Cuore di demone

Cuore di demone passato molto tempo da quando la giovane Winter spinta da un folle desiderio di vendetta ha rinunciato alla propria umanit per unirsi con un demone e trasformarsi in un ibrido Da allora ha dedicato

  • Title: Cuore di demone
  • Author: Loribelle Hunt
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • passato molto tempo da quando la giovane Winter, spinta da un folle desiderio di vendetta, ha rinunciato alla propria umanit per unirsi con un demone e trasformarsi in un ibrido Da allora ha dedicato la vita a proteggere l umanit dalle forze del Male, ma ora il suo tempo sta per scadere, presto il demone che vive in lei prender il sopravvento, trasformandola in uno d passato molto tempo da quando la giovane Winter, spinta da un folle desiderio di vendetta, ha rinunciato alla propria umanit per unirsi con un demone e trasformarsi in un ibrido Da allora ha dedicato la vita a proteggere l umanit dalle forze del Male, ma ora il suo tempo sta per scadere, presto il demone che vive in lei prender il sopravvento, trasformandola in uno dei mostri che ha giurato di distruggere L unico modo per evitarlo spezzare quel legame e forgiarne un altro, pi potente e indissolubile, con un anima pura, incontaminata Winter, per , non vuole permettere a nessuno di avvicinarsi a lei cos tanto, non ha intenzione di fidarsi n di cedere ad altri il controllo della propria vita Meno che mai a un infido mangiatore d anime come Marcus Black, per quanto bello e sensuale sia Anche se lui la reclama come sua e sembra disposto a tutto pur di conquistarla.

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    1. I must admit that I have mixed feelings about this novel. On the one side, I loved the main character, Winter Bennett, and her two best friends, Gia and Dupree, and their interactions. I also really liked the storyline: especially the merging of human and demon souls, and the great war against demons. The world-building was wonderful, with safety houses and compounds, and this entire we’re-at-war vibe, that was carefully crafted throughout the novel. Plus, I liked the division between hybrids [...]

    2. I think this might appeal to C. Feehan and J. Frank fans. In brief: interesting but not fully developed characters, good world-building and uneven plotting/pacing made this fun but not entirely satisfying.Winter has been a human-demon hybrid for 60 years and, along with her fellow hybrids and teammates Gia and Dupree, is starting to lose her battle against the darkness within her when she meets Marcus, a nightwalker (i.e vampire). Marcus immediately recognizes that Winter is his mate, but also r [...]

    3. 4 1/2Demons are real and they aren’t the sexy bad boys with a hidden heart. They’re animals that will rip through a human without a thought. The Nightwalkers and Lupines use to be one group, their original purpose to protect the humans from demons. But when they started infighting and split into two, the humans had to take care of their own. Picking from people whose lives have been destroyed by the demons, a group of hybrids are formed. Humans, who willing take in a demon soul for strength [...]

    4. The story begins with Winter agreeing to become a hybrid in order to avenge her husbands death, he was killed by demons. A hybrid is a human who accepts a demon soul, the body and soul merge together making humans faster, stronger, and a host of supernatural powers to boot. The problem is eventually the demon's instincts will take over and the hybrid will have to be destroyed OR they can find a mate to bond with and live happily ever after :-)Sixty years later Winter is fighting a loosing battle [...]

    5. 2 1/2 starsThis book was a hard one for me. It has so much potential, a very definite UF feel, a strong heroine, a vivid and fresh world-bulding (with plenty of details), a intriguing plot, tension. All of this bonanza is dragged down by sex. Unending sex scenes, boring to me because of the now hated cliché of "mating" (aka even if I don't want you, my mind is mush and I stop thinking).There's plenty of very good books that have a mating, some even have the soul mate refrain. It's a pity that i [...]

    6. Pretty much had to force myself to finish this book. Totally disappointing cause I really wanted to like it. I just couldn't get into it. Not sure exactly what the problem was. The idea was good, the characters were ok. I think the biggest problem is just the amount of time we spend listening the Winter's inner rambling. I found myself skipping paragraphs. The other problem was Gia and Lukes story. This is supposed to be Winter's book but they kept bring in Gia's relationship drama. They should [...]

    7. In this uniquely crafted world that is made up of a group of remarkably created supernatural creatures, you will get caught up in the action of an ongoing war between good and evil. Then again, what happens if evil has been fastened to good? Is there a fine line that can be crossed? A gray area that can't be defined? Absolutely! And that's part of the adventure Loribelle Hunt takes you on.Winter Bennett, a demon-human hybrid, has found herself in the predicament of needing saved from a life-thre [...]

    8. Winter, un ibrido, ha passato la sua vita in guerra. Un gruppo di umani per metà demoni, gli ibridi, insieme ai lupines e ai nightwalkers, ha dedicato le loro vite a distruggere i demoni e a proteggere l’umanità. Eppure, nonostante la causa comune, i tre gruppi condividono una difficile alleanza.Quando la base militare degli ibridi viene attaccata dai demoni, Winter non ha altra scelta che chiedere aiuto e assistenza ai lupines e ai nightwalkers. È una relazione basata sulla necessità e le [...]

