Playing from the Heart

Playing from the Heart Peter H Reynolds creator of The Dot has composed a pitch perfect tribute to the power of music and the bonds of family When a young boy begins to play on his family s piano reveling in the fun of p

  • Title: Playing from the Heart
  • Author: Peter H. Reynolds
  • ISBN: 9780763678920
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Peter H Reynolds, creator of The Dot, has composed a pitch perfect tribute to the power of music and the bonds of family.When a young boy begins to play on his family s piano, reveling in the fun of plunking the keys, his father signs him up for lessons so that he can learn to play properly With his father s encouragement, Raj learns notes, then scales, then songs, andPeter H Reynolds, creator of The Dot, has composed a pitch perfect tribute to the power of music and the bonds of family.When a young boy begins to play on his family s piano, reveling in the fun of plunking the keys, his father signs him up for lessons so that he can learn to play properly With his father s encouragement, Raj learns notes, then scales, then songs, and finally classical pieces that his father can recognize and be proud of But the Raj practices and the skilled he becomes, the less he enjoys playing, until he grows up and stops playing altogether But when his father becomes ill and asks Raj to play for him, will Raj remember how to play from the heart

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    1. Ever wonder what goes on your child's mind when they exert a natural talent they have and you push that child harder into developing it? This insightful and emotional picture book by author-illustrator Peter H. Reynolds explores just that. It is brilliant!Guaranteed to grab your heart and make you wonder. Published by Candlewick Press. #PB #emotion #mustread

    2. Playing from the Heart (Candlewick Press, April 12, 2016) brings our attention again to the allure of piano music. This title, written and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds, gives readers insight, as did The Bear and the Piano, into the powerful personal connections made between a musician and their listeners. Let's follow the lives of a father, his son and the piano.My full recommendation: librariansquest/2

    3. Raj started plunking away on the old piano in his house one day and played a song that flowed from his heart. The song was good so his father got him lessons. But the more Raj grew in skill the less he seemed to love the piano till he graduated, moved away to the city, and the piano grew silent. Many years later when his father was very ill, Raj came back and at his father's request played the song that had no name but flowed from Raj's heart.This is a bittersweet story about two relationships, [...]

    4. I love Reynolds picture books--such great lessons and reminders of the joys of various art forms. So I was so excited to see this one on music. And it was so beautiful and sweet, I had a couple tears in my eyes by the end. Don't forget to read the author bio--it makes these books all the more wonderful and poignant.

    5. Peter H. Reynolds does it again. Raj grew up in a house with a piano. When he began to play, to show both interest and aptitude for music, his father set him up with music lessons. Raj became prodigiously good, but lost the joy of playing. Years pass and an illness leads his father to call him home. Moving without cloying, a gentle story about the power of art without artifice.

    6. I did like the message of the story - that music can come from the heart and learning "by the book" isn't everyone's cup of tea (I've known plenty of people who thoroughly loved playing an instrument until they had to take lessons)But there are those of us who don't have the natural ability to just create music and need those lessons and printed music and I wish that was represented as well (although I'm being a little picky there). And the story was very sweet and touching especially at the end [...]

    7. Another great Peter Reynolds' book that speaks to us about the importance of recognizing and nurturing our own creativity. This is kind of a "think outside the box"/ "color outside of the lines" kind of story, except it's about playing music. I especially appreciate that Peter Reynolds shares with his readers how this story was influenced, and made even more special by the autobiographical bits that played into it unexpectedly.

    8. I love Reynold's books! This one is about music appreciation and coming to learn how to love and play music from the heart. I predict this will be one of many popular music books next year at the library - where the summer reading theme will be all about music. 2018 here we come making and playing instruments all the way!I have to say I'm pretty excited about all the creative instrument possibilities and great book options.

    9. A reminiscence of my own childhood, H. Reynolds struck a chord within my heart for Raj’s journey is very much alike my own. From the delight of a discovery of the piano in early childhood, the magical feeling its execution provokes inwards to… silence. The forgetfulness of the mind and remembrance of the fingers as they strikes each key is a feeling like no other. I love this book and words fail me to say how lucky I was to encounter it in my life while there is still time.

    10. Raj's pure piano talent is cultivated by his father hiring a piano teacher. After a long time of beautiful music, Raj becomes exhausted and closes the keys. He goes off to work and when he hears news that his father is not well he immediately returns home. His father asks him to play the piano for him. The song without words - the music from his heart.

    11. Reynolds "Playing from the Heart" was a wonderfully written, powerful story! The illustrations were so alluring and helped move the story forward. As the owner of a music school, I found that this book was representative of many of the things we'd love to see our students achieve!

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    13. A nice story about the importance of free-thinking and creativity over diligence and structure. Pretty illustrations. Kind of sad.

    14. Reynolds successfully hits the reader right in the feels, once again. A powerful message about the importance of nurturing creativity, not just talent.

    15. This book is very touching book. It reflects the love a father feels for his son's original musical creativity. Hopefully you enjoy this book

    16. Ouch. I too had a son driven from the piano by his father’s love of lessons. My guy hasn’t come back though.

    17. Lovely story about sharing one's creativity and compassion. My art therapy Elementary school students enjoy hearing the story and drawing from the pictures.

    18. Playing from the Heart features a young boy who discovers the piano and begins to play music he makes up. He plays only because he loves to make music and it brings him joy. His father sees his love and interest in the piano, and hires a teacher to "nurture Raj's talent." Reynolds has a wonderful spread where the boy learns to read written music and the bars on the page remind him of zoo animals in their cages "waiting to escape." After years, the art and joy that the boy used to love to create [...]

    19. As always, Peter Reynolds makes me think about the way I interact with my students. How do we nurture those passions that lurk in their hearts? Too often, it seems, there are lessons that get in the way.

    20. I read the book Playing from the Heart and recommend it to anyone who likes music or piano, or just a cute picture book. In this book Raj starts to play piano and gets really good, but he gets tired of it, but will do anything for his father when he is not well. I recommend Playing from the Heart to picture book lovers, piano players, and anyone who enjoys music. This book is very cute, you should read it.

    21. Peter H. Reynolds, author and illustrator of The Dot, Ish, and Sky Color (the Creatrilogy), among other books, tells the story of a father and his piano-playing son. When Raj is very young, he begins to experiment with the piano keys and likes the sound he hears. As he grows up, Raj plays more and more and his father feels that Raj has talent. So, a piano teacher is hired and Raj practices until he is tired of the piano and he leaves it altogether. Years go by and the father is very ill. He call [...]

    22. Wow! What a beautiful book! Peter H. Reynolds tells such an emotional and heartwarming story that truly comes from his heart. In this story, a little boy named Raj begins playing notes on the piano, and begins to make his own joyful music. Hearing this music, the boy's father has him take formal piano lessons. He works hard to become a classical pianist, but in the process becomes tired of playing and stops. Years later, when his father becomes ill, the son returns home. When his father asks him [...]

    23. I absolutely loved Ish and Sky Color (also by the same author) but this one just left me feeling sad. In both of the others, the protagonists were feeling discouraged about their talents and creativity but something happened when they were still young to encourage them but in this one the little boy is driven away from his natural talent and is only brought back to it when he is much older. I do like that though it was the father who unintentionally drove him away from his love of playing the pi [...]

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