The Art of Falling

The Art of Falling Heather Tornsten needs a man a celebrity specifically for a fundraising gala for the Dallas art museum where she works And what better headliner than bull rider Wyatt Lawrence Although why people i

  • Title: The Art of Falling
  • Author: Julie Jarnagin
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Heather Tornsten needs a man a celebrity, specifically, for a fundraising gala for the Dallas art museum, where she works And what better headliner than bull rider Wyatt Lawrence Although why people idolize grown men who make their living falling off animals, she ll never understand.When his mom was diagnosed with cancer, Wyatt determined to focus on doing what sheHeather Tornsten needs a man a celebrity, specifically, for a fundraising gala for the Dallas art museum, where she works And what better headliner than bull rider Wyatt Lawrence Although why people idolize grown men who make their living falling off animals, she ll never understand.When his mom was diagnosed with cancer, Wyatt determined to focus on doing what she wants like visiting some art museum But when his mom teams up with Heather Tornsten to get him involved in a fundraiser, he knows he s been set up The involved he gets with the pretty events coordinator, the he realizes falling off a bull is far safer Because falling for Heather who has made it clear that she won t risk her heart on any man who courts danger might break a whole lot than his bones.

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    1. 3.5 Stars!I really liked this cute story by a new to me author. My thought when I started this story was that it would be a quick, fun story of pure fluff, and yes there was a bit of fluff to it. But it was also so much more than that, I loved the deep message about trusting God and facing your fears. Overall this was a fun romance that was a good one time read. I will probably read more books from this author in the future.

    2. Heather Tornsten needs an emcee for the museum's fundraising gala. Bull rider Wyatt Lawrence is just the man, and with a little help from his mom, she might make it happen. Of course, she only needs him as an emcee. A relationship with a risk taker is out of the question!This was definitely an opposites attract story with two great characters. Heather was careful and safe. She also had great strength. I was impressed with the way she faced her fears. She had such a big heart and was so willing t [...]

    3. Wyatt Lawrence rides bulls for a living and doesn’t understand girly stuff like art; Heather Tornsten is works for an art museum and needs a celebrity to emcee their upcoming fundraising dinner the two are thrown together by his matchmaking mother, who is sure Wyatt will make a great emcee. Wyatt isn’t so sure, given his feelings about art in general, but his growing feelings for Heather might just persuade himYes, I know this was a novella, but it seemed short—too short for the amount of [...]

    4. Oh for the love of that philanderer Zeus! I downloaded this for free on . Things were just getting interesting--plot lines drawn, back stories explored, characters developed and then there was the Christian tangent!!! I reviewed 's blurb and there is no mention that this is a Christian or sweet romance. I don't have a problem with Christian or sweet romance. I do have a problem when a story is set on such a solid foundation and the whole faith thing comes out of left field to thwack the reader u [...]

    5. My Review:What a sweet story about taking chances. This story is also about facing our fears. We are introduced to a world famous bullrider, Wyatt Lawrence who is facing on of his greatest fears, the possibility of losing his mother. Both he and his mother have a great faith in God and know that he is with them every step of their journey. Heather Tornsten lost her brother in a climbing accident and his death has shaped how she lives her life, safe. Of course, when in the course of her job, she [...]

    6. The Art of Falling is such a cute, fun novella! I really enjoyed reading it. Since it is a novella, the interaction between the two main characters and their “getting to know each other phase” moves faster than it would in a full length novel, however, I still felt that both Heather and Wyatt were characters that were well-developed within the story.I love that the premise of The Art of Falling is based on two opposites falling for each other. One is a man who rides bulls for a living, which [...]

    7. This is the first in the Taste of Texas series, what a great place to start. This is a new to me author. I enjoyed how she developed her characters and the details behind them. Both Wyatt and Heather come from very different past with very different issues that they face during this novella. It is well written and a good quick read. I can't wait to read more in this series.Wyatt is a tough, handsome, bull riding cowboy, (need I say more ladies). He is facing many challenges in this book and mayb [...]

    8. The Art Of Falling by Julie Jarnagin was a great short story to read. This was such an easy read and I did enjoy it but at times it felt rushed and I wish that more time would have been spent on some of chapters in the book. The one thing about short books that I don’t enjoy is they tend to feel rushed because they cut things out to keep the story short. I really did enjoy the characters in this book and the setting of the book. I can’t wait to read others books by this author because she is [...]

