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  • Title: Betrayed
  • Author: Brie Paisley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    One thought on “Betrayed”

    1. This is book two in the series. It continues where book one Worshipped ends so make sure you read it first. This is Jason and Karen's story who we have met in book one. Their story started off at a good pace and had me hooked from start to finish. My emotions were all over the place reading this. The writing is superb and the storyline is gripping. As for the ending-holy wowzers I need book three now. Highly recommend this book. So looking forward to book three.

    2. After reading book 1, I could not wait to start book 2. Right at the end of book 1 we find out some things about Josh/Jason that leave your mouth hanging open so I couldn’t wait to find out answers. Karen and Jason broke down my emotions so many times. I went from laughing, to being angry, to frustrated, and then to actual tears in my eyes. Karen has suffered her own loss that she still isn’t recovering from very well. But when she meets Jason for the first time she knows that she needs to t [...]

    3. Betrayed picks up where Worshipped left off, but now we are given the POV of Karen and Jason. Poor Karen has been ripped out of her world and thrust into one of violence, fear, and chaos. There were so many things that Jason was hiding from her and she just wants the truth. There were times where I wanted to strangle Jason in the beginning for not just telling her what was going on, but at the same time I understood that he was afraid of losing her completely. I loved the chemistry between the t [...]

    4. I was gifted a copy of this book for an honest review. Review for 2 Girls Who Love Books Blog.Brie paisley had done it again for me What a brilliant and amazing read You are truly talented and your an amazing writer Another book of the year and an amazing journey. I am completely lost for wordsPlease note that Betrayed is not a standalone. Worshipped must be read first Without doing so, you will not understand or follow the story So please read worshipped firstAlso please note that betrayed is a [...]

    5. After reading Worshipped, I thought I knew what to expect with Betrayed. Wow, was I ever wrong. Betrayed is a much, much darker, more intense read. We met Karen and Josh/Jason in Worshipped and at the end he had taken her. Betrayed picks up there. Josh/Jason is on the run and Karen is scared for her life. They go from motel to motel, never staying in one place very long. Josh/Jason keeps her cuffed to the bed if he has to leave and sometimes he comes back covered in blood. Whose blood is it? His [...]

    6. Ok so I'm going to be honest as all get out here. When I first started this book I could not get into it. I was still thinking of everything that happened in Worshipped with Riley and the guys and almost didnt keep on reading. But after I got out of the mindset of Riley (which was not easy) I fell in love with this book. Jason has a darkness to him and it isn't really until the end of the book or at least 75% to where he has some redeeming qualities about him. He did kidnap Karen and keeps her b [...]

    7. OK you MUST read Worshipped first!!! You will be lost if you don't.So in Betrayed we picked up with Karen andJosh. Starting with a flash back of when he d her, kidnapped her, it's the same right? Karen has no real clue who Josh is, even though she thought she did. She does know that he can turn her body on like no other, I'm talking hot dominate scenes here people!! SEXY hot scenes.Josh has good intentions toward Karen, he has his reasons even if he won't share what they are. Will he save her, a [...]

    8. Karen closed her heart up a long time ago, When she suffered a loss of a Love One. Josh / Jason has been battling his darkness since he was a was a young child. He has seen and lived through things no child or adult should. When a job brings Karen into his life, he doesn't understand but he can't let anything happen to her. Karen has no idea why Jason has taken her away for her family and Friends. He keeps her in the dark. She is scared and fights the pull they have. But throw it all Karen makes [...]

    9. ♡♡Reviewed for CherryOBlossoms Promotions ♡ ♡ I gave this book 5 Stars! This is book 2 of the Worshipped Series! You will need to read book one to understand what is happening in this book and I will promise that you will want to read both books.Brie gives us both pov in this book unlike in book one and I for one can say that I love having both pov. It makes it so much easier to see where the characters are coming from. I love how Brie can drawn you in like a moth to flame and no doubt i [...]

    10. Let me start by saying, you MUST read Worshipped first. This is not a stand alone, and by reading this first, you lose valuable plot points that are crucial to the story.Now to the review. Betrayed was a bit different than I thought it was going to be. It picked up where Worshipped left off but this time it focused on Karen, Riley's doctor, and Jason, the man who wasn't what he appeared to be.We got a glimpse of this couple in the first book, but this one dove right in to what was going on behin [...]