    9. Kiss of Darkness is a unique read that really stands out in today's plethora of vampire fiction. An end-of-the-world type feel was prominent throughout this novel but it also contains just the right amount of romance and supernatural lore. Winter, the main character, is strong, independent and someone you'd definitely want at your back. The male characters are a different story. None of them really stood out and they had similar personality traits that made them all sorta blend together.The stor [...]

    10. Winter Bennett has spent decades in the Order of the Knights Templar. A secret human organization that willingly lets a demon into their bodies in order to use their power to protect humans from demons. Being a hybrid comes at a heavy price. If Winter doesn't find someone to mate with soon, she will lose control of her body and powers to the demon and become the very thing she has spent years fighting. Unfortunately there are more pressing matters. The numbers of demons has risen to a starting n [...]

    11. "Il legame che aveva stabilito con lui in quel momento la proteggeva. Era al sicuro. La gioia la colmò mentre lui la rapiva in un sensuale desiderio che non sarebbe mai calato, Winter lo sapeva. Non sarebbe mai appassito. Non sarebbe mai morto."Ho deciso d'impulso di comprare questo libro di un'autrice mai sperimentata prima e non me ne sono certo pentita! =D Per essere il primo volume di una serie promette decisamente bene, con un'eroina bella tosta e un'eroe affascinante e determinato! ;D Ci [...]

    12. This review was originally posted at Vampire Book Club.Kiss of Darkness has the elements so many of us enjoy: a love story to get wrapped up in, missions with certain death and plenty of supernaturals to cover your favorites (vampires, werewolves, demons). I owe Loribelle Hunt a thank you for a mental escape in her paranormal digital release.Winter is the leader of a group of demon hybrids. These are humans who chose to merge their souls with those of demons to make themselves strong enough to k [...]

    13. This book gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "struggling with inner demons".Around sixty years ago, Winter became a hybrid -- that is, a human who has willfully merged her soul with a demon in order to gain the physical and mental power to battle against full-blooded demons. Now, her time is running out. The longer a hybrid exists without becoming bonded to a mate, the more powerful their demon side becomes, until finally the demon takes over. Once this happens, there's no coming back, and [...]

    14. A wonderful book that I devoured in no time! I fell in love with Marcus, Winter and so many other side characters in this book. I´m glad I have the next book in this series already on my kindle!Hunt created a world in which nightwalkers (psychic vampires), lupines (werewolves), hybrids (half demon, half human) and demons exist. It is not the most unique idea, but nowadays, what is? Winter is the perfect heroine. Beautiful, strong and yet vulnerable. She has had a hard past and joined her soul w [...]

    15. If someone you loved was murdered, how far would you go to avenge them?Winter came to a decision after the vicious murder of her husband that the best thing she could do to avenge his death would be to become half the enemy thereby using their own supernatural skills against them. Only she's not alone in this line of thinking as various others have decided to take the fated step in becoming a half-human and half-demon hybrid, to hunt down the enemy. The advantages are tremendous, but the price i [...]

    16. Rating: 3.5/5This one was a hard one for me. Overall, I would say I enjoyed the book, but I had some things that upset me (frustrated me).I found the concept for the book super interesting. I mean, binding one's soul with that of a demon's is pretty cool. I think that's why I picked it up in the first place, there aren't a lot of books I've read about hybrids and such. So it was fun in that respect. I did like Winter. She was stubborn and strong and could fight and keep up with the rest of them. [...]

    17. Kiss of Darkness by Loribelle Hunt seems to be the first book in a series, but other than the unfinished plot lines introduced in the book, I haven’t found any information about additional books on either the author or publisher’s websites.I really didn’t care too much for Kiss of Darkness when I started reading it because I didn’t like the heroine. Winter was a little bit too arrogant for my tastes, but not without reason. In 1955 she bonded her soul to a demon so she could better fight [...]

    18. Sensuality: 3 out 5Kink: pretty vanilla, mild bondageRating: 3.5I am a little conflicted about this book. I liked it but I felt something was missing particularly in the first half of the book. What I liked:-Vampires! LOL what's not to like? And Marcus was hot while holding out until Winter was ready.-The tension between Winter and Marcus was hot and lasted most of thebook. The actual sex was pretty late in the story. I liked that alot that they just didn't jump into bed together but developed t [...]

    19. Winter is a hybrid - a human who crossed her soul with a demon's so that she had the strength and power to fight the evil, pure demons. The nightwalkers and the lupines also combat the demon threat, yet all three races distrust each other. When the demons begin to launch planned attacks against the hybrids, the groups must put their differences aside if they are to prevail. As well as beating the demons, Winter is fighting a battle of the heart when she finds herself drawn to the seductive night [...]

