Vaccinations: Deception & Tragedy

Vaccinations Deception Tragedy None

  • Title: Vaccinations: Deception & Tragedy
  • Author: Michael Dye
  • ISBN: 9780929619071
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Paperback
  • None

    One thought on “Vaccinations: Deception & Tragedy”

    1. This book will anger you and make you wary of your doctor.Orthodox medicine says that vaccines prepare the immune system to combat invaders. This book argues that vaccines weaken the immune system and interfere with its functions. That they damage the thymus gland, an important component of the immune system. That by stopping natural healing processes they promote chronic degenerative diseases like AIDS, cancer, and fatal measles. That “live” viruses can survive in the body and undermine hea [...]

    2. If you care more about your child's health then the profits of pharmaceutical companies then this book is for you. Throw out everything you've heard from pharmaceutical propaganda and investigate the actual statistical benefits and risks. Educate yourself. You may save your child's life.

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