Uncaged (An MMA Stepbrother Romance)

Uncaged An MMA Stepbrother Romance Fighting and f cking that s all I know Win the fight Pick a girl Screw her brains out Rinse and repeat Every night ends up the same with my opponent tapping out and a smoking hot girl in my bed Until

  • Title: Uncaged (An MMA Stepbrother Romance)
  • Author: Emilia Kincade
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 430
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Fighting and f cking that s all I know Win the fight Pick a girl Screw her brains out Rinse and repeat Every night ends up the same, with my opponent tapping out and a smoking hot girl in my bed Until Penny I want to tangle her hair in my hands and taste her lips, make her scream my name all night long Every single night She s mine until the mafia takes her T Fighting and f cking that s all I know.Win the fight Pick a girl Screw her brains out Rinse and repeat Every night ends up the same, with my opponent tapping out and a smoking hot girl in my bed Until Penny I want to tangle her hair in my hands and taste her lips, make her scream my name all night long Every single night She s mine until the mafia takes her To get her back, I make a deal with the devil one last fight This time, she s the prize Bad boy fighterepbrother Pierce Fletcher is naked from the waist down He came into my shop demanding a tattoo, and I ve got to do it It s already very clear just how much he wants me He looks at me like I m already his property One peek at his body and I m hooked One arrogant smirk and I m ready to have his rough hands all over me Why do I let him unravel me It doesn t matter, anyway The mob wants to use me to get to him but he s not going to let that happen And neither am I.

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    1. This couple was already "together" when the story started. I like to see the relationship develop. This is just my personal reading choice. I am not telling you not to read it, but I love when I see the relationship develop, etc.

    2. I found this book to be laugh-out-loud good until Pierce walked out in the middle of an illegal underground fight to chase after Penny. Then the story got really scary, really serious, really quickly! I really liked the crazy chemistry between these two!

    3. A cocky MMA fighter and a smart tattoo artist? You got me hooked, and if you add a pinch of a funny stepbrother twist to it, I'm sold!I've really enjoyed this story because it's not only well-written and sexy, but it also has a good balance of naughty, relationship growth, and suspense around MMA fights.I loved the characters and their lively dialogues, especially when they talk about their passion for fighting or tattoos respectively. Their chemistry is scorching hot and the sexy times are inte [...]

    4. **A gifted copy was provided by the author for my honest review**What do you get when you have a cocky MMA fighter and a smart tattoo artist ? One heck of a HAWT book and that is what we have here. It is so yummy that this book flows from beginning to end. Once I started, I could stop and I hated to put my kindle down. Penelope Wordsworth AKA Penny was a beautiful girl with dreams of being a tattoo artist. She is a bit sheltered. Pierce is full on bawdy and naughty , anything you can think of, h [...]

    5. Smoking hot MMA fighter, the mob, and plenty of action describe this book.Penny is pursuing her dream of becoming a tattoo artist. She doesn't bargain for Pierce but once he meets her he doesn't let up. Pierce knows what he wants and he takes it. What he can't comprehend is the feeling for Penny that won't go away.I loved the sexual tension between Penny and Pierce. It was the usual for a stepbrother romance. What I loved most was the action with the mob and the angst it caused. I also loved tha [...]

    6. About 50% into this book. Normally I would have had a book this size finished within a day but this "heroine" is justh. Annoying! I wish I would have known this was a VERY young adult who actually acts like a child. I hate NOT finishing books. The only thing keeping me going is Pierce. I'll reserve my rating for later.

    7. I'm really surprised at how much I enjoyed this one. I have not read anything by this author before so this was a first. The H was so crazy for the h. She was it for him and I am a sucker for that. The h wasn't annoying either. The sex scenes in this book were super HOT. I am looking forward to reading Unleashed which is about 2 characters that made a brief appearance in this story.

    8. This book really kept me engaged, I just had to know what was going to happen next! This is completely different from the usual stepbrother romance, it had a lot of edge , and action. The plot was fantastic, I have nothing bad to say about Uncaged except I wish there was a part 2 of Pierce an Penelopes story. I'd love to know what will happen to them, will she get her own shop? Will there secret ever come out? Will they admit how much they mean to one another? Pierce is a underground cage fighte [...]

