The Beastly Beatitudes of Balthazar B

The Beastly Beatitudes of Balthazar B The New York Times Book Review called The Beastly Beatitudes of Balthazar B J P Donleavy s hilarious bittersweet tale of a lost young man s existential odyssey a triumphant piece of writing achiev

  • Title: The Beastly Beatitudes of Balthazar B
  • Author: J.P. Donleavy
  • ISBN: 9780802137968
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Paperback
  • The New York Times Book Review called The Beastly Beatitudes of Balthazar B, J P Donleavy s hilarious, bittersweet tale of a lost young man s existential odyssey, a triumphant piece of writing, achieved with that total authority, total mastery which shows that a fine writer is fully extended In the years before and after World War II, Balthazar B is the world s lasThe New York Times Book Review called The Beastly Beatitudes of Balthazar B, J P Donleavy s hilarious, bittersweet tale of a lost young man s existential odyssey, a triumphant piece of writing, achieved with that total authority, total mastery which shows that a fine writer is fully extended In the years before and after World War II, Balthazar B is the world s last shy, elegant young man Born to riches in Paris and raised by his governess, Balthazar is shipped off to a British boarding school, where he meets the noble but naughty Beefy The duo matriculate to Trinity College, Dublin, where Balthazar reads zoology and Beefy prepares for holy orders, all the while sharing amorous adventures high and low, until their university careers come to an abrupt and decidedly unholy end Written with trademark bravado and a healthy dose of sincerity, The Beastly Beatitudes of Balthazar B is vintage Donleavy.

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    1. How in the world to describe this book??? It's like one of those abstract paintings, where you get too close and it's just blobs of colour. As a reader, I needed to hold it at arm's length, so to speak, disengage my analytic mind and just go with the emotion and enjoy the words. I started reading in analytical mode and was nearly driven to distraction by the sentence fragments, the minimal puncutation, the constant changes from first person to third person.Once I quit trying to focus too sharply [...]

    2. Balthazar B. is an aristocrat bewildered at every turn by life. His picaresque journey from Paris to Trinity College Dublin and visitations to country estates and among women of high and dubious social standing is hilarious to behold. The randy foil figure of Beefy may stand as one of the greatest comic figures since Shakespeare's Fat Jack Falstaff. The literary style of Donleavy is itself richly laden with lyricism and poetry and comedy. It is a uniquely pointillistic style in which brush strok [...]

    3. Much like The Ginger Man this novel housed the irreverent, the gross out, and the just plain funny. Loads of disgusting sexual antics, pervs, and frigid marms. Four or five vignettes through the book are straight up classic. A really entertaining and humorous read.

    4. This book doesnt leave you feeling happy, it leaves you amazed at the writers ability to write something so beautiful about a life so hazardous. It makes you miss those friends who always cause trouble, get drunk and make asses out of themselves while making witty comments the whole time and not giving a shit. Alot of fun =)

    5. At the time I read this I was also reading another book with an obsession of using fragmented sentences and beautiful descriptions of landscapes. I can say that while this book was not necessarily uplifting, it was truly entertaining especially due to the role of Beefy (whose sexual escapades cannot go unnoticed). If you know Donleavy's writing, you will love it even more so than the Ginger Man.

    6. اگر شما جزو آن‌دسته از افراد نيستيد كه معتقدند، «پول الزاماً شادي نمي‌آورد.» خواندن اين كتاب را به شما توصيه مي‌كنم. جي. پي. دانليوي در اين رمان، پرتره‌اي از نجيب‌زادگي ناشاد را به تصوير مي‌كشد كه با بسياري از نمونه‌هايي كه در زندگي‌مان مشاهده كرده‌ايم هم‌خواني دارد. از [...]

    7. The Life of Pi novel shares a thematic basis with J.P. Donleavy's The Beastly Beatitudes of Balthazar B, a literary wonder. The protagonist, Balthazar, is studying zoology, while his friend Beefy studies theology. Balthazar and Beefy come of age while exploring their hedonistic and spiritual natures. I love the way Donleavy breaks all the rules of grammar and goes straight to the funny bone.I recommend both of these books to readers who enjoy beautifully crafted stories that take on animal vs. s [...]

