Mounting Evidence

Mounting Evidence Lieutenant Abigail Hargrove comes from a long line of cops dirty cops She s an exemplary detached officer when on duty with the Tacoma Police Department but after hours she strives in secret to ato

  • Title: Mounting Evidence
  • Author: Karis Walsh
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Lieutenant Abigail Hargrove comes from a long line of cops dirty cops She s an exemplary, detached officer when on duty with the Tacoma Police Department, but after hours, she strives in secret to atone for her relatives corruption Abby agrees to ride with her mounted unit during the Washington State Fair, expecting a relaxing few weeks of horses and PR work, but a bittLieutenant Abigail Hargrove comes from a long line of cops dirty cops She s an exemplary, detached officer when on duty with the Tacoma Police Department, but after hours, she strives in secret to atone for her relatives corruption Abby agrees to ride with her mounted unit during the Washington State Fair, expecting a relaxing few weeks of horses and PR work, but a bittersweet reunion with childhood friend Kira sets into motion a chain of events that makes Abby s private and public lives collide Wetland biologist Kira Lovell devotes her life to her daughter and to a vocal defense of the environment A chance meeting with her first love stirs long forgotten feelings, but her life is thrown into chaos before they can rekindle their romance.A kidnapping and a murder take place behind the innocence of the midway Abby has to solve both crimes to protect Kira, even if it means revealing of her family s shameful past.

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    1. 3 1/2 Stars. With the third book of the Mounted series coming out this month, I needed to catch up and read book two. I always enjoy Walsh as a writer, and really liked book one, Mounting Danger. This book wasn't quite as good, but it was still an enjoyable read.This book is about Abigail Hargrove, who we know as the hard and tough Lieutenant, from book one. She is taking sometime off desk work, to ride with her mounted unit during a big county fair. She meets a women there she just can't forget [...]

    2. Flawed read! romantic fluffmixed message in the plot.ey(main characters)just met and fell in love too quickly.o detailed,repetitive,questions about the dialogues,realism is questionablebut well written

    3. It's interesting that this book isn't marketed as a sequel of Mounting Danger or even as part of a series on the Mounted Police Unit whose adventures form the core of both books. Could it be because the hard-ass b*tch Lt. Abby Hargrove, head of the mounted unit from the first book is completely unrecognizable here? Physically, she is still the same perfectly coiffed and polished officer but her body has been taken over by a saint (or a comic book superhero if you're less than 21). I had to go re [...]

    4. Abbey Hargrove has worked her whole life to overcome her family’s poor reputation. Now a successful police Lt Hargrove still wallows in this guilt and seeks to redress it - to the detriment of both her personal finances and her own dreams. When the mounted police unit she nominally leads provides a presence at the State fair, Hargrove takes the welcome opportunity to abandon her normal desk-job in favour of a spell riding out on the line. There she meets the woman of her dreams. She also gets [...]

    5. I was drawn to this novel by the book blurb. Abby Hargrove is a tough as nails lieutenant who tries in her spare time to help the victims of her bad cop grandfather and shady brother. Both tarnished the badge and her family name with their corrupt behaviour. Kira is a passionate environmentalist attempting to prevent urbanization of her beloved wetlands. She is reeling from a failed relationship with a dominant and controlling woman. Meeting Abby brings reminders of her past with Dale. Can these [...]

    6. This is a well paced and thrilling mystery revolving around two enigmatic women coming together accidentally, and right from the start setting off periodically scintillating sparks. A good deal of the action occurs at the Washington State Fair in Puyallup and that was an unexpected treat since I have never been to such an event. Moreover, it was a real delight having a mounted police division patrol the State Fair in this story. This unit is supervised by a lieutenant who is one of the key femal [...]

    7. You'll love it!Kira decided to pick up the pieces of her life and start all over with her daughter and Abby, whose family corruption holds her captive. They have a lot in common as their love of horses, control issues, a high wall surrounding themselves and a resistance to romance. Not only a lot in common but also so different. I enjoyed the various cast of supporting characters. The setting has me wanting to visit the fair, to enjoy the fried food, to see the driving exhibitions and the wetlan [...]

    8. Some familiar characters. Nice build up of suspense on the crimes. Although I figured out who the murderer was prior to the reveal, I still wanted to see how it would resolve. Sweet romance as well. It seemed like a lot slower build up with the romance, but the time frame is actually a rather quick, Two weeks.

    9. My third book by Walsh, second mystery (romantic intrigue). I wasn't sure I actually wanted to read this one. Both because of the switch in main characters, and because the initial relatively low ratings the book had received. Yeah, I shouldn't pay attention to ratings when it's based on, like, three people's thoughts. Still . . Okay, some negatives. 1) The point of view changes were oddly handled. I literally had to reread paragraphs because I would suddenly realize that the point of view had s [...]

    10. I'm a sucker for these lesbian romances involving horses. If you put a little intrigue in its even better. Good read.

    11. Lt. Abby Hardgrove is one in of a few police officers in her family. Her grandfather was as dirty as they come and it appears her brother is following in his footsteps. Abby vows to clear her blackened name even if it means making her brother accountable to the law. While working at the State Fair she meets the girl, Julie, who she had given her prized horse to after her brother failed to protect her mother Kira after a DV complaint. Kira still needs help but can she trust Abby or will she be ju [...]

    12. The strengths of this book are the scenes that take place at the fair. The mounted patrol unit, the descriptions of Julie and her involvement with 4H. Kira's passion for wetland preservation also had some interesting aspects but none of these plot points were explored with any depth.The mystery at the heart of the story was unrealistic and I was unable to suspend my disbelief enough to enjoy the book.I liked Abby but thought her motivations were unrealistic and her angst regarding Kira was manuf [...]

    13. I liked the characters in this one, for the most part. I appreciate the author returning to a world she's already written about, one that I had previously enjoyed. There were just a few issues. I had been enjoying the story, though it was a tad predictable, until the end when it took a turn for the implausible. There are also some issues with the author's writing. She's heavy handed when describing her characters' motivations. It becomes repetitive, and the reader is told everything about their [...]

    14. This is my first book by Karis Walsh and she met my expectations as a Bold Strokes author. I will have to work my way through her back catalogue.This story is a mystery romance and both elements work really well.The two main characters are unique and just a bit broken. I wonder how far down they would have traveled their personal holes if they hadn’t found each other. There were times I just wanted to reach out and shake them silly to get them out of their own heads.And the resolution to the m [...]

    15. I have struggled to write a review for this book as I felt like the storyline and characters were good but just found something just didn't work for me which I haven’t been able to put my finger on. The best I am able to come up with is that the author struggled to provide a good balance between the characters relationship and the mystery. I felt there was too much detail in some areas and then we rushed through others that I would have liked more feeling and time spent. In saying this I did e [...]

    16. Very good story!As usual, this writer always makes a very suspenseful mystery come to life. Her characters are very believable and the way the horse background elements are so well done that I can visualize every antic that all the horses do as well as wanting to be in the wetlands the way she describes them. Having to pay for the "sins of the father". I just wish there had been some closure about Abby's looser brother.

    17. RushedI enjoyed reading this but felt towards the end that it was rushed and left some thing out. I don't mind quickies but not all the time, every time they got together that was all it was.

    18. Horses and a love storyKaris did again I loved how we got more back story about babying this one. I think Abby and Rachel would make a good crime fighting team.

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