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  • Title: Shreeman Yogi
  • Author: रणजित देसाई
  • ISBN: 818361521X
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. avadhutrecommends.wordpress/Language – Marathi/EnglishMy Rating – 5/5Summary –Shreeman Yogi is a historical novel depicting life of Chatrapati Shivaji. Scripted by Ranjit Desai, the celebrated Marathi author, Shreeman Yogi along with Swami is considered as the best among his works.Review –Being a Maharashtrian it is extremely difficult for me to critically review any work on the life of Shivaji. Shivaji is revered by us as the greatest among the Indian kings. So rather than writing about [...]

    2. Wonderful book to read about Shivaji and his personality. The book shows the depths to which the author has gone to find details about the life of the Great Shivaji Maharaj. A fabulous read about life of Shivaji Maharaj, depicted with every minute detail of his personal life, warfare, his bonding with subordinates. This book make you understand about Shivaji Maharaj, his Nature and how he build Maratha Empire.The way the book is written by Ranjit Desai is awesome, while reading book whole histor [...]

    3. no words to expressअंगावर काटा येतो , रक्त उसळायला लागत ,आतून आवाज येतो हर हर महादेव !red this book several times, first time red when i was in 4 std. , give me strength to fight against all odds

    4. It is one thrilling ride through history and mystery !What is the most charming facet of the book is its sensitivity. The way Ranjit Desai handles his pen is definitely as worthy as how the great Shivaji would have had handled his mighty sword.This is an ode to the magnum-opus called Shivaji, not just as a king and a warrior but also as a person !

    5. If you have been desperate to read about Shivaji and had trouble reading refined Marathi then this might be your best hope. This is not really a biography but more a dramatized presentation of Shivaji's life. I have enjoyed reading this book, mostly because I had wanted to read about him for a long time. If you are well conversant with Marathi then you should read the original "Shrimanyogi" by Ranjit Desai. This book is a translation and doesn't really live up to the original book. The translati [...]

    6. I recently completed reading this book. I found it very beautiful and more importantly the feelings erupt from us while reading it. The discriptions made in this book are amazing and will definately make you cry. While reading we can actually imagine the entire scene running in front of our eyes. Another important feature is being a non maharshtrian i could read and understand the language, so the language used by the author is very simple. So my request to those people who are non maharashtrian [...]

    7. this is the best fiction,or rather imaginary book based on great maratha warrior chhatrpati shivaji i m saying that because its not written as history but a story.

    8. This book is a source of inspiration, a source of positivity. You will learn a lot.Shri.Desai sir has written extremely well and in very easy language to understand anyone Really this is a book I will advise anyone to read

    9. i was lucky to spend some memorable moments with ranjeetdada over a period of time. he used to get stuck in to the subject he is writing about, i`ve seen him doing that when he was handling " RAJA RAVIVERMA". this was in htl gokul,kolhapur, maharashtra.

    10. मोघली अंमलाखाली पिळल्या जाणारा महाराष्ट्र,शहाजी महाराजांच्या मनातील सुप्त इच्छा आणि मासाहेब जिजाऊंची साद स्वराज्य स्थापनेच्या स्वप्नाला.शिवनेरीवरील शिवजन्म,दादोजी कोंडदेवाची शिक्षा, [...]

    11. Best book available on Shivaji Maharaj. Vaachtana rakta usalta. Proud feel hota. So inspirational. Khup mast

    12. “The epoch-maker Chhatrapati was at first a Muslim’s dependent but he managed from the age of fifteen to free his small jagir of Poona and based his future greatness on that small beginning, entirely relying on his own effort and initiative He welded the scattered elements of his people into united body and with their help accomplished his main object.He established an independent kingdom of his own stretching from Salher and Ahiwant in the West Khandesh to Tanjore on the Kaveri, with unchal [...]

    13. One of the best book I ever read and after reading this book I truly understand Shivaji Maharaj and his Nature and how he build Maratha Empire.The way the book is written by Ranjit Desai is awesome, while reading book whole history play in front of your eyes and you just feel you are with Shivaji Maharaj in his Life Journey.Each and every situation is very detailed explained by Ranjit Desai that shows how much research writer had made while writing this book.Book will properly explain how Shivaj [...]

    14. There are various books in marathi on Shivaji, no doubt his life is full of all thats required for a novel that there is hardly anyone who wont like to write about him.have gone through few of such books on him already, as compared to "Raja Shivchhatrapati" by Babasaheb Purandare,felt this is not that elaborative & detailed.ough its rich enough to portray the great kings life n almost all aspects in it

    15. Wonderful Journey through life of Shivaji MaharajA fabulous read about life of Shivaji Maharaj, depicted with every minute detail of his personal life, warfare, his bonding with subordinates. A must read for those who dont know much about the life of Shivaji Maharaj. Ranjit Desai has the nack of capturing the right essence of the scene just through powerful dialogues and words, and the whole appears live in front of the reader.

    16. Starts out a bit slow, but draws you in as the story progresses. Takes a pragmatic look at the life of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Doesn't potray him as a demigod but a human being who overcame tremendous odds to set an example for generations to come. Highly recommended for anybody with an interest in history.

    17. The best researched book ever. Just loved the way it is written. Very interesting, this was the 2nd book on Chattrapathi Shivaji. You'll be so satisfied after buying it. A real gem of Indian Literature. The Author is of my district and later I came to know that he was very close to my uncle. My mind was honored after reading it.

    18. Shriman Yogi is a book about Shivaji Maharaj. There are various books written on Shivaji Maharaj, King of Maratha Kingdom. This is one of my favourite. This book focuses on the struggle Maharaj faced in his life while building a nation. Worth read by all Marathi speakers.

    19. i read many book on The Great Hindu King Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj But this book is one of great book, spacial y Narahar Kurandikar introduction on Shivaji Maharaj.Overall view of writer (Ranjit Desai) is good & it is great criation.

    20. Read it umpteen no of times. beautiful language describing one of the most thrilling n courageous part of Indian and in particular, Maharashtra's history. the scenes are epic N so is the life of Shivaji Maharaj.

    21. The book shows the depths to which the author has gone to find details about the life of the Great Shivaji Maharaj. Of course it's not my place to comment on anything. Ranjit Desai is a great author and is truly revered.

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