Wand Paper Scissors

Wand Paper Scissors Harry Moon is up to his eyeballs in magic in the small town of Sleepy Hollow His archenemy Titus Kligore has eyes on winning the Annual Scary Talent Show Harry has a tough job ahead if he is going t

  • Title: Wand Paper Scissors
  • Author: Mark Andrew Poe
  • ISBN: 9781943785001
  • Page: 276
  • Format: Paperback
  • Harry Moon is up to his eyeballs in magic in the small town of Sleepy Hollow His archenemy, Titus Kligore, has eyes on winning the Annual Scary Talent Show Harry has a tough job ahead if he is going to steal the crown He takes a chance on a magical rabbit who introduces him to magic Harry decides that the best way forward is to DO NO EVIL and the struggle to defeat TitHarry Moon is up to his eyeballs in magic in the small town of Sleepy Hollow His archenemy, Titus Kligore, has eyes on winning the Annual Scary Talent Show Harry has a tough job ahead if he is going to steal the crown He takes a chance on a magical rabbit who introduces him to magic Harry decides that the best way forward is to DO NO EVIL and the struggle to defeat Titus, this battle turns epic.

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    1. When I started reading this first book in the Harry Moon series, I can't stop turning the page because the author, Mark Andrew Poe, did a good job on making this a page-turner. Harry Moon is an 8th grader who loves magic and he joined the annual talent show in their school. But it's not that easy to win if you are competing with Titus, the son of the Mayor of their town. Not to mentioned that Titus is always trying to bully Harry whenever he can just to scare him from no longer joining. But due [...]

    2. I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewThis very easily could have gotten a one star rating from me, but when I'm reading children's books I try to think 'would I like this as a child' and then sometimes that bumps the rating up a bit. I still think you would have to be a VERY young child to enjoy this though. Usually I look at the age of the characters in the book - 13 in this case - and try to decide 'would I have liked this book at that age?' In thi [...]

    3. I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I have been reading a lot of children books and this one sounded interesting like the other Harry Moon book I read. And again, I felt disapointed. This series isn't for me! I didn't like it again and the Honey Moonseries isn't for me as well. The illustrations were good like the other book.

    4. I remember the first time I saw a Harry Moon book because the fun title immediately captured my attention. Wand - Paper - Scissors, is a coming out of age story of our hero, Harry Moon and his fun adventures in the spooky town of Sleeping Hollow, Massachusetts. The core values found in the book teaches readers about how to properly deal with bullies and how good friendships can mend any past mistakes. So, as a sister of a 10-year-old boy, I totally recommend this book not only for entertaining p [...]

    5. Whoa, buddy, are there some serious issues with this book. Like deeply troubling issues.So to start, I’m not sure who the target audience is. On it’s listed under children’s but Harry’s in 8th grade and is 13 years old. I would probably peg this as being for someone in the 7/8/9 age range and while it’s not uncommon for kids to read up the age of the protag and style of writing don’t seem to fit.Combatting bullying is the main theme of this book. Harry’s the one on the receiving e [...]

    6. This first-in-a-series book about a boy named Harry should appeal to its target audience of middle-grade readers. The cover and illustrations throughout are humorous and likely to attract a child’s initial attention to the book. My thirty years of teaching 9-, 10- and 11-year-olds lead me to suspect that this aged reader will be able to relate to Harry and his life: being bullied, being picked last for sports, being too short, being annoyed by a know-it-all little sister and having a name that [...]

    7. The Amazing Adventures of Harry Moon is a delightful story of Sleepy Hollow, Massachusetts, not the Headless Horseman New York town, and its annual Halloween Scary Talent Show. Harry Moon, an 8th grade would be magician has a lot to learn about magic and getting the right wand from the old man at the magic shop is just the beginning. Bullied and threatened by ginormous Titus, wielding hair snipping sheep shears, just may keep Harry and his magic tricks from the competition. Will his ex-babysitte [...]

    8. The Amazing Adventure of Harry Moon was a delightful read that I think many children will enjoy and be able to relate to. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to read this and would recommend it to my children, their friends, and more. I think this is a great solution to encouraging strong morals and values that parents can be proud to support while still providing an entertaining and riveting story that will draw children in. I received this book for free from the author and The Book Club Networ [...]

    9. A fun story about Harry Moon, an 8th grader who wants to be a magician. He lives in Sleepy Hollow, Ma - not the "real" Sleepy Hollow in New York. To take advantage of the confusion, the town's Mayor, who is also the father of the school bully, has changed the town to reflect spookiness, Halloween, and scary sights. Each year there is a talent contest at school. Harry wants to win. The school bully, Titus, also wants to win. Harry has some real magic on his side - but will it be enough?The story [...]

    10. A delightful and refreshing easy read about the main character, Harry Moon, who will star in a series about him and his magic. He's got a sister named Harvest and another named Honey and together his family lives in (the other) Sleepy Hollow we're he's learning about his magic from the local shop. The adventures are easy and the characters are fun additions to Harry's own story. As explained by the publisher, these books are meant to teach lessons and I can appreciate the tidbits of life lessons [...]

