Saints and Sailors

Saints and Sailors Three groups of people come together for a or less godly cruise around the British Isles to Lindisfarne the Loch Ness Monster Museum Iona and Mull Dublin and the Scilly Isles There are familiar fac

  • Title: Saints and Sailors
  • Author: Pam Rhodes
  • ISBN: 9781782641568
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Paperback
  • Three groups of people come together for a or less godly cruise around the British Isles to Lindisfarne, the Loch Ness Monster Museum, Iona and Mull, Dublin and the Scilly Isles There are familiar faces from St Stephens, Dunbridge some new folk from Neil s new parish in Derbyshire and the slightly long suffering crew, not least her skipper.

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    1. This is the fourth book in the Dunbridge Chronicles series and it is set on a Christian Cruise round the British Isles. It features old favourite characters from Dunbridge as well as some cameo appearances by real people including the author herself. There are also characters from Neil's new parish in Derbyshire and of course, Clair's Uncle Harry. There are a lot of characters in this book and it's a good thing there is a cast list at the front as I found myself needing to refer to it from time [...]

    2. Pam Rhodes in her new book, “Saints & Sailors” Book Four in The Dunbridge Chronicles series published by Lion Fiction continues the story of Neil Fisher.From the back cover: Freshly-fledged vicar Neil Fisher and a group of his new parishioners in Derbyshire join members of his old church in Dunbridge on a cruise around the British Isles.They set off on the high seas with high hopes, and even higher spirits. Neil’s motley flock of pilgrim sailors face delights and disasters as friendshi [...]

    3. About the Book:Three groups of people come together for a more-or-less godly cruise around the British Isles: to Lindisfarne, the Loch Ness Monster Museum, Iona and Mull, Dublin and the Scilly Isles. There are familiar faces from St Stephens, Dunbridge; some new folk from Neil's new parish in Derbyshire; and the slightly long-suffering crew, not least her skipper.My Review: Pam Rhodes has done it again. She has added another delightful tale to The Dunbridge Chronicles series. The author takes us [...]

    4. This is a story of love; love of family, friends, music, mankind, The Word, one's Creator and His creation. It is the fourth book in author Pam Rhodes' The Dunbridge Chronicles series. Each installment in this delightful series is even better than the last. Ms. Rhodes deftly navigates the compass of human behavior and emotion through her well developed characters. She affirms the goodness within and tenderly portrays forgiveness and redemption. This is a slice of parish life on holiday - the goo [...]

    5. While a novel, and the 4th in the Dunbridge Chronicles series, this book was much more devotional that the first threeI'm sure some will not like its several forays into religious services as a vicarious experience of a Christian pilgrimage. Since I will be doing exactly that in 2 months time (although completely on land, other than flights to/from the location), it was a good introduction and mind-readying exercise for my own pilgrimage.The hints about the new vicar for St. Stephen's perhaps po [...]

    6. I've traveled on a joyful Christian journey to Iona, Guernsey, Scilly Isles and around other pieces of the British Isles with Pam Rhodes and congregants of Bishop of Bedford and his wife, Margaret in Saints & Sailors by Pam Rhodes. Amazingly, Pam Rhodes has written herself into this novel as a character. The Christian cruise is filled with the happy and sad moments of the passengers. It is also filled with quotes from the mouths of Christian saints. There are quotes from St. Columba, St. Nin [...]

    7. I think this novel may be the best yet in The Dunbridge Chronicles. It was a joy to read. While it is the fourth in the series, it would be worth reading even if the previous novels have been missed.Neil and his flocks set off on a Christian cruise. That's right, both his flocks - the people in Dunbridge, where Neil learned the ropes as curate, and the people of Burntacre, where he now serves. The two groups start out as strangers but by the end of the cruise have become friends.What a delightfu [...]

    8. Title: Saints & Sailors (The Dunbridge Chronicles #4)Author: Pam RhodesPages: 272Year: 2015Publisher: Lion FictionNeil Fisher has the bright idea to take a Christian cruise, visiting landmarks of famous saints of the early church. He has invited members from his current church family at Burntacre as well as members from his 3-year stint as curate at Dunbridge. The all comes together for a nine day cruise. While on board, a praise choir is assembled by none other than the author herself! I th [...]

