A Slight Change of Plan

A Slight Change of Plan Kate Everett is about to begin her second act She s been a widow for eight years and thinks it might be time to start looking for someone to share her life with again She quits her high pressure job f

  • Title: A Slight Change of Plan
  • Author: Dee Ernst
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Kate Everett is about to begin her second act She s been a widow for eight years and thinks it might be time to start looking for someone to share her life with again She quits her high pressure job for something that will allow her leisure time She gets rid of the huge family home and moves into a fabulous condo that s smaller and easier to manage She s prettyKate Everett is about to begin her second act She s been a widow for eight years and thinks it might be time to start looking for someone to share her life with again She quits her high pressure job for something that will allow her leisure time She gets rid of the huge family home and moves into a fabulous condo that s smaller and easier to manage She s pretty much got the rest of her life figured out All she has to do is sit back, relax, and let the pieces fall into place.But her real life never gets the memo First, her son moves back in with her along with his girlfriend Her dream job falls through, leaving her unemployed Her mother, whom she hadn t spoken to in years, can no longer live alone and has to move into her basement And her only daughter is planning the smallest and simplest wedding in the history of all weddings, much to Kate s dismay.Kate thinks that she and Jake, her former college love who has reemerged on an online dating site, of all places, can build something real, and that maybe her happy ending is in front of her at last But the arrival of Edward, her daughter s future father in law, presents Kate with an unexpected choice It looks like real happiness may require a slight change of plan.

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    1. 3.5 Stars! Fun chick-lit about dating again in your 50's!A pleasant, amusing read but a little too "long in the tooth"! Some portions of the story could have been a little less wordy. I did enjoy the overall premise, the humor and could relate to some of the family situations, especially when she talked about caring for her elderly mother. The setting was also familiar to me since I live near the area where the story takes place, that was very enjoyable and made it easy to envision it all in my [...]

    2. From page one of this delicious contemporary romance, A Slight Change of Plan,I had a smile on my face. Such is the clever, witty and delightful prose of Dee Ernst. Kate Everett has decided it's time to move on to 'the next phase' of her life. Time to explore the possibility of new love, downsize her home, attempt to downsize her responsibilities. However, nothing is ever as simple as it appears. Her estranged mother causes grief, an old flame tempts her to resurrect their steamy college relatio [...]

    3. I almost always enjoy a book that has a Baby Boomer as the main character, and A SLIGHT CHANGE OF PLAN stands out as one of the very best. With a voice that's all her own, Dee Ernst tackles the difficulties of caring for aging parents, challenges of young adult children, and unexpected consequences of entering the world of online dating. But this book doesn't just address the challenges of growing older. It's also about friendship, perseverance, and adaptability. Written with humor and warmth, t [...]

    4. I received an advanced reader copy and this is my absolutely honest review for no compensation whatsoever. No spoilers - just a general outline. *I realize this is on the audio version and will move it to the print version when available.Dee Ernst has done it again. After the first 100 pages, I actually got out a highlighter to mark favorite favorite lines and conversations. At one point I was laughing so hard I dropped the book and just couldn't stop. (Y'all will know where, when you read about [...]

    5. First by this author, but not the last. Very well done. I was a little disappointed in the love triangle and how everything played out. But it was a minor thing relative to the overall enjoyment of the book. I will definitely read more by this author.

    6. 4.5 rounded down because the heroine's sexytimes were "onscreen" for every guy but the one she ended up with. This book explored the "what if"s of a second chance with the one who got away and I walked away with a whole new perspective on love and regrets - so thank you, Dee Ernst.Kate's a 55yo widow with three adult children. Eight years after the death of her unfaithful husband, she's finally ready to date again. Her son's girlfriend introduces her to online dating. Hilarity and the reality of [...]

    7. As a woman "of a certain age" myself, I really identified with this character. It was refreshing to read a romance about a more mature main character.I was immediately engaged in the story, and it held my interest from beginning to end. Kate Everett, a 55 year-old widow with 3 grown children, decides that it is time to sell the large family home and move into a lower maintenance townhome. She has a teaching job lined up and plans to learn golf in her free time. She even joins an online dating si [...]

    8. Fifty something and independent Kate's life is in for a change when she agrees to try online dating. It doesn't take her long to have a decidedly nonchalant attitude about dating after years of well, not dating. I wonder whether she was as confused as I was of her feelings about her relationship with Tom. She says she likes him but…One of her friends has an excruciatingly embarrassing turn of events during an intimate encounter with a new man in her life. That one will be tough to get over. Yi [...]

    9. Last year I did something I rarely do. I bought Dee Ernst’s debut novel, Better Off Without Him (2010), an eBook, without having read a single review or having one friend recommend it. I bought it based solely on the description of a romance writer with teenage children going through a divorce with the help of her friends and a sexy plumber, and I consider it one of my smartest book buys of 2012. I loved the book. I laughed so loudly that my family asked me to share the joke. When I saw A Slig [...]

