Likely Story

Likely Story MALLORY IS A teenage girl living in L A and her mother is the oftnominated never winning star of a daytime soap she is in fact the ultimate drama queen After yet another blow out about her mother s

  • Title: Likely Story
  • Author: David Van Etten
  • ISBN: 9780375846762
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Hardcover
  • MALLORY IS A teenage girl living in L.A and her mother is the oftnominated, never winning star of a daytime soap she is, in fact, the ultimate drama queen After yet another blow out about her mother s awful plotlines and overacting, Mallory starts blogging about how she wishes soap operas were like real kids lives instead of the ridiculous storylines the shows usuMALLORY IS A teenage girl living in L.A and her mother is the oftnominated, never winning star of a daytime soap she is, in fact, the ultimate drama queen After yet another blow out about her mother s awful plotlines and overacting, Mallory starts blogging about how she wishes soap operas were like real kids lives instead of the ridiculous storylines the shows usually feature.When her mother s agent reads the blog, Mallory ends up in her own whirlwind drama, both at school and on the lot, as she works to protect the integrity of her original idea, cope with her mother s jealousy, and get her best friend a lead role on the show Factor in her boyfriend with the girlfriend, the cute but bad brother to said best friend, and the super cute male lead on her show, and Mallory s got plenty of her own melodrama to cope with.From the Hardcover edition.

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    1. Written by David Levithan and two other writers (one a playwright and one a writer for One Life to Live) the story is about a girl born (literally) and raised on a soap opera set, the daughter of a TV daytime diva who has never won the daytime Emmy. She blogs about how soap operas are so unrealistic and that there needs to be a show that is a likely story showing the drama of everyday teen life. Before you can say Erica Kane, the girl is pitching, writing, and casting her own tv drama and her li [...]

    2. I'm not a soap opera fan but this funny smart book was a delight. It is an affectionate spoof of soaps and, like the soaps, quite addictive. I'm looking for the sequel now.

    3. Reviewed by Jaglvr for TeensReadTooMallory's life is like a soap opera. She literally knows the set of Good as Gold better than her own home. Her mom has been the reigning queen of soaps for as long as Mallory can remember. Her mom has been married numerous times, engaged just as many, and they've lived in over ten different places in Mallory's sixteen years. However, Mallory and her mother have a hard time relating. They barely talk in passing. Mallory has more of a relationship with her mom's [...]

    4. Spoilers.I read this book a while back when it first came out, but I never finished the trilogy. Normally when I have read a book before and re-read it at a later date, certain parts will stick in my head where I'll go, "Yeah, I remember reading this." Not so for this book. So I give it to two stars for forgettableness. I love David Levithan, but when I first saw this book I thought it might skew a bit younger. It does seem to be for a younger audience than his other books, and it's not filled w [...]

    5. I grew up watching soap operas (though local) so I kind of already knew what to expect from this book. It's a peek into the world of TV, written from the voice of Mallory, the daughter of the ultimate drama queen. As most stereotypes on celebrities go, Mallory and her mom don't have a great relationship, and always just either tiptoe around or argue with each other. That changed when Mallory got contacted by her mom's agent to write for a new soap opera OR worsen, because it was to replace her m [...]

    6. Túto knihu napísali traja autori. Autor YA kníh, autor scenárov, a autor soap-opier. A stále sa neviem rozhodnúť, či im šlo o paródiu alebo komédiu - v oboch prípadoch som sa ešte pred stranou 10 už dávno smiala ako šialená.Mallory je dcéra stárnucej soap-operovej hviezdy. Nemá s matkou veľmi dobrý vzťah, a jej seriál jej pripadá ako najväčšia idiotina pod slnkom. Preto sa raz večer posťažuje na svojom blogu, že keby mala ONA písať seriál podľa životov svojic [...]

    7. Mallory is fed up with her life. Her mother is a soap opera diva, and Mallory can’t stand her fake lines and fake attitude. She can’t understand why soap operas are so phony, just like her mother. So when she vents one day on her personal blog about this and how if she had her own show, it would be much more realistic, she never expects anyone except maybe her best friend Amelia to see it. But it turns out that her mother’s agent Donald saw the blog entry. Soon, Mallory’s ideas are being [...]

    8. This books isn't going to break any awards for breaking new ground. It's not written in breathtaking prose. However, I really liked it. I thought it was cute, and interesting. It read really quickly. I think it would really appeal to teenaged girls without having overt sex or vampires. The teen relationships were very realistic but the adult relationships not so much. How did such a horrible mother raise a daughter who is so functional? Although on the other hand,we only see Mallory's side of it [...]

    9. A Likely Story by David Van Etten is about Mallory, the teenage daughter of a popular soap opera actress. Mallory's mom is the ultimate drama queen and believes everything is about her. So when Mallory decides to write a soap opera script of her own, her Mom totally freaks out and is anything but supportive. Oh, and speaking of soap operas, Mallory's best friend is expecting to be the lead actress in her new show. Mallory is her boyfriend's secret girlfrined that his "real" girlfriend can never [...]

    10. This was written by 3 guys--1 YA writer, 1 film maker and 1 soap opera writer--and it shows. As in "hey, let's create a cool new teen series and make MONEY!"The irony of it all is that the heroine wants to create a new teen soap opera that's more realistic because she's grown up as the daughter of a soap opera diva and finds the plots ludicrous and the dialog turgid. And that's exactly what's wrong with this book.

    11. This is a book about a girl who writes her own soap series. A GIRL who WRITES HER OWN SOAP SERIES. Needless to say, it is awesome for that alone. I justSOAPS! YA LIT! My two favorite things converging into one book of awesomeness with lots of drama and SOAPS! It is a super fun read and quick. Good times.

    12. this was a good book, but i actually read the third one before this one and i think the third one was a lot better. this was good and interesting and kept me reading, but just wasn't as up to the point as the third one.

    13. Soap-opera royalty Mallory sells her own script and becomes caught up in the same crazy showbiz world as her mom. Written by David Levithan, David Ozanich and Chris Van Etten together. First in series.

    14. Fun story about the teenage daughter of a soap-opera drama queen (the star of a long-running soap) who launches her own show, stealing her [aging:] mother's thunder. The backstage intrigue makes for fun reading; I enjoyed this enough to read the sequel, and I think students will like it as well.

    15. I really liked this book. I especially liked the way the author wrote. He is so funny! The plot was good and the writing was hilarious so the book proved to be a satisfying read.Maybe you get a different perspective if you read the third before the first and second:)

    16. Mallory begins to write a soap opera for teens but looses her best friend in the process. Her mother, the drama queen ends up on her soap too but she won't let them "see her sweat."

    17. This and the whole series was cute -- I really liked the smart, pop-culture savvy protagonist. Nothing worth rereading, but a fun indulgence for an hour.

    18. Not sure how I really felt about the ending of this story, left me hanging and I really didn't enjoy it doing that.

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