Hello, My Name Is Octicorn

Hello My Name Is Octicorn An Best Book of the YearMeet Octicorn the funny sweet and disarming character who is a champion for anyone who has ever felt a little bit different And isn t that everyone This is a self published

  • Title: Hello, My Name Is Octicorn
  • Author: Kevin Diller Justin Lowe Binny Talib
  • ISBN: 9780062387936
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Hardcover
  • An Best Book of the YearMeet Octicorn, the funny, sweet, and disarming character who is a champion for anyone who has ever felt a little bit different And isn t that everyone This is a self published success story from debut authors Justin Lowe and Kevin Diller Octicorn is half octopus, half unicorn, half confused which sometimes makes it hard to fit in.ButAn Best Book of the YearMeet Octicorn, the funny, sweet, and disarming character who is a champion for anyone who has ever felt a little bit different And isn t that everyone This is a self published success story from debut authors Justin Lowe and Kevin Diller Octicorn is half octopus, half unicorn, half confused which sometimes makes it hard to fit in.But maybe that s not such a bad thing.

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    1. Hello, My Name is Octicorn by Kevin Diller is a picture book that tackles the subject of blended families with off the wall humor.pussrebootsir/blog/

    2. When your half octopus and half unicorn it is hard to fit in and you don't get invited to many parties. This is a great book for a child who feels different because it teaches that being different is often a good thing.

    3. Who says picture books are just for kids? This is just the cutest thing ever. I have so many more questions festering in my head, some maybe not for young'uns, like how did Octi's parents really meet? Are they still together? How does their home work if one lives in water and the other on land? What does a family reunion look like? If Octi had a sibling, how would he/she look? OMG, I need a sequel!

    4. This is a kids' book: Just read it to my nephews and it was spectacular!I'm so used to all these mass-produced, sterile, all-look-the-same kids cartoons, with matching toys and TV shows and stuff you have to buy to get a free gift that tells you what else you now need to buy. And then! My best friend pulled this out of her bag and said 'read them this one.' Octicorn is the cutest thing, and he looks like something I could draw. The kids loved him, I loved the message I was instilling in my nephe [...]

    5. Awwwwwww!!! Octicorns!!! Too bad these animals aren't real because they seem like a lot of fun! An octicorn is a cross between a unicorn and an octopus. They are very unique animal – there's probably only one in the world. This makes it very lonely for Octicorn. They're really good at games like ring toss and juggling. They are very good at dancing and sports. Will you be friends with Octicorn? Illustrations are very simple yet funny. They make you fall in love with Octicorn immediately.

    6. I'm came across this picture book in Target. The title and cover got my attention, so I read it. It was very poignant. I could easily claim to be an Octicorn. Not only that, I can relate to Octicorn's facial expression so well. To those who say Octicorns should have eight legs, don't forget one of its parents was a unicorn. Here's to all the Octicorns out there.

    7. Summary:This story follows an unusual, one of a kind, character- an octicorn. An octicorn is half unicorn and half octopus. Octicorn feels different and is not always invited to parties or feels accepted in social settings. Octicorn explains all the good things about having an octicorn friend, and at the end asks the reader if they will be his friend. Evaluation:I think this book is a great conversation starter for understanding differences. This book is also a cutesy book that will get kids att [...]

    8. An "octicorn" is half unicorn and half octopus, a coupling about which I shudder to think. Octi, the protagonist, looks like a octopus with an off-center horn on top of his head and large horse teeth. Naturally, being a mixed species makes it hard to fit in particularly if one has no peers being the only one of his/her kind, and Octi is no exception. Children are bound to relate to feeling different and unsure of their place in the wider world.

    9. WE ALL WANT THE SAME THINGS: CUPCAKES, FRIENDS, AND A JET SKI. Cute, but not actually great for a two year old. Or maybe just my niece.

    10. Adorable! Octi is bi-species, and the book is a pretty fun take on a blended family (dad is a unicorn and mom is an octopus). I discovered Octi first in the 'zine, "Portland Oregon Old Town: An Octicorn's Guide To Portland : (and Fitting In As A Bi-species)" and I was happy to find a full fledged picture book in our catalog! I think it may be a tad long for my usual storytimes, but I highly recommend it as cute, fun read.