    10. I don't think I've ever rated a book this low. I so wanted to like it because I found myself in similar circumstances at about the same age, but I thought the writing was so prosaic with cliched phrasing and predictable plot points. I couldn't wait to finish it and usually, I feel the opposite about books. In a word, meh

    11. My first book on my KindleI chose this book because I liked the story line and I wasn't disappointed. The characters were very believable and likeable (except for Elaine!). I will read Dee Ernst again!

    12. When Kate Fremont Everett decides to make some changes in her life, she has been a widow for eight years, her children are mostly grown, and definitely out of the house. Oldest son Jeff lives in the West Village with his partner Gabe; daughter Regan is planning her wedding with Phil; and Sam is a perpetual student on his way to his Ph.D. And finally, after all these years, she has left her law practice, planning to teach a few classes at a nearby college. At fifty-five, she believes there is sti [...]

    13. A SLIGHT CHANGE OF PLAN is such a funny book. Everyone should have a best friend like Cheryl! Past 50 years of age and growing pot in the middle of your roses on the patio? to be discovered by your adult children?A phrase in the book that perfectly describes life (and the book) is "There's an old saying - man plans, God laughs. And let me tell you, he has an interesting sense of humor." Kate has it all planned. She's sold the huge house, purchased a condo, and then God laughed!Suddenly, she has [...]

    14. A Slight Change of Plan is a wonderful story that I really enjoyed reading. The characters are fantastic. They made me laugh out loud, shake my head in annoyance, and want to join them all at Kate’s monthly spaghetti dinner. I adored the main character, Kate. She is strong, matter of fact, and has a certain wisdom about her that only comes from learning from the past. She loves her family and her friends and even though she is scared she is willing to try new things in hopes of creating more h [...]

    15. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I know people say that if you don’t think you can relate to a main character, you might want to a pass on a book. This I don’t agree with. Some of my favorite books have featured mothers and women either much older or younger than me, and I’ve had a fine time reading their stories. A Slight Change of Plan falls into that category. Kate is fifty-five and a widow, with three grown children. I’m twenty-six, recently married, ze [...]

    16. A Slight Change of Plan is a smart, witty and engaging novel about love and life, wonderfully capturing the challenges of middle age woman reinventing herself after her husband has gone and her children are grown up. A pragmatist with a romantic soul, Kate is a wholly likeable protagonist and I'd be happy to share a glass of wine, or a spaghetti dinner, with her any time. The situations Kate are faced with are ones many mature women can relate to from the irritation of hot flushes to the concern [...]

    17. I didn't think that this was as funny as the reviews on led me to believe. However, there were some parts that did make me laugh. The story had some parts that were pretty unrealistic. If I had friends and neighbors as loose and fun as some of these women, I probably would be having a lot more fun in my life. Things seemed to really work out for her and I liked that since I read to escape and don't always like to read about problems. But, some of this was too perfect even for me. But, don't not [...]

    18. I like stories about people who are at middle-age or older. This was a good, down-to-earth main character trying to find her way with plenty of obstacles in her path. A fun beach read.

    19. Again, Dee Ernst outdid herself! This was the best book ever! I laughed from the first page to the last. Possibly I loved this book so much because I live in the area in which most of the "action" takes place. Possibly because my Grandmother was very much like Kate's mom, a little flamboyant and very free, and mostly independent, and quite unconventional. I liked that all three of Kate's children were all different and that they and Dee had problems from the start but in the end it all worked ou [...]

    20. her cheating husband died, her grown kids are out of the house. she signed up for on line dating and her old x boyfriend contacted her. she sold her house, bought a condoe dated one guy, i didnt like him. then the x boyfriend and then the father in law of her daughter. her mother had to come and live in her basement, couldnt live alone. they did not speak for 8 yrs her mom would hang up on her when she would call once a month. she had a married sister with kids who helped. she had a nice group o [...]

    21. A cute story - if you are looking for something fun (light reading) it's a good story. I read this over the summer in the pool and it was fun. It actually was not a predictable as I thought it would be, which was a surprise.

    22. This was a light and cute book. I enjoyed the narration and the story. The characters were fun and entertaining and I really liked all the elements of the story. It was a nice summer read that wasn't too heavy.

    23. Great ReadBeing a woman of a certain age, I found this to be a delightful story heavy, just an easy read. The end left me feeling pleased. Certainly would recommend for a summer vacation book.

    24. Just OKIt was good in the beginning but didn't really care for the ending. It was a very dry and boring end to a book that started off so well!

    25. Real womenRe-read this book, and it still gets 5 stars. Kate seems like a real woman, and decisions the ones you might find in real life.

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