Cold Comfort

Cold Comfort Eight years ago John Colucci was found not guilty of murder by reason of insanity Declared incompetent at age he was subsequently committed to a mental institution In January he is release

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  • Title: Cold Comfort
  • Author: E. Abernathy
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Eight years ago, John Colucci was found not guilty of murder by reason of insanity Declared incompetent at age 19, he was subsequently committed to a mental institution In January, 2013, he is released to his sister, Laurie, to begin a new life but someone wants to make sure he never gets the chance to live it John s enemies include half the population of Kingsville, hiEight years ago, John Colucci was found not guilty of murder by reason of insanity Declared incompetent at age 19, he was subsequently committed to a mental institution In January, 2013, he is released to his sister, Laurie, to begin a new life but someone wants to make sure he never gets the chance to live it John s enemies include half the population of Kingsville, his home town Even his brother in law is determined to see him returned to the institution As John struggles to navigate his independence, he meets Caitlin Murphy, a young woman who changes his life Surrounded by the solitude of Caitlin s lakefront cottage, supported by her and his new friend, Rev Jack, he finds a reason to live However, it isn t long before the nightmares begin again, shattering the peace and forcing John to fight for his life and what s left of his sanity The hunt is on.

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    1. My review was posted as a comment so to save some time I am gonna say read my comment and I rated this book 5 well deserved stars i thought the writing style was amazing and loved the first person it really pulls you into the story! I loved the story I loved the fast paced flow of the book and I love the raw emotion I felt while reading it. Great job Ellen on such an amazing book!

    2. This was a very good book! Not my normal genre but I loved it! It hooked me right at the beginning and never lost my interest.

    3. Cold Comfort will a captivate you from the very beginning as it weaves a web intricate details of suspense, murder, lies, deceit and schizophrenia.  John was aquitted eight years ago by reason of insanity for a heinous crime and was sent to a mental institution. Now he is in the care of his sister and her abusive husband, a cop. Caitlin is a strong willed reporter who takes doesn't take crap from anyone. She helps John with his healing and in no time they wed. I loved the wedding ring incident! [...]

    4. This book has heart. Will keep you emotionally involved until the very end!I first would like to say it takes a lot for me to invest my time in a book. I love to read books, but if it doesn't suck me in I normally end up not finishing it. I started a Stephen King book and couldn't finish. I was introduced to this book on Facebook and decided to give it a go. From prologue to the first chapter I was hooked. I became emotionally involved when reading and immediately fell in love with John, the boo [...]

    5. After being found not guilty for murder by reason of insanity, John Colucci a schizophrenic is committed to a mental asylum for 8 years. At the end of his time he is released into the care of his sister, a sister he can’t remember who is married to a cop who hates him. Over time he realises that he is was committed after murdering a child, a crime he cannot remember doing. After he got out it is up to him to try to get on with his life whilst remembering to take his medication and to ignore th [...]

    6. Compelling, thrilling, deeply chilling story of a man who is supposed to have done a horrible crime but now that he's healed (or at least is on medication and so quite - nearly - maybe safe to bearound others) he gets out of the mental institution he lived for the last eight years. And we are forced to like him (at least I couldn't hate him at all!) and to root for him to get his life back on track even though there is this dreadful past and nothing at all could ever excuse that I was struggling [...]

    7. Taut and unrelenting, Cold Comfort snatches you up and never let's go. From clinical asylum rooms to cold streets, Abernathy, immerses the reader in a world that is all too real. Right out the gate, John Colucci is a both a challenging and rewarding protagonist. We're in his shoes with him as he struggles to reintegrate into his family and town when neither want him. But as new dangers and old horrors threaten his safety and sanity emerge, so do new friends. Abernathy brings Reverend Jack and Ca [...]

    8. I attended a writer’s group years ago with E.W. (Ellen) Abernathy and always appreciated her smooth, readable style and punchy dialogue. In this suspense-thriller-with-a-heart, she goes beyond a simple genre tale to offer the well-wrought characters of John Colucci and a journalist who becomes his love-interest. For me, the strength of this novel was John, a schizophrenic young man who’s been institutionalized for a violent crime, hears voices, and is on medication. It’s quite a difficult [...]

    9. What a fantastic journeyThe writing about schizophrenia alone makes this book worth reading . But then you throw in the storyline of the young man accused heinous crimes, and you have a fabulous front page news that unfolds in front of you . The twists and turns that this story takes and the heart ache that it draws from you. A book well worth reading and author definitely well worth following.

    10. Cold Comfort is a powerful story, an exploration of the intersections of mental health and law, and the ways that people are helped and harmed in the name of the public good. There was excellent plot tension and room for doubt. Red herrings had me second-guessing my own theories as I read. The ending didn't completely satisfy me, though it does fit. I recommend it for readers who like psychological thrillers and underdogs.

    11. Wow is all I can say. I loved how this story sucks you in from the very beginning with the one sided story. There were times I wanted to shake the characters for Johns sake. This author really done her research and made the words just flow very well together. This is the first book I've read by this author and won't be the last!

    12. This is a fantastic book. It does a great job dealing with the severity of mental illness and the snap judgments people make because of it. It's a great story. Definitely a page turner. I could barely put it down.

    13. Addicting storyOnce I started I couldn't stop. Good story line and I loved the characters. Such a wonderful job on johns character. Look forward to reading more of Abernathys books.

    14. Intense thriller that hooks you from the beginning. It's not my usual genre but it drew my interest since the author is local. Cold Comfort is a suspenseful crime drama dealing with schizophrenia. I could have done without some of the explicitly, but overall it's a great read.

    15. Fantastic!!Wow! When I started this book, I really didn't know what I was getting into. It holds you and won't let go. Into the mind of John and all his troubles (for lack of a better word). A seriously fantastically creepy read!!

    16. WOW! This is such a powerfully dark and twisted story. An in depth look into the mind of the mentally ill, or are they more sane than the normal people? Gut wrenching and unbelievable story that will leave you questioning life and human behavior long after you finish the story~

    17. Powerful. Poignant. Dark, gut-wrenching, and traumatic. Cold Comfort is a tense, riveting page-turner that will haunt you long after you set it down.

    18. Awesome book; great characters. I couldn't put it down (as evidenced by the fact that I finished the book in two days)!

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