Hoax Someone tried to kill Kayli Winchester That someone is going to pay After going overboard and nearly drowning Kayli regroups and joins Axel Corey Brandon Marc and Raven back on board the Lucienda

  • Title: Hoax
  • Author: C.L. Stone
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Someone tried to kill Kayli Winchester That someone is going to pay.After going overboard and nearly drowning, Kayli regroups and joins Axel, Corey, Brandon, Marc, and Raven back on board the Lucienda This time, she s brought reinforcements Liam and Henry join the team in an all out hunt for a killer It can t be too hard there s only so many places to hide on a cruiseSomeone tried to kill Kayli Winchester That someone is going to pay.After going overboard and nearly drowning, Kayli regroups and joins Axel, Corey, Brandon, Marc, and Raven back on board the Lucienda This time, she s brought reinforcements Liam and Henry join the team in an all out hunt for a killer It can t be too hard there s only so many places to hide on a cruise ship But the number of suspects is climbing.Tensions are high, and everyone is on alert, but along the way, there s way too many distractions very hot distractions Kayli s done hiding her feelings She s showing her hand, come what may She s never held back before she met this team why start now But when one of their team members disappears, all clues point to mutiny Is the team going to fracture because of her Did someone throw her overboard because of jealousy Kayli refuses to believe it, but she ll have to provide proof before the murderer finds out she s still alive and comes back to complete the job.

    One thought on “Hoax”

    1. I'm giving Hoax 4 stars and a place in my favorites shelf.Can you believe it?I still can't believe it. Specially because it takes place right after Accessory which I STILL HATE WITH ALL MY GUTS.Full review to come.

    2. Omg that ending tho, what is gonna happen to my darling?! I need the next book right now!! Cl stone please write faster

    3. OK The 5th book in The Scarab Beetle series didn't do much for me. Maybe because there's been quite a while since I read the previous 4 books and the momentum is just simply gone. I had forgotten the 'group' chemistry and happenings. I guess it's always the risk factor with series. I always loved Raven's character. I have something for book-Russians. Exotic yet not really because Russians are just across the border from me and plenty of them in Estonia. So, that would allow me to always put a cr [...]

    4. Too much fluff, not enough explanation. Unrealistic acceptance from the guys, their strong personalities just willingly giving the heroine everything with no questions asked. It's not the characters she has built in the previous novels. I expected a little resistance before agreeing, not just rolling over and giving in with no second thought and having the guy from the other team explain to them all at once so we didn't get their reactions until afterwards was a huge cop out. Extremely disappoin [...]

    5. I have to admit, I didn't start out liking this series as much as the Ghostbird one since the characters and the overall feel of this series was so different, but with the last 2 books (Accessory and Hoax), i'm having to re-evaluate some of my earlier thoughts on this series.Tensions are extremely high in this book and I found myself flying through the book and craving the next one (Tempest, I think its going to be called?) much like a sugar deprived kid in a candy store with no supervision (lol [...]

    6. The plot was so dumb and the characters so inept that it completely outweighed any redeeming features the romance might have had for me. It's like a bad spy movie written by an adolescent who never bothered to do any research or actually work out the plot properly. So many ridiculous things about that whole ship thing that I can't even name them all. (view spoiler)[The listening devices everywhere, the complete inability of supposed practiced spies to detect the devices themselves until told, th [...]

    7. Reviewed by Whitney@Shooting Stars ReviewsHoax begins when Kayli is thrown overboard by someone trying to kill her. She and Blake make it back to the boat to help the guys, and figure out what's going to happen next. But, as they start to investigate again, Kayli and all the guys end up finding out how they really feel about each other, and if they wish to have a relationship with Kayli.As they get distracted with relationship drama, more and more people seem to be after Kayli and no one knows w [...]

    8. Couldn't get into this one and it makes me so sad. I've never been a fan of Kayli before, but instead of disliking her in this book, I just found myself bored with her. I wasn't even frustrated with her decisions like I usually am. I just didn't care. And the boys barely had any time to shine. I think I might shelf this series from here on out. I only read it for the sake of loving Sang and her boys and hoping for cameos. But that doesn't change the fact that I'm still OBSESSED with the Ghost Bi [...]

    9. I loved this book but then again I love both series of the Academy boys. I couldn't believe everything that happened, had many moments where I would have a mini freak out about what was happening in the book. Now I just have to wait for the next one!