    20. In Kiss of Darkness, Winter is a hybrid who's almost reached the end of her days. The only way to save herself from her demon half is to find a mate and bond with him, something she'll never do except for love.Her lieutenants, Dupree and Gia, have got the same problem, and a few more on their own.At the same time, a horde of demons manages to locate some of the hybrids' military compounds, leaving nothing but blood and sorrow behind them, and for her people's sake, Winter has to make an alliance [...]

    21. Wow! This book hits the ground running and doesn't stop (even at the end)! I don't even know where to start my review . . . but I guess I'll try!I was immediately drawn to the main character, Winter. She is strong, independent, stubborn and bitter. She's a natural born leader and is loyal to her people. She will fight to the death if it means protecting the people she cares about. But beneath the facade of her stone exterior is a woman who longs to be (and yet is afraid to be) loved, cared for, [...]

    22. My opinion: This book follows several different characters but the heroine of the story is Winter. Winter's husband was attacked and killed by a demon and as a result she ends up binding her soul to a demon in order to be able to fight against them. She is a hybrid (human with soul merged with a demon), along with her two best friends Gia and Dupree. The hybrids live in protected compounds, surviving and taking out demons whenever they get the chance. Unfortunately there is a very big downside t [...]

    23. Loribelle Hunter puts a new spin on supernatural species in the Paranormal Romance, "Kiss of Darkness." Winter was a human woman who lost her husband to a demon attack about 60 years ago. In her rage and vengeance, she joined a group of demon hunters who drew their strength from merging with demon souls. She has fought the good fight ever since. But now the demon inside her is growing stronger and soon she won't be able to control it --until she becomes bonded to a mate. Lucky for Winter, she me [...]

    24. In Hunt's world, hybrids have been made out of necessity to fight the demons. The heroine, Winter, is initiated into the Order of Templar and is joined with a demon soul to revenge her husband who was killed my them. The merge makes her stronger, faster and also gives her supernatural powers. The downside, eventually the demon side will take over unless she finds a mate to bond with. After 60 years, she is starting to lose the battle to her demon side. Her two friends and lieutenants, Gia and Du [...]

    25. Quando le donne non collaborano, gli uomini impazziscono3 stelle e mezzoDevo dire che mi ha sorpreso. Mi ero fatta una mia idea sulla trama, che alla fine si è rivelata del tutto sbagliata, e devo ammettere che non è nemmeno male come originalità.La protagonista di questo romanzo è Winter, ma ci saranno molti altri punti di vista nel corso della vicenda, tra cui Marcus, suo fratello Luke, Gia (che continuavo a confondere con Già), Durpee e altri.Ovviamente, il tutto sarà condito da tresche [...]

    26. This is the first time I read this author's book:) A little bit like Twilight series if I can say, with a little bit more actions + hybrid (Human who merged with Demon in Her/His body to get strength n became Demon Hunter). You got Nightwalker (like vampire but this one eat from emotional or soul eater than blood:) ), and there's lupine (similiar with werewolf). Winter wanted to take revenge with Demon who had killed her husband and chose to become hybrid 60 years ago. She had two close friends, [...]

    27. Since Winter, a demon hybrid, lost her husband to a demon attack sixty years ago, she has dedicated her life to eradicating demons. She joins her demon hybrid group with the lupines and Nightwalkers who are vampires that feed off of emotions rather than blood, to fight against the demons which have become more cohesive and aggressive in their attacks which are targeting the demon hybrid race. Marcus, the Nightwalker Lord, recognizes Winter as his mate when he saves her from a demon attack. He is [...]

    28. OOh finalmente un personaggio femminile che mi è piaciuto già dalle prime pagine. Fiera, dominante, determinata, una guerriera Parlo di Winter la protagonista di questo libro che devo dire si legge velocemente e piacevolmente. Lo consiglio perchè è stata una gradita sorpresa, l'ho iniziato con poche aspettative ma la trama dopo le prime pagine mi ha coinvolta e tenuta incollata al libro per 2 giorni (il tempo che impiego normalmente a leggere un libro che mi piace, figli permettendo) Tanti p [...]

    29. Winter, the lead female, is a tough girl. She's had to be after fighting demons for fifty years. But after meeting Marcus, the hot nightwalker, we start to see a different side to her. They even each other out, in a way.This book was similar to other paranormal romances out there in that they have an instant connection and can't fight their feelings, but the hybrid aspect was different enough to keep me interested. The plot kind of surprised me because of the direction it went and how it turned [...]

    30. Reviewed at: Library of LightsDate reviewed: 28th Feb 2011Review link: mykindaland/?p=174 Kiss of Darkness by Loribelle Hunt is a very wicked story. Wicked and passionate, that is. It was written in such a way that exhilarate me, but did not stop me from feeling the passion that the author wanted to convey either. This book is a very good fantasy read, and if you want something different than your regular modern vampire stories, then this book is definitely for you.There’s plenty of romance, a [...]

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