of these.

    19. Santa Montefiore has been slowly winning me over. This is the third book I read by her and she has been proving me that she has it in her to write great and delightful stories. Of the three books I've read, this is the second one that I'll be rating 5 stars and that's good news both for me and for the author as I'll definitely keep reading her words. She is really good in writing about love, about people, about lives and also about magic. This French Gardener is adorable. The start wasn't really [...]

    20. I picked up The French Gardener at a local indie bookstore after browsing around, looking at covers, and reading back cover copy (and the first page!). I loved this cover with all the flowers and the woman sitting staring across her garden. It was too pretty to resist! Luckily, the book inside was equally pretty. I had never read anything by Santa Montefiore before (had never heard of her, I must confess), but I will definitely look for more of her books. THE FRENCH GARDENER is told from multipl [...]

    21. There are several things I liked about this book. The setting was lovely and I do like reading stories that take place in the 1970s (this one partially did). It examines the lives of a modern, troubled couple who create many of their own problems. They decide to find a house in the country to perhaps edify their lives. From there, we learn of an earlier love affair that took place in this beautiful countryside home. The story deals with serious issues of loyalty and life decisions. Even thought [...]

    22. Miranda Claybourne and husband David make a move to the countryside and buy Hartington House, a property with large neglected gardens that Miranda discovers were once the toast of the community when previous owners the Lightlys lived there. When Jean-Paul, a French gardener arrives and says he is able to help restore the gardens, Miranda takes him up on the offer, and gradually discovers that his interest in the gardens has roots in the past.I enjoyed the story, but I wouldn't say it gripped me. [...]

    23. This is one of the books that has been lingering on my bookshelf for too long!! Why did I wait?I truly enjoyed this story. The writing was so descriptive, I felt I was along for a walk in the garden.I have read several reviews that include those with a problem concerning the infidelity that is portrayed in this book. Well, my feeling is happens. It happens all the time. I felt the author handled this in a manner that gave each of the participants my sympathy and my understanding. A hard thing fo [...]

    24. Adoro os livros desta autora, Santa Montfiore escreve romances delicados e dolorosos, e este é mais um livro lindo .Miranda o marido e os filhos mudam-se para uma casa no campo, tendo vivido sempre na cidade com vidas supérfluas e agitadas agora irão sofrer uma mudança radical.Miranda e os filhos no principio não conseguem ambientar-se a esta mudança até que aparece um misterioso jardineiro francês que vai trazer magia á vida de Miranda e dos seus filhos com a recriação do antigo jard [...]

    25. This Book did not disappoint meLOVED IT. Beautifully written captures you from the get go.Two intertwine love stories past and present set in the English Countryside Estate. The details and vivid settings the Author writes are exquisite. A beautiful book to read especially during the summer season since she centers the story around the four seasons of gardening. The vivid pictures she paints of the cottage garden, wildflower garden and vegetable garden are so real kes you want to make a list of [...]

    26. Wellllll, Binchy and Pilcher it is not, but it makes a good attempt. Lovely settings, plot, intertwined lives from different eras, epic love. It has all the right ingredients but somehow the recipe does not all come together. I recently read another Montefiore book and it also follows a similar recipe. Something is lacking and I am sure if I peruse more of the reviews here someone will have said it better than I can. The dialogue and writing tends to be a bit cheesy and the plot twists a bit awk [...]

    27. I loved the writing in this book. It was beautiful and lyrical, melancholy and inspiring. I want to be a better mom and a better wife after reading this. The love story was enthralling in an almost horrific kind of way. In the end, I couldn't hate Ava, although, I am generally not a fan of affair stories. The author seems to make the case that their love was epic and inevitable, but Jean-Paul says himself says that Love is a choice. In the end, though, even though I was determined to be upset at [...]

    28. hoewel ik wat moeite had om in het verhaal te komen in het begin, heeft het verhaal me uiteindelijk wel met beide handen gegrepen. met de laatste stralen daglicht lees ik, met tranen in mijn ogen, de laatste bladzijden zuchtend sla ik het dicht, en heb zo zeker 5 minuten gezeten. een liefde die zo intens word neergezet, maar tegelijk met zoveel pijn. de pracht van de tuin en het tuinieren, die mij dromerig naar mijn eigen tuin doen kijken. ja, ik heb van dit boek echt genoten tot de laatste lett [...]

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