    10. I have to give 2 stars to a book I was forced to skim everything but the romance in. The romance angles- PLURAL🙌🏼- are so good, but the rest of this series is BEYOND ridiculous. As in, unreadable ridiculous. A bunch of kids running around solving (incredibly uninteresting) crimes the FBI should be handling is laughable, but I just can’t resist the reverse harem allure. I had to abandon her Ghostbird series, it was just too immature and YA. But this series is so much more fulfilling and a [...]

    11. its a nice read but i didn't like it as much as the first parts. kayli and the boys were running around the cruise ship a lot, just like in the previous part. it was hard to keep track on where everyone was and the running around kept going on for so long i kinda lost interest. the love shizzle takes a turn that keeps me saying u-huh, suuuuure in my mind. highly unlikely. but still, fun to read. i am a sucker for love shizzle, can't help it

    12. God damn these fucking books. Ugh. Who knows when the next one will come out.Overall this Scarab Beetle series hasn't topped the Ghost Bird, I love the "adult" element and lemme just say Raven and Corey. Whew!!!!!!!!!!!! HOT! The plot sucked, I want more on her relationships w the guys we will see what then next one brings. whenever then next one comes out.

    13. Okaaay! Things are shaping up in terms of Kayli's connection with the guys! I cannot wait for the next book.

    14. SPOILERS THROUGHOUT:I loved this book! It gave me all of the feels and it sucks that I have finally caught up and now I have to wait for the next book to come out. The book was fast paced and constantly had my attention. It picked up right where Accessory left off with Kayli and Blake in the motel with Liam. It starts off with them waking up to go get back on the boat. I was actually surprised how quickly they got back. Kayli has grown so much since the first book yet she is still who she has al [...]

    15. C. L. Stone is easily one of my absolute favourite authors out there. I could easily jump into any one of her books and know that I am going to love it! It has been a while since I read the previous book in this series and I didn’t feel like I was missing any information or that I needed to go back and remind myself as to what happened.This book starts exactly where the previous one left off. There is no time lapse in between the ending of the previous book and the start of this book, which I [...]

    16. Pretty good I definitely enjoyed this one more. The previous one was a but boring until I got toward the end. This book had more adventures and craziness which I seem to enjoy. I've decided to ignore the weirdness because I enjoy the storyline otherwise. Pretty curious as to how things will work out still though. I really wish I knew more about her brother. As for the connection to the Ghost Bird series, it really annoys me that this one isn't caught up to that one yet. So it confuses me trying [...]

    17. Three stars for the romance portion of the plot - the book does a good job of moving several of the relationships and the full reverse harem group forward. The rest of the plot, though, was a little confusing. It picks up right where Accessory leaves off, but the twists and turns basically add up to a muddled final conclusion, **Spoiler: possibly because Kayli gets a concussion about halfway through and is losing time and focus. How much of the denouement is simply saving Kayli versus accomplish [...]

    18. Great series!The Academy is awesome! I waited forever to read scarab beetle because I didn’t think I would like Kayli. I was completely wrong. I really like her and the guys are just as awesome as Sang’s guys. Now I have to wonder if Blake is going to join the academy and if Kevin is going to leave or join a different team. We already know Kayli is going to be at the camp trying to join. She seemed so angry while talking to Sang. I can’t wait for the next books for both Academy series.

    19. This is the continuation of Kayli's of finding herself and accepting the group that has taken her under their wing. This book has too much going on and not enough answers to questions. The back story and to have gotten entirely too complicated that it distracts from the main story of Kayli and the guys. The positive is that the guys do not disappoint and there are a few exciting surprises. The build up for the next installment sounds exciting.

    20. So exciting!Holy Shiitake Mushrooms Batman! This book was everything! So excitingGah. I mean, eep, like omg hahaha Can you tell I'm wound up? I don't even know what to say right now, I don't wanna talk, I want to gush and squeal and read the next book peace out homies! You should go read it too but only after you read the othersyou need to do that like right now immediately asap hurry up and go

    21. C L Stone is awesome!I'm not just your average YA, I'm an older woman with a Master's degree and I love all of the books I have read by C. L. Stone. She has the ability to keep the storyline moving, involving, evolving and I really hate to put the books down, or finish one. My only complaint; please, write faster!

    22. Absolutely love this series!I love this series and this book is just more icing on an amazing cake. More romance with the right snout of action and mystery to keep you on your toes. And of course an ending that makes you so excited to read the next one!

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