Hickory Dickory Dock

Hickory Dickory Dock An outbreak of kleptomania at a student hostel was not normally the sort of crime that aroused Hercule Poirot s interest But then he saw the list of stolen and vandalized items a stethoscope some old

  • Title: Hickory Dickory Dock
  • Author: Agatha Christie
  • ISBN: 9780007120994
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Paperback
  • An outbreak of kleptomania at a student hostel was not normally the sort of crime that aroused Hercule Poirot s interest But then he saw the list of stolen and vandalized items a stethoscope, some old flannel trousers, a box of chocolates, a slashed rucksack, and a diamond ring found in a bowl of soup He congratulated the warden, Mrs Hubbard, on a unique and beautifulAn outbreak of kleptomania at a student hostel was not normally the sort of crime that aroused Hercule Poirot s interest But then he saw the list of stolen and vandalized items a stethoscope, some old flannel trousers, a box of chocolates, a slashed rucksack, and a diamond ring found in a bowl of soup He congratulated the warden, Mrs Hubbard, on a unique and beautiful problem The list made absolutely no sense at all But, reasoned Poirot, if this was merely a petty thief at work, why was everyone at the hostel so frightened

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    1. Why the hell doesn't have a galaxy (instead of just 5 stars) rating system for books that just make you go

    2. 3.5 “I congratulate you on having such a unique and beautiful problem.” Again Poirot shows how clever he is, this time because his perfect secretary starts getting typing errors. It's amusing how he is half in awe of her, half in fear of her. Set in a hostel with a mixed group, this intriguing story wasn't like other mysteries by her that I've read. He's called in because of a bizarre list of items stolen, but murder comes across eventually.Set in a hostel with a mixed group, characters beco [...]

    3. A bunch of boarders, mostly students and young folk, get into a bit of mischief which turns out to be more than just a bit of mischief. Hickory Dickory Dock was published in the latter half of Agatha Christie's career. It's also one of the later Poirot books. As such, it does feel a bit more mature in the characterization and such. But what the hell do I know? I'm no Christie scholar. I've only read a few of her many books. This is yet another one that has me wanting to read more of her work.In [...]

    4. Hercule Poirot frowned. "Miss Lemon," he said."Yes, M. Poirot?""There are three mistakes in this letter."His voice held incredulity. For Miss Lemon, that hideous and efficient woman, never made mistakes. She was never ill, never tired, never upset, never inaccurate. For all practical purposes, that is to say, she was not a woman at all. She was a machine - the perfect secretary. She knew everything, she coped with everything. She ran Hercule Poirot's life for him, so that it, too, functioned lik [...]

    5. “I spit upon the murder”—Mrs. Nicoletti“They are stupid about love, these girls—as if love mattered” Mrs. NicolettiHickory Dickory Dock is one of Christie’s novels with a nursery rhyme title, though there is little to no connection. There is a Mrs. Hubbard (like the one with a cupboard), but again, this is just Christie being cute. I certainly did read this half my life ago and probably enjoyed it more then than I did this time, in the context of having read the previous 29 Poirot [...]

    6. Buddy Read with Murugesh.'I congratulate you,' he said warmly to the latter,She looked startled. 'But why, M. Poirot?''I congratulate you on having such a unique and beautiful problem.'So the book is set in a boarding house where students of different ethnicity reside and then things start to go missing. Looks like a simple case of theft among struggling students but will it turn out to be something more? Why would Poirot be interested in such a base case? But things are never as simple as we be [...]

    7. First off I do understand the criticism aimed at this book. There are too many characters for such a short book and as such hardly any of them are fleshed out. Also Poirot plays a relatively minor role and a lot of the interrogations are actually carried out by his inspector friend (although it is Poirot who finally pieces everything together). SPOILER ALERT!!!!!What made this book stand out for me though was the final revelation of the villain. I find that so many detective stories try to shock [...]

    8. The intrigue was really good - I never guessed who had done it till the end. Full marks for that!I just found the characters very stereotyped. It might have been the fact that the author was creating 'foreign' characters. They just sounded very fake to me.

    9. Another great mystery by the Queen of Crime! :) Loved listening to this on audiobook, even though the narrator kind of sounded like he had a cold

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    13. I'm a prettying open-minded person when it comes to books being the product of their age, and don't let such things distract me from the meat of the story. That said, Hickory Dickory Dock takes some kind of special cake in prejudices against foreigners and cartoony stereotypes. Even for Agatha this is a new kind of record. Oh, Agatha you and your racism. Anyway, I am giving this story only three stars, because even the plot wasn't all that hot - organized crime in detective fiction just doesn't [...]

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    16. I'd have given it one star for excessive racism AND the nursery rhyme title whose connection to the story was tenuous enough that she could've just renamed it, but she did let one "Asiatic" guy yell at all the Britons something like "You ask why is the Mau Mau? You ask why does Egypt resent the Suez Canal?" AND she lets Poirot make a nice point about how his being foreign to English people doesn't make all other non-English people familiar to him.Nonetheless: The inoffensive African guy talks al [...]

    17. I have had that rhyme in my head since last night. I want to smother myself to just make it stop at this point. I also somehow saw the television adaption of this story a few months ago, I now remember why I turned it off. They kept playing a slow sung ballad to the nursery rhyme throughout the entire show. So we have Poirot firmly in the 1950s in England. This is a post WWII England and now the books feel different in a way that they have not in the earlier ones. There is no more separation bet [...]

    18. Beautifully written, as are almost all of Agatha Christie's mysteries (with thus far in my reading experience the notable exception of "The Big Four" which seems as if it was written by Christie's 12-year-old nephew :-), this is however not one of her best works. The principal problems are the plethora of at times clumsily handled characters, and a crucial unexplained plot flaw.The characters first: there are a lot of them, but then the setting is a student rooming house, so this is understandab [...]

    19. As I posted yesterday, I picked up a pair of Dame Agatha's Poirot novels over the weekend. I read and reviewed The Clocks first, which I found quite underwhelming.In my view, Hickory Dickory Dock (in spite of the moderately silly title) was a more entertaining book. It still doesn't rise to the level of her best, but it was engaging enough that I read it in a two hour sitting before bed.It is a bit of a blood bath, with two three separate murders happening during the book's time span. For a Chri [...]

    20. Meh. This book was mostly just annoying. If I'm going to have to listen to a lot of psychological analysis, I prefer it to be delivered by Jeeves. And HOW did the title relate? Didn't like that Poirot took a back seat, either. I haven't read all that many Christies, but I wonder if I should stick to earlier ones. However, this audiobook gets 5 stars as a toddler charmer! After I finished the book, I flipped the audio to the back seat and got a couple of hours of happiness on a long drive. Good j [...]

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    23. This is my 2nd Agatha Christie book this year. Not only is she a prolific writer, with many more books that I want to read, she also has a sublime knack of keeping you going and wanting for more. I was racing through the last 7 chapters because I couldn’t wait to see how Poirot solved the mystery. A complex case of missing items found in a hostel that starts off with being trivial but takes a dark turn. The ever alert Poirot actually realizes the danger the residents of the hostel are getting [...]

    24. 3/5I really enjoyed it, even though it's not the best book of this author. Also I recommend it for people who wants to start reading Agatha Christie's books :)First (mini) review in English ever I want to start doing this more often, and so sorry for mistakes that I probably had :)

    25. Hercule Poirot is on the case, well written and excellent enjoyable story. also listed as Hickory Dickory Dock.

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