The Nexis Secret

The Nexis Secret Montrose Academy seems like any other snooty prep school until Lucy finds herself seeing strange visions of wraiths prophets and angels Now two rival Romeos are vying for her allegiance including

  • Title: The Nexis Secret
  • Author: Barbara Hartzler
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Montrose Academy seems like any other snooty prep school, until Lucy finds herself seeing strange visions of wraiths, prophets, and angels Now two rival Romeos are vying for her allegiance, including the Nexis Society president When Nexis can t reel her in they resort to cyber bullying, vicious threats, even rogue priests With the help of her new found guardians, she muMontrose Academy seems like any other snooty prep school, until Lucy finds herself seeing strange visions of wraiths, prophets, and angels Now two rival Romeos are vying for her allegiance, including the Nexis Society president When Nexis can t reel her in they resort to cyber bullying, vicious threats, even rogue priests With the help of her new found guardians, she must find a way to stop the twisted Nexis plan to rule the world.

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    1. (Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to author Barbara Hartzler.)“Nexis is not what you think they are.”This was a YA paranormal/fantasy story, with a bit of romance, and a secret society.Lucy was an okay character, and it wasn’t nice what she’d been through with her boyfriend, it was however extremely bad judgement to drive the way she did after her discovery, as she could have easily ended up dead.The storyline in this confused me a [...]

    2. This debut novel earns a solid four out of five stars from me.I found the premise to be interesting from the very first page. The teenage characters act, react and talk like teenagers most of the time. Was there a little more emotional melodrama than necessary? Probably, but if you've been around some teenagers, you'll realize this is pretty standard.Although there is a strong Christian theme in this book, it doesn't read like Christian fiction. I was impressed by the finesse exhibited by such a [...]

    3. Review from Stephanie, age 15It has all the things I like in books--love, talking about God, and it also has mystery. Plus I liked how she had two guys she was into, one from each side. It keeps you turning pages and asking yourself what's going to happen next? Is she going to find her brother? Which side will she choose? It keeps you guessing. At first she didn't believe, but as she started seeing things she started to believe. Towards the end, the story goes a different way than you thought it [...]

    4. I was given a copy of this in exchange for a honest review.At times I was very confused and I did keep getting lost but once i got back on track i did enjoy it. (view spoiler)[ when she found out her boyfriend was cheating and she got into her car i wanted to slap her. she could have killed someone (hide spoiler)]

    5. The Nexis Secret is the great first novel by the author Barbara Hartzler! When you strip it down to it's basics, it's like most Young Adult novels and I include Harry Potter in that. By that I mean the plot where a painfully ordinary young adult is taken to a new place where they discover they are extremely important and where they realize they have powers they never knew they had in the first place. They are surrounded by people and friends who know more about them then they know about themselv [...]

    6. I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thank you to author Barbara Hartzler.This book has the potential to be a 5 star rating. I really enjoyed the characters and the setting and the plot. I found myself confused in the beginning because the scenes seemed to jump around and sometimes I felt like I had missed something, like I had skipped pages. I found myself going back to make sure I didn't actually skip around. There were also many instances of grammatical e [...]

    7. (I received a copy from the author, In exchange for an honest review.)Actual rating - 2.5I didn't love Lucy, as she annoyed me a few times throughout the book. She was okay though.I didn't enjoy this one very much unfortunately. It just couldn't keep my interest, and at times I found it rather confusing. Overall, Not a very enjoyable read for me unfortunately.

    8. I received a copy of The Nexis Secret to give an honest review and this does not affect my feedback.Barbara Hartzler has an interesting writing style that draws you in. The beginning was a little confusing, but it cleared up. Lucy finds herself pulled, unwillingly, into a centuries old feud between Nexis and the Guardians. You have the sexy, sweet Byran on one side, and the good looking, secretive Will on the other side. Lucy discovers that they're searching for the next Seer and is shocked when [...]

    9. Just finished reading this and I figure it was well past time for a review!The Nexis Secret takes a few commonplace, familiar things, and wraps them up in intrigue and excitement. The story follows Lucy, a teen who has just moved into the esteemed Montrose Academy--a school complete with snobby teachers and blond-haired-blue-eyed boys to make her heart go pitter patter.But, not all is right in perfectville. When Lucy begins to realize that the school is teaching far more that reading, writing, a [...]

    10. I received a copy from the author, in exchange for an honest review. Actual Rating: 2.75 It was an okay read. This was a YA paranormal/ fantasy romance book. Lucy was an okay character. I did not love as much as I thought I would when I read the description of the book. She annoyed me at times in the book. I also did not like Jake that much either. I found myself losing interest through the story. Also, it was a difficult story to get into. The ending was very unclear. Overall, a confusing read. [...]