    11. Hello, My Name Is Octicorn by Kevin Diller and illustrated by Justin Lowe invites readers to consider befriending Octi, a creature whose mom was an octopus and whose dad was a unicorn. Octi has trouble finding friends because he is so unique. Everyone shuns him. Because they fear his differences, they miss out on the pleasure of knowing him.Octi showcases his many unique talents he has because he is half unicorn and half octopus. At parties he can juggle and dance with the best. At campfires he [...]

    12. This review was originally written for The Baby Bookworm. Visit us for new picture books reviews daily!Hey there, friends! Our book today is Hello, My Name Is Octicorn by Kevin Diller and Justin Lowe, a ridiculously fun tale with a lot of heart.Meet Octi. He is an Octicorn (his mom is an octopus, and his dad is a unicorn). He’s a fun, friendly fellow who likes the same kinds of things everyone does: cupcakes, jet skiing, and making friends. Unfortunately, he has a bit of trouble with the latte [...]

    13. It's SO implausible that a unicorn and an octopus could procreate. I couldn't wrap my mind around it. It's like trying to imagine Hagrid's little human dad and giantess mom having sex and making him. It just doesn't make sense.But alas, that's nitpicking, isn't it? What ISN'T nitpicking is wondering where the hell Octi's other limbs went?! I mean, his mother clearly has 8 tentacles. Why does he only have 4? Is this some sort of birth defect brought on by the abomination of interspecies lovemakin [...]

    14. Originally posted on my blog, Nine Pages.This was a surprising success, possibly partially because the craft and costume were so fun (I turned party hats inside out and we made our own horns so Octi would feel less alone). Life is hard for an octicorn. He doesn’t fit in with either the unicorns or the octopi. Because Octi doesn’t fit in, he doesn’t get invited to a lot of parties, but there are a lot of things that Octi (and other octicorns) is good at: ring toss, dancing, watersports, jug [...]

    15. This book was adorable and it made me laugh out loud. The illustrations are super simple and wonderfully evocative and funny. Who doesn't want to read about the offpsiring of an octopus and a unicorn? It is absurd and wonderful. It's mostly about being different and not fitting in well with others. It's not a far leap to imagine this book in the hands of a multiracial child who doesn't see anyone else who looks like them, or an autistic child whose gifts and challenges are different from everyon [...]

    16. Octi is half octopus and half unicorn which means she is very unique and not like anyone else. I love that she only has 4 legs. Bugged me for a minute, and then I realized it makes complete sense. This book is a little sad because its really an appeal for acceptance and Octi seems just a touch desperate as she lists all the things she is good at hoping someone will want to be her friend. Full of quirky humor, like noting how unicorns are so full of themselves, using her horn to roast a marshmall [...]

    17. I loved this book. It is a book about being different and being your own person instead of trying to fit in. Octi explains that he is good at lots of things that other people might consider to be different. The activity that I came up with was an iMovie activity, similar to one that I have done in the past. I would want my kids to pick things they are good at or things that make them unique in their lives. The goal would be to have them create a little movie about themselves that show off their [...]

    18. Octi doesn't feel accepted or like he fits in. He is part octopus and part unicorn. Because he is different, he gets left out of parties and yearns for an invitation. The book is written like a letter. Octi tells both the difficulties of being different and then highlights how being different means he has some unique and valuable qualities. At the end, he asks, "Will you be my friend?" No matter our parentage, our upbringing, or our nationality, I think most of us have a time where we felt like [...]

    19. The best part of this book, in my humble opinion, was when the Octicorn speculates that his parents met as the result of a personal ad that might have read: "“Unicorn seeks Octopus for fun, friendship, and possible strange-looking offspring". That struck me as the funniest thing of the night. I laughed even harder when my husband remarked that if he saw that personal ad (back when he was single of course), he would have totally dated that girl. My 5 year old looked at both of us like we were p [...]

    20. Cute, silly book about being different and wanting to make friends. "Because in the end, we all want the same things: cupcakes, friends, and a jet ski."

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