    8. Well, this was quite different than I thought it would be. I thought it would be something along the lines of Three Men in a Boat or Wodehouse, but while it was often comedic, there were long stretches of sadness, and the overall tone of the book is somewhat sorrowful. I also thought it would be something I could recommend to my mother, but it is far too vulgar for that. I did enjoy the book, however.

    9. One of my all-time favorites. Beautiful, funny, sad. I am a big J.P. Donleavy fan, and I believe this book was my first introduction to his work. He somehow manages to be hilarious, bawdy, and poetic all at once. If you have never read his stuff, dive in! His style is extremely idiosyncratic, entirely his own. Push through what may at first seem a mannered style and you will be richly rewarded. As he has written, "Bash on, regardless."

    10. back in my twenties I read a number of Donleavy's books and loved them. Re-read this for book club and was reminded why.even named my cat after reading this book.have put him back on my list of books to re-read

    11. Classic, irreverant Donleavy. I would have enjoyed, or so I suppose, sitting in a Dublin pub and quaffing a few with him. Would have had an escape route ready, of course.

    12. A fantastic read. Donleavy writes with a vulnerable voice and its that very voice that keeps you entertained the whole way throughn't wait to read the rest of the work of this brilliant man.

    13. Laugh out loud funny -- which I did. And people around looked at me like I had lost my mind. Which I had -- cause this is So funny!When I time I'll re-read for sure.

    14. Coming of age hilariously. You can end ever chapter with a couplet and it feels reassuring not ridiculous.

    15. Oh the heartbreak of apathy and folly! This book is beautiful; truly one of my favorites. From the first page Donleavy's prose astounded me.

    16. Funny and at times heart-wrenching. Completely different. I got used to the unique writing style by the second chapter, I think. Push through the first pages and you get the rhythm. So worth it!

    17. My favorite of his books. Funny and Sad and Beautiful. The Irish have a way of infusing more poetry into their prose then most poets put in the best of their poetry.

    18. Another sad, funny masterpiece from Mr Donleavy. One of this best and most heart-wrenching. Balthazar B. is a kind, generous man who's taken advantage of by almost everyone except his best friend Beefy and fewer than a handful of extraordinary women.

    19. Immediate. Crass. Engaging. Compelling. Hilarious. Heartbreaking. Brilliant. Donleavy's book is a flawless and fiery story about 'the last gentleman', Balthazar B. This is unforgettable, and beautiful.

    20. Unique style, exhilarating farces, poignant tragedy. Enjoyed but have little clue what it's about but I know my redeemer liveth. Lit skills gone down the crapper, need literature club T.T

    21. I eventually gave up on this one, with some relief, two thirds of the way through, somewhere around where Balthazar is ejected from Trinity.I picked it up as the Ginger Man is one of my favourite novels and I was occasionally curious on why no other Donleavy novel is ever discussed, despite his output. It saddens me a little to say it, but, having tried 300pages or so of this, I don't plan to pick up another. He essentially tries to light the same style as the Ginger Man here, where the secret i [...]

    22. Ah Balthazar what a charmed sad youth you were. This was my first Donleavy and it was darn tootin' great? Erotic and bawdy in a way that was both funny and touching at the same time, the tale of an innocent exposed to the dirt, sex and painful passions of experience. I love the way the narrative very occasionally slips from third to first person, which gives all the tradgedy and sadness a sort of fuzzy glow, as if these are memories looked back on with a nostalgic fondness rather than regret. Ba [...]

    23. I still actually have about 100 pages to go, but I'm setting it aside indefinitely.1. The first 150 or so pages were great, but it slows down when he loses his governess and goes away to boarding school and gets utterly dull once he reaches college. You get the sense that Donleavy had this one great idea but got bored as he was writing it.2. The slapstick moments in Donleavy's books just don't hold up. Writing humor that ages well is nearly, but not entirely, impossible.3. He writes dialogue so [...]

    24. along withthe ginger man, this is the best i've read by him. rowdy young students having lewd adventures while pondering questions philosophical, religious, and moral. i can imagine donleavy really getting on some people's nerves, but if you're not one of those people his books are lots of fun. still,the ginger man's the one to read.

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