    11. This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review. I love this book. It has an amazing plot and I truly felt fear for Lucy. The fct that she had two romeos after her was common, but I like it. I need to read more by barbara!!!

    12. Check out this & other reviews at CallMeSensei.Note: I received this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review. I’m just going to begin by saying that I was really interested in the premise for Barbara Hartzler’s The Nexis Secret. It seemed like a different take on a paranormal romance novel with a little bit of an angels and demons vibe. The synopsis from is brief but enough to arouse intrigue: "Montrose Academy seems like any other snooty prep school, until Lucy finds her [...]

    13. My review for this is a bit late on account of a busy life. I plan to post this on the blog my friend and I share. I will link to it when I do.Let me first begin this review by saying that my overall rating is 3.5 stars, but I feel I was not the target audience for this book. As such, I am going to go ahead and round it up to four. I believe that someone who is the target audience will really enjoy it. I could not relate to the main character, but that was through no fault of neither the author [...]

    14. I received a copy of this ebook in exchange for an honest review.This review is not finished. I'm nearly done and wanted to get some thoughts down. Will add more later.After having a ton of trouble getting started, I've finally managed to get down to reading this book. I realized the problem was that I bought so many new books for my birthday that I just couldn't commit to reading anything else, so I read one of my new books to appease that part of me and settled down with this.I'm on chapter 25 [...]

    15. I received this book in exchange for an honest review.I will be 100% honest this took a little getting into, I found I had to re-go over a few things I.E which character was which and what side they were on, It took me to 24% progress before it finally all clicked for me, and I can honestly say once all clicked into place I found it enjoyable.I did find parts confusing, along with the way Barbara writes, I found her writing style quite interesting and sometimes I lost what what was going on, due [...]

    16. I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.When I read the synopsis for this book, I was instantly excited to read it. It had a unique premise and had me hooked before even starting the book. The Nexis Secret has some of the typical aspects of a YA paranormal book, a love triangle, discovering powers etc, but as you look past that it delves into very different areas from most YA books, there is a religious aspect which was refreshing to see, it didn’t force it upon you but [...]

    17. Free copy of the book received from the We ♥ YA Books! group and/or the author in exchange for a honest review.I wasn't sure what to expect when I received my copy of the Nexis Secret. I love YA with paranormal elements, but I was worried this would be another take on a recurrent theme in YA. I'm happy to say I was pleasantly surprised.I found the beginning to be confusing (but that could be the recurrent migraine attacks talking), but once I got into the flow of writing, I enjoyed the story. [...]

    18. I received a free e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review:The author completely captured my attention with this book. A story of good vs evil with humans in the middle. Sounds familiar right? Not so in this book. The author has completely changed it by putting humans as the deciding factor who could win the war. Lucy is a normal teenage girl until a life altering event, sends her away to the prestige boarding school of Montrose. To her surprise on her first day she meets not one but [...]

    19. Interesting take on the Nephilim.I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It's a great mix of the spiritual fight going on around us and suspenseful storytelling. I'm usually good at guessing twists, but this one has me hanging on to see what's next. Who can Lucy really trust? I can't wait to see!

    20. It was an amazing book!!!! Cant wait to read the next book to see what happens!!!!!I liked so much because of the moments where you don't want to set down the book and your heart is racing along with hers. I would recommend this to people who like a little bit of action, heartbreak, and romance.

    21. Great story!I really enjoyed this book! I love the characters and the way they grow together as a team against the darkness. The story is filled with action and suspense and emotions. Love it!

    22. must read i gave it5 stars as i could not stop reading it as soon as i started made me late for work lol I'm a very avid reader and have read lots of books i now a good one when i see it don't just take my word for it check it out for your self you wont be sorry

    23. A good readThis was a good read. I would recommend this book to a teenager, though. I think I liked it enough that I will read the next one.

    24. A different twist on paranormal I liked that it wasn't the same old thing as most stories. Kinda like the Divinci Code with a little romance thrown in!

    25. I received this book free from We ♥ YA Books! group and/or Barbara Hartzler in exchange for an honest review.I rated this book 2/5 starsI had a number of issues while reading this book. while the concept of this new world concerning Nephilim seemed fresh and interesting, I was disappointed after reading it, the concept was not fully developed. There were so many ideas, that the development of the story was weak as well as inconsistence and had a number apposing kinds of views. I feel that if t [...]

    26. I thank the author for giving me a PFD file to review this book. First off I went into the story not knowing what it as about.I loved the opening were she wakes up from coma and she as a vague memory on what happen to her. This book is filled with action.I am not the biggest fan of the author's writing style because at some points I just lost my focus, and I am not to thrilled about some of her characters because she doesn't describe them and their actions' that well.

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