    9. Being a mother myself of a grown son, I couldn’t help but love the opening museum scene between Wyatt and his mother in The Art of Falling by Julie Jarnagin. Not that I would ever admit to match making myself. The Art of Falling is a short sweet story about two seemingly opposites who are attracted. Because it is novella the character are not as developed as they would be in a longer story. Then there is the wishy washiness on the part of Heather that I thought should have been explored, more [...]

    10. While the basic story could have pulled me in easily enough, I kept getting jolted out of it with details that just didn't make sense, like how after having two conversations with a stranger, one of them brings multiple meals to the other just because the first has learned the other has cancer. Or how after learning cancer is in this woman, without any other information, she brings her multiple pages of printouts on supplements to discuss with her doctor. Maybe I"m just not that forward, but it [...]

    11. The Art of Falling is a short novella that I enjoyed a whole lot. I loved the characters, especially Heather, Wyatt, and Lorraine, Wyatt's mother. Lorraine's matchmaking efforts are amusing and well-intentioned much to Heather and Wyatt's chagrin. While Wyatt and Heather like each other right off the bat, they have some pretty big differences to overcome. Wyatt's job as a bull rider scares Heather more than she can say after she's already lost her daredevil brother to a risky hobby. She's not su [...]

    12. This a must read romance novella about two people who give true meaning to opposites attract.Heather is event planner for an art museum and Wyatt is a bull rider that has made a name for himself. She considers him a celebrity and wants him for to emcee an eventI loved the interaction between the characters and it is a well written story.I loved the character of Nana, a woman who knows what she wants.Being a novella, you can climb in your favorite chair, with a glass of sweet tea and read it in o [...]

    13. The Art of Falling is an adorable novella! This was my first Julie Jarnigan read, but it certainly won’t be my last. I really enjoyed the humor and heart of this touching story, as well as its delightful characters. Wyatt Lawrence and Heather Tornsten are complete opposites and their conflict and chemistry is such fun to read. I enjoyed The Art of Falling and am eager to read the next book in the Taste of Texas series! I received a complimentary copy of The Art of Falling from Redbud Press. I [...]

    14. I loved the beginning between the cowboy and his mother but the female lead in this book sort of annoyed me as she made assumptions about the cowboy knowing certain details for the function he said he would emcee. I loved the Nana character as even when she wasn't in the scene but was being discussed she came across as a more solid personality than her granddaughter. Even the cowboy though had some things to resolve seemed more together than the heroine. Its a sweet story but I'm looking forward [...]

    15. I personally felt that the relationship between Wyatt and Heather moved to Fast. It was only about 6-8 weeks after he had known her that he proposed! And in the beginning she had basically refused to be involved with him, but then on the next chapter she goes on a date with him! It all seemed a little rushed if you ask

    16. Western meets debutantI really loved this insta love story. To top it off at the end is a bonus chapter from the next book that tells more about the character. I smiled quite a bit, but I was a bit concerned that the characters twisted a bit I. Their personalities from the first novel. I'd love to read more to see a little more of the glimpse into their personalities

    17. Shorter than I expected and it felt a little rushed. Ended well, but being at the 40% mark in the kindle file, I was surprised and disappointed to find it was finished and the rest was teaser chapters for 4 other stories.Liked the Christian element but it appeared abruptly and then didn't develop.

    18. Bull rider and the girl that's scared of horses.Wyatt starts reconsidering his need to ride bulls after meeting Heather. It's almost love at first sight. At the same time his mother has just been diagnosed with cancer. His priorities are about to change.The family characters for both Wyatt and Heather are a hoot. Busy bodies who know best. His mother, her grandmother.Good clean story.

    19. I'm not a very big fan of novellas. I didn't realize this was one when I started it. I feel that there's no time to develop the characters nor to deepen the plot when the story is so short. If I was a fan, I'd probably say this one was OK, not great.

    20. Good storyA good story and interesting characters. Would have liked some more story after the Gala. Especially since there had to be issues to deal with. The next book sounds great so far can't wait to read it.

    21. Unexpected LoveSometimes when we are going through trial and tribulations that can be the time Something special can come to us so don't let your chance slip away because it not the right time love comes when it right just be ready.

    22. A so-so romance with an uptight art museum lady and a bull riding cowboy. Yep, not the likeliest couple ever, but they get thrown together by his well-meaning mothergh.

    23. OkayMarriage between them is a lot of b.s she going to do every thing to change him to what she wants. Not what they want out of life.

    24. The Art of Falling is a great and fun short story. It is full of humor, faith, inspiration, and romance. I really enjoyed it.Recommended.5 stars.

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