    9. I received this book for an honest review.Penny has the opportunity of a lifetime to apprentice for her favorite tattoo artist. Only problem? It's all the way in Australia so she just needs to convince her Dad that leaving Chicago is what's best for her and that she'll be ok since she has a friend there she can stay with. What she doesn't expect is to run into her Dad's girlfriend's son Pierce at a caged match her friend drags her to. Pierce is used to woman falling at his feet, he's cocky as ca [...]

    10. Hot MMA Stepbrother RomancePenny is a beautiful girl dedicated to her tattoo art. She’s being offered an apprenticeship by the best female artist in the world, but the position is in Australia which will take Penny away from her dad in Chicago. The son of her father’s girlfriend happens to live in Melbourne where Penny is headed. Penny and Pierce Fletcher have a chance meeting at an underground MMA fight where Pierce is fighting. He sees her in the crowd with no idea who she is but they have [...]

    11. Whirlwind of TroubleThis was a fascinating and exciting read which kept my interest throughout. There was so much going on that it was difficult to put the book down once I had started it. Pierce is an underground cage fighter, one of the best in the scene, but when confronted by the Mob, he has a decision to make to protect those closest to him – but danger is not far away when he becomes distracted. Penny has come to Melbourne to start her career as a tattoo artist, receiving guidance from T [...]

    12. Penelope Wordsworth AKA Penny was a beautiful young girl with dreams. She wanted to be an apprentice for Tina Azume who was one of her favorite artist. Penny wanted to go with her father’s blessings.Penny would of never dreamed that on her new journey of life she would be going to the same place that her father’s girlfriend’s son would be living, Pierce Fletcher. Pierce Fletcher was this underground fighter, he was extreme handsome, had that bad boy thing going on, and never was with a gir [...]

    13. Pen is moving to Australia to pursue her dream of becoming a tattoo artist. Once there, her friend Rose invites her to a secret underground fight. It's there that she meet Pierce for the first time, but not the last time. She realizes that his mom is dating her dad. Awkward, yes, taboo, not yet. When Pierce see's Pen, he wants her and he gets what he wants. They collide like a thunderstorm and lightning flies. But then fate steps in and puts a twist in the plans. Can Pen over look this? Can she [...]

    14. ARC given in exchange for an honest review Holy smokes. If I could've gave more than 5 stars I would've. I really enjoyed this book and couldn't put it down. The author has a way with her words that draw you into the book and keep you focused. If you love step brother romances then this book is for you. Penny & Pierce story will take you on a journey that will have you feel all different emotions. This book has so much in it that you want to see how things play out. This book will keep you o [...]

    15. Pierce and Penny meet at an underground fight. He is an MMA fighter and she is a tattoo artist. When she went to watch the fight with her friend and her boyfriend she already knew About Pierce.He is a cocky manwhore, until he sees Penny at the fight. He is instantly attracted to her and he doesn't understand why. He has never felt that way about any other girl.Besides this book following Pierce and Penny navigating thru their relationship; he wants her and only her, she is hesitant because of hi [...]

    16. I enjoyed reading this book very much. I am a huge sucker for MMA Fighters and an even bigger sucker for cocky bad boys. And Pierce is all of that! One thing I really enjoyed about him though was that not only could he talk the talk, but he could walk the walk! He was cocky, smart mouthed, dirty talking, sexy as hell, good looking, tattooed bad boy but he could back it all up. He was a fighter and he won his fights! He was dirty talking, good looking and cocky and he backed that up in the bedroo [...]

    17. Intriguing storyI really enjoyed reading Pierce and Penelope's story. Both Penny and Pierce are strong willed and strongly developed characters who feel an instant intensity towards each other that lends itself to a fiery tale as they navigate through many challenges to their ultimate happiness together. Plus, the novel length format of the book gives Emilia Kincade the proper amount of space in which to fully flesh out their story. I must also note that her writing style kept things fast paced [...]

    18. Great read. I really enjoyed how Emilia expanded the storyline for Pierce and Penelope. It gave it more depth and intrigue. It was still just as steamy but presented an opening into Tina and providing a glimpse into her character; even leaving it open for maybe another story to delve deeper into her and the whole childless situation that the story eluded to. I liked the whole mob boss dynamic and the pace of the fight. It was gritty but it also seemed just a bit too unbelievable that both crime [...]

