Skorzeny, Hitler's Commando

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Skorzeny, Hitler s commando Glenn B Infield This is the third book I have read about Otto Skorzeny, but by far one of the most comprehensive Glen Infield covers Skorzeny s postwar career in a manner not covered in Charles Foley s myopic Commando Extraordinary Skorzeny is best known for his wartime exploits in service to the Third Reich. Hitler s Commando, Otto Skorzeny Worked for Mossad After WW Nov , Lieutenant Colonel Otto Skorzeny was decorated by Adolf Hitler with the rank of the Knight s Cross of the Iron Cross and was one of the Fhrer s most trusted men In , he was part of the Nazi commando team that successfully rescued Italian leader, Benito Mussolini. How Otto Skorzeny Went From Hitler s Favorite Commando To Mar , From rescuing Mussolini for Hitler to becoming a hitman for Mossad, Otto Skorzeny s life was full of twists Whatever his reasons he took those with him to the grave On July , , Otto Skorzeny died at the age of from lung cancer He had two funerals, one in Madrid, and the other at his family plot in Vienna. Otto Skorzeny Hitler s Commando NEWSREP Aug , Otto Skorzeny Hitler s Commando by Mike Perry August , Though history remembers him as one of the bad guys, there is little doubt that a German named Otto Skorzeny played an influential role in demonstrating the power small specialized units could play on the battlefield. Otto Skorzeny, Hitler s favorite commando Jun , Skorzeny redeemed himself and his unit in Operation Eiche Oak The raid on the Gran Sasso, as it was also known, was an operation to rescue Benito Mussolini from his imprisonment, after his fall from power in Italy It was a complete success and earned Skorzeny Hitler s admiration Source argunners How Hitler s favourite Nazi commando became a farmer in Dec , Skorzeny led a high risk glider plane mission which freed Il Duce, and the commando was feted by prominent Nazis Heinrich Himmler and propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels. Otto Skorzeny, Hitler s Favorite SS Commando The Failed Sep , Otto Skorzeny was a well known commando and special forces operative who was dubbed The Most Dangerous Man in Europe during World War II Before the war, he was a civil engineer and a member of the Austrian Nazi Party He had a scar on his left cheek from a fencing duel and was therefore called Scarface. Hitler s Commando The Daring Missions of Otto Skorzeny Hitler s Commando The Daring Missions of Otto Skorzeny and the Nazi Special Forces Otto Skorzeny, Dan Raviv, Charles Messenger on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Otto Skorzeny, Germany s top commando in the Second World War, is one of the most famous men in the history of special forces. Otto Skorzeny Otto Skorzeny Otto Skorzeny June July was an Austrian born SS Obersturmbannfhrer lieutenant colonel in the Waffen SS during World War II During the war, he was involved in a string of operations, including the removal of Hungarian Regent Mikls Horthy from power and the rescue mission

  • Title: Skorzeny, Hitler's Commando
  • Author: Glenn B. Infield
  • ISBN: 9780880292122
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Hardcover
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    One thought on “Skorzeny, Hitler's Commando”

    1. The most interesting part of this book dealt with Skorzeny's post-war activities. Unfortunately the book was handicapped by Infield's uneven wiring style, superfluous repletion and sloppy mistakes that undermined the integrity of the book.

    2. Lively and detailed account of Skorzeny, a larger than life figure on the German side of WWII. At times it lurches into exaggeration and unsupported assumptions, but it's a quick and interesting read.

    3. A fascinating read of a former Nazi who had a pivotal, but little acknowledged influence on much of post-war history.

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