Jane's Harmony

Jane s Harmony Sequel to the New York Times bestseller Jane s Melody Starting over is hard to do That s what forty year old Jane McKinney learns when she quits her job sells her home and leaves Seattle behind to s

  • Title: Jane's Harmony
  • Author: Ryan Winfield
  • ISBN: 9781476771250
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sequel to the New York Times bestseller Jane s Melody.Starting over is hard to do.That s what forty year old Jane McKinney learns when she quits her job, sells her home, and leaves Seattle behind to start a new life and pursue the man she loves in Austin After the death of her daughter, Melody, Jane never thought she would find happiness again until she met Caleb CumminSequel to the New York Times bestseller Jane s Melody.Starting over is hard to do.That s what forty year old Jane McKinney learns when she quits her job, sells her home, and leaves Seattle behind to start a new life and pursue the man she loves in Austin After the death of her daughter, Melody, Jane never thought she would find happiness again until she met Caleb Cummings Sensitive, loving, and mature beyond his years, Caleb is a handsome young musician struggling to make ends meet But when his fortunes take an unexpected and drastic turn for the better, Jane is left wondering where exactly she fits in.Can you ever leave the past behind Jane must now decide if she really is willing to commit to a new beginning with Caleb or if some wounds are just too deep to ever truly mend.

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    1. 5 Stars!!!I read Jane’s Melody last year and I fell in love with the characters, with the story and the writing. Jane and Caleb are truly something special and I’m so happy the author decided to give us a sequel. It’s not often that I love a book and it’s sequel equally, but that is whats happened here. Jane’s Harmony was just as good as the first!Jane and Caleb are far away from Seattle. They’re living in Texas now. Caleb is following his dream and Jane is supporting him along the w [...]

    2. Jane’s Story . . .Dear Friends,I received messages from many of you after you had read JANE’S MELODY, saying that you were not ready yet to say goodbye to Jane and to Caleb in that little Austin apartment. The truth is I wasn’t either.Writing is an immersive process for me. I had walked every step of Jane’s journey in this first book. I had smelled the grass in the cemetery, seen the Seattle skyline at sunset from a ferry deck, and found someone I was searching for on an old Pioneer Squa [...]

    3. Now LIVE on *********************4.5 stars!!It’s ironic that for a romance reader like myself, romance by itself bores me. The books that make the strongest, lasting impressions are the ones that don’t just give me a love story. They give me a life story. I can say that for me, Jane and Caleb’s journey has been just that – a beautiful second chance romance infused with a deep, meaningful story of their trial-and-errors in life and the hard-earned, rewarding results from their efforts. Th [...]

    4. 5 I'M IN LOVE WITH CALEB STARS <33"You wanna know something?""I'm crazy in love with you." (Caleb)(And I'm so in love with you Caleb *sigh* :))) ) What a lovely book!I really enjoed it!OMG how much I missed Caleb and Jane!!They're one of my favorite couples!I loved them in Jane's Melody and I adored them in Jane's Harmony!What I loved more about this series is that both books where so realistic!!"You know something, Caleb,I never new I could be so in love with anyone in all my life." Like all [...]

    5. 4.5--A True Love Story--Stars!!Such a wonderful conclusion to Caleb and Jane's love story! I wasn't ready to say goodbye to Caleb and Jane in Jane's Melody. I just didn't feel like their story was overd it was really only just beginning! "As an artist, he has always been interested in love. As a man, he had always been fearful of it. But when he thought of Jane, he knew what true love was, and he knew beyond any doubt that it had the power to see anything and everything through."Jane has left he [...]

    6. ♥♥♥ 4.5 Stars ♥♥♥● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●“Life is filled with questions, and love is the answer to every one of them.”● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●After finding out that there would be a sequel to the book Jane's Melody, I was so excited. I loved the first book and just fell in love with the characters and their story. So, thank you, Ryan Winfield, for giving us more of Jane and Caleb. Now th [...]

    7. Caleb and Jane are back together and figuring out their lives in Austin. Jane is looking for a job and Caleb is working and still singing and writing songs around town. That changes when Jane opens up a door for him. Jane and Caleb together is a wonderful thing. They are just so sweet togetherd right. But I was a disappointed not to get their big reunion at the beginning of this book! The book basically has a lot about their regular day in and day out livesgether and apart. There's some drama in [...]

    8. Wonderful sequel, 4 Musical Stars!I am not a fan of follow on books about the same couple but I adored Jane's Melody so I just had to read this to see if it could live up to the beauty of it's predecessor.Jane has followed Caleb to Texas to be with him so that he can follow his dreams of becoming a musician. At first it's hard for Jane, to be stuck in a run down apartment, no job, Caleb out all day and nothing to do but she is determined to make it work.Caleb gets an opportunity to appear on a r [...]

    9. 4.5 ☆.Another thoughtful, well written and feel good treat from Ryan, I truly loved it, can't wait for #3.

    10. 4.5 perfectly loved-up starsJane's Melody finished beautifully, but I was eager for more of Jane and Caleb, and Ryan Winfield didn’t let me down! He has delivered a beautiful sequel without falling into the trap of creating drama for drama’s sake, and instead we get fantastic continuation, watching Jane and Caleb settle into their new life together and face a whole new set of challenges. Jane has left her old life behind to move to Austin to be with Caleb and support him while he chases his [...]