    19. 4.5 starsUncaged is not the typical stepbrother romance thank goodness!!Pierce & Penny's story is much better than most involving step siblings I've read by far.Penny is intelligent and strong even though she's been a bit sheltered.Pierce is full on all the time, he's funny, dirty and a badass in the ring. But he's gotten a softer side and Penny brings it out in him.This book is a relatively quick read, I read it in one sitting today. It's fast paced, well written and keeps the reader engage [...]

    20. The book was structured a little oddly. The end was the begging. And then the story itself was told in flashback. But then there was an epilogue. And when it got to the end of the story the met with the beginning it felt a bit cut off and disjointed. Like wtf is going on with this story disjointed. It was a quick read, so maybe there wasn't time for figuring out what was going on? but I read the story after this in the series first (I didn't know it was a series), and Penny and Pierce make a cam [...]

    21. What can I say that hasn't been, Pierce is your typical bad boy, arrogant, thinks hes a gods gift to women and he wants one woman that will be his stepsister. Penny is trying to get her feet in the world of tattoo artist but with a jackass of a costumer aka Pierce what can she do. Even with the Mob using her as bait, Pierce will do what he wants and get what he wants even if someone stands in his way. I have read a very similar story of this by Saffron Daughter titled Pierce: Her Stepbrother, I [...]

    22. Oh myI really wanted more from this book. Pierce is an ass of epic proportions and I never got around to liking him. I really disliked how the book started and then jumped back in timeybe it was to cut down on the suspense of what's to come but it just felt like chapters out of placeen after you read it and realize they are a "couple", I was more pissed with his "innocent flirting". Which is know is a small detail in the scheme of things. I also needed more from the epilogue than just their weir [...]

    23. Uncaged is a riveting story about two people whose parents are dating and then engaged. They can't stop the attraction they have for each other. Even though Penny does not like Pierce career of underground cage fighting she can't make herself stop loving him. Pierce tries to protect her from the mob who is threatening him with her if he doesn't fight one fight for them. But Penny and Pierce overcome this and remain together even when their parents get married. This is a great read and very well [...]

    24. Good Guys well ok maybe not so good. Bad guys definately. Sex, fights, mafia. I would recommend this book to anyone who like the genre. I have never been fond of the step brother deal, but I admit it is either fortunate or not that the young lovers meet at about the same time as the oldsters. Love is Love. All good. I am really hoping this becomes one of three. Great writing, characters and plot.I received this book in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Emilia I look forward to reading mor [...]

    25. Penny is able to convince her father into letting her move to Australia to apprentice with a tattoo artist. Her first night there she meets Pierce Fletcher, badboy, underground cage fighter, and the son of her father's girlfriend. The sparks fly and Penny and Pierce are soon heating up the sheets. Pierce is forced by the mob into a fight he doesn't want, if he doesn't fight they will go after Penny, her father, and his mother. Fantastic, exciting read! I loved it!I received this ARC from the aut [...]

    26. Given to me for an honest review. I'm not a big fan of starting a story using up 3 chapters and then the fourth chapter is a month earlier. Otherwise, I enjoyed the story. Yes, Pierce is a cocky full of himself man, but he does have some reason to be. While Pierce waits to start the fight, he's looking over the women. One catches his eye because she is texting and not looking at him. The bell dings, but he is so interested in this woman. She's not jumping up and down or showing her breasts tryin [...]

    27. Penelope a inspiring tattoo artist meets the popular Pierce a illegal cage fighter when she goes to Melbourne to take a apprenticeship. Spotting her at a crowded match Pierce picks her out who would know she is working for Tina a tattoo artist he gets work done from and happens to be the daughter from the man his mom is going to marry. Can this work and will his fighting get him in trouble once and for all? Love the chemistry between the characters

    28. I true loved how I was totally engaged from beginning to end.This story is a little different then other step-sibling stories I like that. The characters were well written and well developed which helped give the story some depth.Pierce is arrogant, funny, gritty and a total badass in the cage.Penny is intelligent, strong and independent if not a little sheltered by her father.This story is total engaging fast paced and will keep your interest.Definite 5 Stars!

    29. I received this book for an honest review!This was one stepbrother romance that I could handle, their story wasn't like some of the others that I have read!Penny is a strong willed lady though her past was sheltered and Pierce is there to bring it out in her and she brings it out in him! They are perfect for each other. This was a fast paced book that kept me on my toes and wanting to turn the pages to see what happened!

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