My Bestfriend's Brother

My Bestfriend s Brother Sod this crap I swear if he is cheating I ll chop it off myself After Nate leaves for college together with his twin and Hope s brother the couple struggles to uplift their relationship They try to

  • Title: My Bestfriend's Brother
  • Author: M.J. Thompson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Sod this crap I swear if he is cheating, I ll chop it off myself After Nate leaves for college together with his twin and Hope s brother, the couple struggles to uplift their relationship They try to survive through phone calls and skype video chats, but it wasn t enough to quench her longing for him To remedy this, Hope plans a trip with Heather and Dean to surprise Sod this crap I swear if he is cheating, I ll chop it off myself After Nate leaves for college together with his twin and Hope s brother, the couple struggles to uplift their relationship They try to survive through phone calls and skype video chats, but it wasn t enough to quench her longing for him To remedy this, Hope plans a trip with Heather and Dean to surprise her boyfriend and their brothers But as it turns out, they were the ones in for a surprise

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    1. Ok decent story but the horrriible grammar made me want to stop reading. Seriously? Was there any editing done at all? I'm sorry if I hurt the author's feelings but come on.

    2. Why does this book have such good reviews? I actually got to chapter 8 and had to stop reading. It was poorly written, had bad grammar and so awkward to read. Feels like it was written by a 12 year old.

    3. seriously how can you read this? The grammar is so bad it's incomprehensible. And it feels like a teenager wrote this.

    4. MORE LIKE A RANT:Status: DNFSome people like it and some people don't. It's just a matter of opinion.I'm one of those people who don't. If it's any consolation, I did gave this book a chance. And I really tried to finish this, but it just wasn't that easy for me. I had to abandoned it after Chapter 9.This book has big tendency to be a good and fun read. I do like the plot, it's what intrigues me to go get a copy. But after few sentences in Prologue, I was hit with grammatical errors. I brush it [...]

    5. Even after reading all the bad reviews for this book, I really wanted to check this out myself and I thought that it wouldn’t be that bad because the synopsis sounded really cute and also this being a wattpad story piqued my interest more to read it. Besides fantasy, sometimes I enjoy reading sweet, cute and fluffy contemporary romance books too but I really hate it if it has too much sweetness with awkward romance and this one contained too much of it. I agree that it was cute read but I felt [...]

    6. Chapter 'four', really chapter three, is where I have to stop. Sorry for hating on this book, but it is possibly the worst written YA book I've ever read. Has any editing been done? There are so many grammar mistakes and misspellings. The second chapter is a repeat of the first chapter written from a different perspective except that in the second chapter, extra dialogue has been added. It should either been in the first chapter as well or not at all in the second chapter. After chapter two, it [...]

    7. WARNING: PEOPLE WHO LOVE THIS BOOK: DO NOT READ THIS, AND IF YOU DO NOT LOVE THIS BOOK, THEN READ THIS. The only thing I can say for this book- Pointless, completely and utterly pointless. * THE WRITING STYLE: Just. NO. I mean seriously, its like it was written by a 10 year old. A ten year old with bad grammar who cannot spell properly.'Know' is spelt as 'no' and I am assuming that the author meant 'threw' instead of 'through'. Not only that but, the main characters in this book are teenagers b [...]

    8. Honestly this book was okay I guess? I think the story was alright if a bit unrealistic. The grammar now, that's horrible. I won't admit to being an english major but the writing in this story is absolutely terrible. Sentences like " That was so freakingly funny" and " We will be back on the road when we finished with you." also " Waiting for the moment Ricky to put me down" were just a few of the errors I noticed right off the bat. I understand that with ebooks a lot of authors are self publish [...]

    9. The thing is that I figured this book probably wasn't going to be very good but I read it anyway. I read it because there were so many poor reviews from people who didn't finish it. I just think that is unfair. How do you know it didn't get better? I felt compelled to give it a shot even though I was skeptical. Unfortunately, in the case of this book, reading the whole thing didn't really help. In fact, it probably hurt a bit. There were a few reasons I didn't care for it. First, what I assumed [...]

    10. If you want to become a book editor, then this book will give you all the practice you need. There were way too many errors grammatical and spelling wise. There was not one paragraph without a mistake. The word 'whilst' was on every other page and it's not even a good word. The storyline was a good idea, but not executed! What was the point of having her best friend's brothers be bullies when she was in love with one of them and the bullying storyline was never continued on. Also the scar on the [...]

    11. I just want to start off saying that I have a personal rule, when I start a book I always finish it. Regardless how painful or terrible it is to get to the end I ALWAYS FINISH. To put this in perspective for you in my life time (24 years) I have finished every book except for three. This book will now be placed on the DNF list unfortunately. I think this book had a great story line; however it was completely unrealistic. I didn't felt like this was a story about something that did/could actually [...]