    11. Rating: 5 out of 5.As much as I was excited for this sequel, a part of me was wary about what this book would bring for Jane and Caleb and what it would mean for their relationship. So many times, I have read sequels and trilogies of contemporary romances where there is a happy ending but along the way I lose whatever faith I have in the protagonists' relationship. I find that I am left unsure about the longevity of their relationship and that I don't think a happy ever after is realistic. But i [...]

    12. ARC provided by publisher through NetGalley for an honest review4.5 SWEET SWEET STARSWow this was so sweet. It just tugged at my heart. I want a Caleb in my life. No matter what, Caleb never wavered in his love and devotion to Jane. I think there is a part in both books where he muses on the fact that when he met Jane for the first time he knew he was home. That everything made sense and he was no longer alone or scared. That's love and that's what this book is. I love the first book and I loved [...]

    13. 5 ★★★★★ lovely stars I read Jane's Melody, almost exactly one year to the day I started this book. In my review for Jane's Melody, I wrote: "Ryan Winfield you have a new fan.". With this addition to the series, he didn't disappoint! I am as big a fan as ever. Ryan Winfield knows how to write a love story. This is about true love, love that is unwavering, faithful and supportive. It's about two people who despite the odds against them fight for one another. I loved the strength both Jan [...]

    14. I loved Jane's Melody so when Jane's Harmony was released I couldn't pass up the chance to revisit one of my favorite couples. This story starts where Jane's Melody ends and we follow the journey of two people who are devoted to each other but face challenges of their new life. Caleb is such a refreshing character. A hot sexy singer that loves his music but bases his decisions in humility and never compromises his beliefs. Jane has felt so much grief, taking a chance on a life with Caleb breaks [...]

    15. I really enjoyed the first book in this series so I was excited when I saw that the author wrote another book to make this a series. There is something about his writing that I find comforting - like a warm blanket. I am not sure of a better way to describe it. His books have emotions embedded in them - happiness, sadness, etc but through it all the story shines through and doesn't get lost. His characters are genuine, real and relatable. He is absolutely on my list of favorite authors. With tha [...]

    16. This sequel was just as heartwarming as book 1. In the beginning I was mindful of the 15 year age difference, but I soon forgot about it as Jane and Caleb just complimented each other so well. The writing was just seamless and there was no doubt in my mind that Jane and Caleb would make it. The author delivered this story in a way that the reader just felt their love and devotion to each other. You know when you get your clothes out of the dryer and they are all warm and cozy, that's how I felt [...]

    17. Jane's Harmony is the perfect conclusion to Caleb and Jane's story which began in Jane's Melody. Their love for each other is solid and true and doesn't waver, but that doesn't mean everything is smooth sailing either. In this book Caleb is torn between going home to be true to himself and his music, or continuing on the reality show so he can secure a record contract and be able to provide for Jane. Jane is also faced with a major decision that effects both their lives. Ryan Winfield is a very [...]

    18. Perfect Ending.Now that is what I call a perfect ending to a beautiful love storyAfter reading Ryan Winfield s Park Service Trilogy my only complaint was the ending but this story ending more than made up for it. Being a longtime fan of American Idol and an even bigger fan of The Voice, I enjoyed the behind the scenes look at the reality TV show.

    19. A perfect tale of two people, life's ups and downs and the power of true loveJane's Harmony is a sequel to Jane's Melody. This romance novel reminds you that two people can find true love despite the turmoil each individual has endured. It allows you to realize that everything will be ok as long as you are truly loved by your mate.

    20. Aw man, the blurb makes me nervous! I hope there'll be no cheating or "technically" not cheating. *sighs* But I'm still so excited for this!

    21. Loved this 2nd part to Jane's Melody. I loved that we get to see how Jane's and Caleb's relationship grows. This was an easy read, kind of helped me relax.

    22. 4.5 Amazing Stars!Review by Jen Hagen I am in awe of Ryan Winfield’s writing in this series. Maybe it’s because I’m a 42-year-old female that can relate to the main female character of the same age. Sometimes I need I need a break from the high-school/college romance and his writing style is one that caters to the more mature reader but still gives it an edge to it with the sexy scenes. Jane’s Harmony continues where Jane’s Melody left off. Jane has sold her home and belongings in Seat [...]

    23. JANE'S HARMONY is a continuation of "Jane's Melody," Caleb and Jane's heartwarming love story. If you haven't read Jane's Melody, I highly recommend you read it, if you enjoy a tender, love story with flawed characters who struggle with their own internal demons, but at the same time, embark on a journey of self-discovery, self-awareness and make the best out of life, even under tragic circumstances.In JANE'S HARMONY readers are once again treated to Ryan Winfield's soulful and lyrical writing s [...]

    24. 4.5 LOVE CONQUERS ALL STARS!“ARC was kindly given to me in exchange for an honest review via Atria books”I knew immediately before starting to read Jane’s Harmony that I was in for a real treat! I have been a loyal fan of Mr. Winfield for quite some time now. He hooked me after I discovered his novel, South of Bixby Bridge. His books are always written with class, are poetically solid and are practically flawless. I promise you with Jane’s Harmony, he brings his readers yet again another [...]

    25. Jane and Caleb in Harmony Forever!Jane’s Harmony is the continuing love story of Jane and Caleb, both separately immersed in inner conflict yet finding solace and peace when together. Jane has made a decision to leave her home on Bainbridge Island in Washington State to follow her heart and join her true love and soul mate in Austin, Texas. Reality strikes as Jane needs to find a job and Caleb lives the life of a struggling musician with a regular job on the side. Living in Caleb’s meager ap [...]

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