    11. I wanted to fall madly in love with this book. It had everything I wanted in a book for my daughter - an interesting world with a strong moral center. Unfortunately the writing was really awkward - the characters were mostly two-dimensional, and it seemed that sometimes information would be added out of order, as if forgotten in an earlier paragraph. I think this could have been something special, but as it stands it reads like a first draft in search of a rewrite and a really good editor.

    12. Wand-Paper-Scissors is my absolute favorite kid's book. Although I loved the classics like "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" and "Where the Wild Things Are", the Harry Moon series and this book in particular has a ton of heart, is a good read and teaches life-lessons along the way. It is destined to be a classic of it's own!

    13. Looking for a series like this for a long time. Thoughtful funny story upholding the values we try to teach. Harry Moon is a must buy for kids.

    14. Cute little story about Harry and his adventures. This is a book that I would read for my children if I had any. :)

    15. I like how Harry and his family were open with one another. They discuss all kinds of topics like “power”, “Power? Harry’s mom says. “The only “True Power comes from heaven above,” his mom, shakes her head and looks at Harry.“Mom, you know that, and I know that. Elvis Gold doesn’t have real power. He is an illusionist. He is an expert at the sleight of hand.”….”He’s my hero.”“Hero? Elvis Gold. The only hero you need is the good God above, Harry…”She left his roo [...]

    16. Title: THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF HARRY MOON: WAND-PAPER-SCISSORSSeries: The Amazing Adventures of Harry Moon - Book OneAuthor: Mark Andrew PoeType of Book: HardcoverLength: 212 pages Genre: Middle Grade FictionISBN: 978-1-943785-00-1Price: $14.99 Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️ This story is great for it's target audience. Kids will enjoy this book.I mean the lead character's name is "Harry Moon" and everyone knows that readers of a certain age will find his name absolutely hilariou [...]

    17. Harry Moon is an adventurous new series for young kids who have grown out of the Magic Treehouse, and want to get a few goosebumps along the way.Mark Andrew Poe successfully crafts a mildly scary and exciting narrative that will engage middle school aged readers, as well as impress the parents who preview it for themselves. Harry fights evil foes while engaging sound wisdom and strong morals like courage and self control. In one instance, rather than seeking vengeance, Harry learns to make a fri [...]

    18. Harry Moon is from an unusual family. His sister is Honey Moon, baby brother is Harvest Moon. Harry would change his name if he could, but he is named after his dad’s best friend who died saving dad’s life so there is no chance that will happen. Harry is a smaller than average middle schooler who often becomes the target of the bully, Titus. They live in the town of Sleepy Hollow. As the town tries to capitalize on their scary history to attract tourists, they settle on presenting a scary ta [...]

    19. Wand Paper Scissors is a funny coming-of-age story about a young magician, Harry Moon. Harry is 13-years-old. He goes to middle school in a small American town. He seems to be a pretty regular guy until he discovers Rabbit. This Rabbit is one of those black and white Harlequin Rabbits with lop ears. He comes out of a magician’s top hat but he doesn’t really act like any rabbit I have ever known. This rabbit walks, talks, cajoles and generally helps Harry with his journey into manhood.I loved [...]

    20. A fanciful and deep book, with a thread of faith, geared for middle schoolers relevant to today’s kids. An eccentric cast of characters, which includes a magical rabbit, annoying bully, crazy family, spooky town and loyal friends, gives this story its interesting reachability to the reader. Every teen struggles with acceptability and fitting in. Harry shows how to do it while “doing no evil”. Can Harry use magic for good and resist the temptations that come with it? Great lessons of fighti [...]

    21. Wand Paper Scissors is the first book in the series, The Amazing Adventures of Harry Moon, by Mark Andrew Poe. It is written for middle school aged kids and I believe would appeal to that age group with its quirky humor and action. The setting is Sleepy Hollow, MA a town that prides itself on its touristy attraction based on its name which is synonymous with Sleepy Hollow, NY of headless horesman fame. Harry Moon wants to be a magician and is determined to prove his skill at the talent ahow agai [...]

    22. I received the book for free through Giveaways. It was an interesting book, but not going to be as popular as the Potter books. It just does not have the "meat" and struggles through it that those have. While it has a good storyline, and the characters are realistic, the situation and place make things seem a little odd. This is supposed to show christian people there is an alternative? When you still have magic? The rabbit is out of place and doesn't fit in well. I am wondering where this seri [...]

    23. Wand Paper Scissors - the amazing adventures of Harry MoonSuch a cute story, love all the names in Harry family. Harry is trying to win the talent contest that happens every Halloween but there is one person that always wins. Harry tries his best to come up with the best magic tricks. A very good book to be enjoyed by middle school age or even late grade school. Even though I never read any Harry Potter books it seem like the same style. Received this book from book club network for a honest rev [...]

    24. This was one of the most disappointing books I've read in a long time. Not only did it not contain a single original idea, it was just poor literature, as if it had been written by an 8th grader. Granted, there were some "life lessons" in the plot, but they could not offset some of the distasteful, even offensive language. The references made to Sunday school seemed awkward and contrived, as if the author simply included them in order to appeal to the Christian market. I cannot recommend this bo [...]

    25. This book is a great concept. My problem with it was the writing. Choppy. Tried using big words when it seemed a little ridiculous. But, to a kid, those things might not matter. I loved the story. It was simple and fun. I just hope his writing gets better.

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