    12. Satus: DNF - Chap 5, maybeThis book had promise with the plot but it fell short on delivery. It should have stayed on Wattpad until it had gone through an extensive review and a professional edit. It reads awkwardly and has extensive grammar errors.I had it on my archived books in Wattpad waiting for the author to finish it. She not only took about 6 months to do so, she then proceeded to decide to publish it and leave the Wattpad version incomplete. Making the readers waiting for its completion [...]

    13. Below mediocre compared to the priceThe book felt like documented musings of a little girl (12-13 age maybe) of what goes on in the head of a little girl when she is dreaming about a certain boy she fancies. while this is not necessarily wrong basis for a book, it seems from the story and the writing that taking professional guidance may help. The book doesn't look like it has been reviewed even once. And the grammar is alien coz it's not something you hear everyday - 'and as we were sat in the [...]

    14. I first read this on Wattpad. But bought it in not only support to this author but to be able to reread it again. This is a YA story about Hope who has a crush/love interest in her best friend older brother. And the trauma she endured when he and his twin pulled way too many pranks when they were younger. Now she is just days away from her eighteenth birthday and they reconnect after several years absence. Will they get together or has there been too much pain involved? Has Nate a chance or will [...]

    15. Cute young adult storyWhile the storyline was cute you had to read a lot of unnecessary things over again because it was one of those stories that goes from one person to the next person in the thoughts or their version of what happened only was exactly what you just read from the other person. Overall the story was cute in a Tweeny kind of way. Not really my thing if you're not into young adult stories it's probably not good for you.

    16. This book had a lot of potential to be good I found out about this book on an app called wattpad. The author I think might have self published the book hence why there is so many errors and not developed properly. I am only half way through and most likely won't finish it seeing as how it seems pretty predictable and I don't like the creepy brother dean at all. However, props to MJ Thompson on getting this published and getting this on , amazon and kindle.

    17. If you read all of My Bestfriend's Brother, you may as well bite the bullet and read this one too. It is basically 30+ pages of what happens to each of the characters. All of the parts I would care the most about are summarized but at least it's a little extra closure. Definitely don't read it if you didn't read My Bestfriend's Brother and don't bother reading My Bestfriend's Brother either. It's not good. Not at all.

    18. This book, aka short short story, is best when read after the first book "My Best Friend's Brother: Young Adult Contemporary Romance". It is an alternate ending to the other book. Not a standalone book. So if I say anything about the story it would give away what happens. I can tell you that Hope and her friends take an unannounced visit to her boyfriend while he is at uni. What happens when they get there is the story here. Plus there is a epilogue here also.

    19. Will give this 3 star coz the story is terrific but the grammar is TERRIBLE!Love the story line, love Hope & her friendship with Heather but for a girl who's so close to her brother, it's weird that she didn't know which college he was at or that her best friend's brothers were at the same school. Otherwise, loved the story, I just wonder how this book got published with such terrible grammar. Maybe there's an edited version?

    20. I read this back when it was still free on Wattpad. To be honest I kept reading hoping that it would get better but it didn't really happen. The story itself was decent but like everyone else mentioned the grammar was definitely lacking. From what I remember this was published through an actual publisher so I'm having a hard time understanding why it wasn't edited like at all. If you see a book on you'd assume it would be edited and at the best it could be.

    21. This was very painful to read, but I stuck with it and even in the end I couldn't shake off the feeling that I had wasted my time.No to Slut Shaming and Insecure and one dimensional characters, the plot was there but the execution was off- definitely in need of some more editing work. Choppy sentences that don't make any sense are not my thing

    22. Awful grammar. made it difficult to read. Basic story was ok but just not wrote very well, read the same story from different authors that were much better and a lot cheaper. Some parts to rushed no depth to it , for us to fall for the characters. Glad I didn't pay for book as its not worth the price that it is down as. Not sure if I could read another of the authors books

    23. A big Thumbs down!!! Did anyone even edit this book? Terrible use of grammar and spelling errors, throughout the entire book which made it hard to read. I bought this book thinking it was going to be a good read, I am highly disappointed it is probably the worst book I have ever read.

    24. DNF stopped at 37%. I am hoping M.J. Is a junior high student, otherwise there is no excuse for this. Looking through the reviews and the "reviewers" photos. of the 5 stars are from 12 year olds.

    25. Poorly written. There was no build up the whole book was just them together. At first she hates him than she just flips a switch to magically be crazy in love with him. No that not how it works. Not a fan

    26. The beginning was slow and boring an didn't get any better as I went on reading. I just couldn't get into the book because I didn't like the way that the book was written. I really disliked the author's writing style. Gave up on reading after reading a few chapters into the book.

    27. tertarik karena judulnya. ternyata isinya biasa aja. grammernya berantakan banget. inti cerita cuma sampai setengah buku. sisanya cuma dipanjanh-panjangi aja. sayang banget karena ide ceritanya lumayan menarik.

    28. I loved the concept of the story, but there was so many things she repeatedly said over and over in the book and acted like it was a new development. The book has many mistakes and as much as I like Nate. She makes him into a total girl!

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