    11. Betrayed Brie Paisley3.5 starsThis is the second book in the series from a different point of view per say. We get both ends of the spectrum as this is Karen and Jason’s sides. This book starts immediately up where we left off in Worshipped. I have to say I felt at times I was reading the same events just in a different sequence. It was frustrating at times and I wanted things to move forward from the stand still. This book is darker – it holds a lot stomach turners meaning it rolls into sec [...]

    12. This book had me all over the place, Karen and Jason. She is the angel to his devil.All he wanted to do was protect her, but it just made him out to look like a monster. But in reality he really is a monster. Underneath it all, he craves he darkness, until her. She saves him, makes him want to be a better man. Karen is drawn to him, and she knows there is more to him than the monster than overcomes him when things go wrong. I loved this book, you feel for both characters, but also you just wante [...]

    13. Brie F-ing Paisley YOU ARE KILLING ME, SMALLS! Just when I thought I knew where this book was going, you had to go and pull a 180. If I could have hoped on a plane and flown to see you, I would have been screaming and pointing at the end of this book. The cliffhanger was frustratingly amazing. Betrayed is the kind of book that requires a fan, fresh panties, and a punching bag. You will find yourself hot and bothered and at the same time, needing to punch the shit out of something in frustration. [...]

    14. A continuation of worshipped. A must read series, I could not wait to read betrayed. In the end of worshipped Rileys best friend Karen is missing. Betrayed is Karen and Josh's story. It rotates between both POV, and helps to follow such an emotional story. Karen is terrified the man she trusted and cared for has kidnapped her and is tying her to the bed in random motels while he is leaving to do unknown acts. He returns covered in blood scaring karen even more with the unknowns.Josh is fighting [...]

    15. This was a good book and I highly recommend this book along with Worshipped. Karen is a strong willed woman who has suffered a horrible loss and fells responsible for it and doesn't let anyone close. She meets Josh and decides to finally open herself up to someone only to find that may not be the wisest choice she could make. No matter what she does she cannot get away from him. He will find her. Will she still fall for him after all?You have Josh or shall I say Jason and he has had a rough life [...]

    16. Loved every minute of this book Brie Paisley!! Taken by the man she is falling in love with, away from her friends and family. Not even knowing where she is or what he is going to do next. Karen is beside herself with fear and sickened by the fact she still wants him.Jason is battling the darkness that is threatening to take over. Karen means everything to him. He must save her, even if it's from himselfPacked with action, sex scenes that could melt your kindle and so many twists and turns. This [...]

    17. Wow!! This is book two in the series so I suggest you read Worshipped first. Brie delivers another incredible story. This book completely consumes you in ways you can't imagine. If you've read book one, you'll know what to expect, and this delivers tenfold! In this dual pov you get to really delve into both Karen and Jason's mind while you're on this roller coaster that will leave you completely hungover. Both characters are so hurt, broken, and down that this makes for one hell of a ride. And B [...]

    18. I can actually say that I liked this book more than Worshipped . Karen was the character that I wanted to know more about and I'm glad that I got to read her story. This book had me on the edge of my seat and kept me wondering what was going to happen next. There was so much going on that there was no way that I was putting this book down. I loved the fact that Karen always fought Jason and she never gave up until she had no choice but to. I look forward to reading the next book in this series t [...]

    19. Wow just when I thought this series couldnt get any better Brie has left me almost speachless! The second book in this series is Captivating I was lost in it within the first few words, the sexual tension was amazing and I seriously felt the hot desire deep inside me! I couldnt stop reading wanting more and more of Jason! if you thought Christian from fifty shades was hot and desirable wait until you meet Jason!

