The Practical Implications of Calvinism

The Practical Implications of Calvinism True Christianity involves a sight of the majesty of God and calls for a godly life

  • Title: The Practical Implications of Calvinism
  • Author: Albert N. Martin
  • ISBN: 9780851512969
  • Page: 239
  • Format: Paperback
  • True Christianity involves a sight of the majesty of God and calls for a godly life.

    One thought on “The Practical Implications of Calvinism”

    1. Great book with great application. Definitely could have been made into something longer but appreciate the work nonetheless. Recommended to all people who claim the title 'Calvinist'.

    2. Short and helpful introduction to the experiential side of Calvinism. Focused on the question: what should the wonderful truths of the Doctrines of Grace bring about in your life? A helpful warning to all of us that call ourselves "Calvinists" that to be a true Calvinist is much more than holding onto a certain set of doctrines. If we are not in awe of God, nor men of prayer, than we are not really Calvinists at all. The downside, in my opinion, was that Martin was a bit to triumphalistic in his [...]

    3. Humble Calvinist should not be an oxymoron. This short booklet shows how the sovereignty of God in all things should yield humble joyful dependence on a majestic God.

    4. Argues that a true Calvinist is one who lives out those truths in holiness of life. Passionately argued and edifying.Liked it a lot, at least in 2001.

    5. This excellent little booklet challenges the reader on the personal level. If you are not aware of the exceeding sinfulness of your sin, the depth of your daily need for Christ, the grace of the gospel, an inward desire and striving after holiness, and a prayerful life, it argues that you are not a true Calvinist. It measures us not against a man-made standard of sanctification, though, but against an image of the exalted God. I recommend it for the edification of all Christian readers.

    6. This little book is divided into two parts.The first is a meditation upon Isaiah's experience seeing the Lord high and lifted up (Isaiah 6). Martin points out how the doctrines of Calvinism are but the conviction of the Lord high and lifted up, and the conviction that God saves sinners. These doctrines are designed to humble us, show us our sin, the sin of those around us, and fill us with wonder and gratitude that God saves sinners. This first section of the book is excellent.The second section [...]

    7. This little booklet is a marvelous antidote to any cage-stage tendencies one might have. It is pastoral in it's approach. The Doctrines of Grace, rightly understood, should change our behavior.

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