One thought on “The Conquest of Don Pedro”

  1. 2/1/17 - Likely that I'll be reading more books by this author. Historical fiction set along New Mexico's Rio Grande. The main character brings to mind those created by Nevil Shuteenpedia/wiki/Harvey_

  2. A friend loaned me this book, so I gave it a try and really liked it. The protagonist, a Brooklyn Jew who goes to New Mexico to recover from an infection with TB, becomes a peddler, a merchant, a wise man in a rough country. Character development and description of life on the New Mexico frontier are the strong points of this well told story.

  3. A New Mexico treasure. Someone recommended this; I'd never heard of it. Concerns a territorial era trader and his life and love, written in Fergusson's spare, strong language. Not an epic, short, to the point. I came upon a stack of book club edition copies in Cinci 10 years ago, but have given them all away to friends by now.

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