    20. This was another great read. I liked the second book a lot more than I did the first one. This book follows up with Karen and Jason and its told in their POV's which I also liked. Karen is still struggling with her loss and she is having trouble with it. Jason is tough guy with his own issues which I got to see more of and why he is that way. This is a great series to follow and read I really enjoyed reading both of the books.*** review provided by Obsessed by Books ***

    21. *An ARC was provided in exchange of an honest review* Starting right where Worshipped left off, we are completely captivated with Betrayed from the very beginning!! Quite the page turner that will have you wanting more even after you've finished! This read had me talking to it & when you are talking to your kindle you know the book is oh, so good! Can't wait for what's to come with this series!!

    22. Must read seriesSo this one is all Karen and Jason (aka Josh in Worshipped book 1). If you read Worshipped then you know what happens to Karen. If you haven't then do read the first book so you get why It's faced paced and wow what a ride. Another amazing book from Brie. I loved it. Karen finally gets to know the real Jason and wow you get hit with that okay girl what are you going to do feeling throughout. This ends with a cliffhanger that leaves you running to pick up the final book. This seri [...]

    23. I gave this book 5 Stars! This is book 2 of the Worshipped Series! You will need to read book one to understand what is happening in this book and I will promise that you will want to read both books.Brie gives us both pov in this book unlike in book one and I for one can say that I love having both pov. It makes it so much easier to see where the characters are coming from. I love how Brie can drawn you in like a moth to flame and no doubt in this book you will go up in flames not from what is [...]

    24. This book must be read after Worshipped. This was a really good read. Loved the characters and story line. Karen is a strong willed woman that doesn't let anyone close to her since her loss. Her world is turned upside down thanks to Jason.Held captive by an insanely hot man she thought she knew. Karen doesn't understand why she feels like this about Jason. He is dark, dangerous and is keeping many secrets. Karen has tried to run from him and tried to stop these feeling she has for him. Yet they [...]

    25. Heart racing for the continuing off of Worshipped series. I couldn't wait to continue this journey and find out what happens next.Karen is Riley's best friend as you read in the first book, this book centers around her and the man of her dreams. Or is he? Karen met Jason at the bar that was a favorite of hers and Riley's. He was what ever woman would dream of. Karen hadn't really put much effort into finding a man in her life her clinic was enough for her along with her friends. Soon Jason has h [...]

    26. This is the second book in this series and Worshiped needs to be read first.Karen Keens is a successful OBGYN and the best friend of Riley Blake. When Riley's life is in danger due to her relationship with Isaac and Conner their enemies will do anything to get to her, including taking Karen. At first Karen doesn't realize what is going on but soon she finds herself in way over her head.Josh was wined and dined Karen and gained her trust but when he actually falls for her he knows he has put his [...]

    27. Betrayed by Brie Paisley will blow your mind. This is not a standalone you must read Worshipped first to understand the story. in Betrayed we get the story of Karen and Jason which is a much darker twisted and insidious tale. I was not expecting to read the book I read. This book is basically a book of good versus evil. Evil comes in many forms some is innate and some forms of evil are made. I was prepared for the sexual aspect of the book but at first had a hard time reading the story. As we se [...]

    28. Five Fabulous Stars! This is the second book in the Worshipped Series and should be read in order to fully understand the story. Karen is Riley's friend from Worshipped and this is Karen and Jason's story. Karen is an OBGYN and really has not dated much. Karen meets Jason at her favorite bar and they have an instant attraction. One night Jason kidnaps Karen and keeps her hostage but she does not know why. Jason knows the only way to keep Karen safe is kidnapping her because of the evil chasing h [...]

    29. Brie Paisley has done it again and has brought to life a story that keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time. The suspense is killing meI need to know what happens. Book two of the Worshipped Series was fantastic. I loved getting to know Jason and Karen story. The sexual tension between the two is undeniable. Betrayed is not for the faint of heart though. The book has its dark moments. You can't help but love and hate both Karen and Jason throughout the book. I wanted to smack Jason a [...]

    30. Loved this book. It is the 2nd in a series. You could probably read it without Worshipped but I recommend that book highly as well. Brie Paisley writes in such a way that you find yourself immersed in the story. I didn't want to put it down. Karen is a doctor, she needs control or so she thought. She meets Josh and thinks she might have found a happily ever after. While Karen's best friend is in danger, Karen discovers that Josh is really Jason and Jason is NOT a nice guy. When Jason whisks her [...]

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