    9. Reviewed at The Power of Words: bit/1LYTr6CLet me begin by saying that I am a huge fan of British fiction with its small-town settings and quirky characters. Pam is an excellent writer and has created a series that I’ve come to enjoy overall. The theme of Saints and Sailors is so much fun – church members from Neil’s current church and his previous one coming together for a Christian cruise around the British Isles, tracing the footsteps of ancient Celtic saints who represent the cradle of [...]

    10. It is no secret that Christians across denominational and national lines disagree on many things. There wouldn’t be so many different churches if that was not true. Besides worship styles, doctrinal and social issues divide us. Some of the thoughts expressed in Pam Rhodes series, The Dunbridge Chronicles are counter to what I believe, but that has not stopped me from enjoying (for the most part) her tales of a young Anglican priest’s day to day experiences. Saints And Sailors is the fourth b [...]

    11. Saints and SailorsThe Dunbridge ChroniclesBy Pam RhodesThis was my first book to read by Pam Rhodes. I have a mixed review. The story centers around an Anglican priest who joins his previous and new church members on a cruise that highlights historic religious locations. I had a lot of trouble getting into parts of the story. There were far too many characters, and I had difficulty keeping them straight, even with the list of their names and descriptions at the front of the book. It was not unti [...]

    12. I have thoroughly enjoyed this series from its beginning and I always look forward to the next book. That being said, this book was somewhat of a disappointment. Set on a Christian cruise and peopled with its passengers, this novel has too many new characters and not enough “page time” with the old ones. What made the other books so enjoyable, or perhaps I should say “who,” is the Reverend Neil Fisher and his exploits. Neil is sorely missing in much of this tale, along with his wry sense [...]

    13. There are three other books in this series, but this is the first that I have read. It is interesting in that you are taking a cruise with Neil’s old parish on the cruise together, they begin the journey as strangers, but become friends.I love the descriptions of the places we traveled and some historical information, it was so interesting. I loved the humor presented here, and would have loved to be on this cruise, or maybe a fly on the wall.With a Christian cruise things should be smooth sai [...]

    14. Like the three books before this one, I enjoyed reading more about the characters I have come to love. Neil's new congregation meets the old on a Christian cruise. Once again, I enjoyed that what happens in the book is so realistic, just like in the previous books. There is happiness and sadness, life and death, just as it would be in a real congregation. One thing I truly enjoyed in this book was the places that were visited on the cruise. I would read, then go to my computer and find images an [...]

    15. This is the fourth book in the Dunbridge Chronicles by Pam Rhodes. I've been able to read three of the four books and find the stories are all shaped around an angelical priest, Neil Fisher.This story involves Neil Fisher and some of his congregants as they take a cruise together. An interesting cruise.This is also a read that includes mainly British people traveling in a ship to have a holiday of sorts. I had a bit of a problem with some of the transitions in the story. . . I just didn't get it [...]

    16. I received a free copy Saints and Sailers from Kregal Publications in exchange for a review. The book is about a group of people who embark on a luxury cruise around the British Isles. The descriptions of the sights they saw, along with this history of the places they visited, were captivating. I could almost see the sights from the written descriptions. There was also a chance to 'meet' the people who were traveling, and to learn about their lives and the real-life issues they were facing. Thos [...]

    17. this book was a very Christian book, lots of prayers, and discussions of religion mixed into a story of characters on a pilgrimage cruise of sorts. the book had a lot of touristy background and at times felt like a history lecture. I don't normally read Christian fiction but this was a free book I received. I enjoyed it. it reminded me of the Mitford series but had much more prayers and religion than I was comfortable with. the plot was fairly predictable and crew of characters what one would ex [...]

    18. For some reason, I'd expected a mystery novel, which this is not. It's more of a cosy, soap opera-style of narrative. But although the characters and situations are predictable, the totality is satisfying; it's good to have all the loose ends tied up now and then, since it never seems to happen in real life. Another plus is the description of the cruise itself, which features some wonderful places. I've been lucky to visit a couple of them and would love to do the entire trip.

    19. A wonderful Christian story of two church groups who go on a wonderful cruise. They visit many religious sites that saints of the past lived, a pilgrimage for many.There is a wonderful cast of characters including the author Pam herself. There are new friendships formed, and one even passes on while on board. A well written story that I highly recommend. I ordered the first three books in the series to get to know these wonderful people better.

    20. I have not read the previous books in the Dunbridge Chronicles, but find this book enjoyable with interesting characters that portray human behavior and interaction from three different groups that come together. It is a delightful tale.

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