Adolf in Wonderland

Adolf in Wonderland In an alternate version of the future where Hitler had conquered the entire world during WW and developed society into his vision of utopia an SS officer is on a mission to find and exterminate the

  • Title: Adolf in Wonderland
  • Author: Carlton Mellick III
  • ISBN: 9781621050780
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Paperback
  • In an alternate version of the future where Hitler had conquered the entire world during WW2 and developed society into his vision of utopia, an SS officer is on a mission to find and exterminate the last imperfect human on Earth Following his trail leads the young Nazi to a small town hidden in the middle of the desert, a place that has been cut off from society for so lIn an alternate version of the future where Hitler had conquered the entire world during WW2 and developed society into his vision of utopia, an SS officer is on a mission to find and exterminate the last imperfect human on Earth Following his trail leads the young Nazi to a small town hidden in the middle of the desert, a place that has been cut off from society for so long that it has developed its own strange and disturbing culture Thus begins Mellick s dreamlike adventure that takes a young descendent of Adolf Hitler s design and sends him down the rabbit hole into a world of imperfection and disorder, where even the laws of reality itself don t seem to apply.A tribute to both Franz Kafka and Lewis Carroll, Adolf in Wonderland is a perfect read for fans of the bizarro genre.

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    1. I'm sorry, but I have to disagree with anyone who has anything even remotely negative to say about this book. The reviews thus far have been positive, though I am concerned by some of the critical statements. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but you should keep in mind one of the few defining characteristics of Bizarro fiction. It should be fun. Here I believe Mellick has succeeded and will continue to succeed in his writing. His stories, no matter how simplistic or weird they may appear, [...]

    2. Absurdity to the point of boredom. There were some interesting descriptions and concepts but there was far too much pointlessness to it all.

    3. This is an interesting story. Nazi Germany meets Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. Two unnamed soldiers of Nazi Germany are off to search for the last imperfect men. After being knocked out he finds himself in a world of chaos and imperfect. After reading a name on his uniform he thinks that he is Adolf (and other people do to). The book is full of misadventures and strange beings/people. Bizarro fiction at it's best. The writer really is creative and have a lot of imagination and I bet a lit [...]

    4. It's hard to rate and review a book like this. It's tempting to say, "Well that was weird" but that's the point, eh? Or maybe there was no point And I guess I need a novel to have a point. Maybe there was something about the pursuit of perfection and how it is ultimately subjective, but maybe there wasn't. Maybe it was just weird. Or maybe, like in Dallas, it was all a dream.

    5. This book was absolutely atrocious. Even for bizarro fiction the prose was terrible and I found that it had the mindset of an ill informed middle school student trying their hand at writing. The sentences were entirely too fragmented for my taste even if they were written that way on purpose. There is a lack of description and character development. The author will describe one thing vague detail and leave the rest plain. The over use of "ish" such as "youngish", "Hitlerish" left me greatly aggr [...]

    6. What can I say. Pretty nonsensical. Mellick is hit or miss for me. This was pretty much a miss. Then again, I didn't care for Alice in Wonderland either.

    7. An amnesiac officer on the hunt for the last imperfect man in a future ruled by the nazis that won World War Two, finds himself in a twisted wonderland where nothing is what it first appears to be. Every person he comes across is imperfect but not in the way he assumes his prey (that he can't remember) to be.

    8. If I thought Carlton Mellick III was a one trick pony this book proved me wrong.Mellick is a good writer, but the other books I've read by him did not demonstrate his true ability. This book was written masterfully. The language fits, it never seems to be out of place. The sentences vary, the vocabulary is rich, and the symbolism is deep. I can see some people having a problem with the repetition, but it is done in a poetic way that really drives the meaning and philosophy behind the story.The c [...]

    9. Mix Alice in Wonderland with mutants and Nazis, and you get Adolf in Wonderland, a Bizarro book with interesting visuals, but little else to offer.The main problem of the book is also what should be the "point" of the story, in that it repetitiously goes over the same lines repeatedly:"I am looking for an imperfect man.""Imperfect? In what way?""I do do not know, because I do not remember. I must" And here, we get a long recap every few pages that reminds me vaguely of the song "There's a Hole i [...]

    10. Adolf In Wonderland is a brilliant book and here's why. There are parallels to not only Alice In Wonderland but The Metamorphosis which was written by a brilliant writer named Franz Kafka. Mellick has blended these two stories together while staying totally original. You can see the influence but he's made Wonderland a story that isn't exactly like either book.I truly felt for Adolf as he struggled through this place filled with imperfection and he has this idea that he's the one who is perfect [...]

    11. I’ve been thinking about trying to be less perfect lately, so I picked this book up at the right time. Adolf in Wonderland is the story of a man pursuing an imperfection that he is unable to identify through an imperfect world full of imperfect characters. Imperfect by Adolf’s standards, I mean- many of the characters and settings are really interesting, both in design and by their actions/attributes. It combines the strict order and control of the Nazis with the absurd freedom of Wonderland [...]

    12. My first thought - which, I'm sure anyone who reads ANYTHING about Carlton Mellick III will find - is that this book is meant for those with a love for the abstract, the perverse and the *genuinely* twisted. That said, this was utterly fant-abulous.This is the story of the futility in the pursuit of perfection with a demented twist to drive the concept further home by taking one of the most infamous groups of perfectionists in human history - the Nazis. Set in a world where WWII came up Adolf - [...]

    13. This is the first book in a Bizarro genre that I have read so I wasn't entirely sure what to expect.The blurb on the back of this book grabbed me straight away - "In an alternate version of the future, where Hitler had conquered the entire world during WW2" and "A tribute to both Franz Kafka and Lewis Carroll" it intrigued me very much and made me excited to delve into this.The whole plot story is basically "Hitler" has fallen into another dimension where nothing makes sense and everything in th [...]

    14. Adolf Hitler sets off searching for the last imperfect man on earth and stumbles upon a miniature town in the middle of the desert. Next thing he knows he is knocked unconscious and finds himself in a whole world of chaos and "imperfection." Adolf (if he really is Adolf?) is bombarded with obstacle after obstacle of weird proportions on his journey. Warthog men, an eel God and giant robotic insects are just some of the things that you'll come across on these pages.Adolf in Wonderland is short, s [...]

    15. Good idea, poorly executed. I was entertained by the weirdness and humor in it, but some passages felt forced. At times I felt like he'd written it one way and then edited out some of the verbs and adjectives and tried to replace them with odd alternativeske he'd turned the book into a Mad Lib at some point, perhaps out of frustration, perhaps because he wanted to be more original or weird. The repetition gets old fast too, but since it's obviously functional I tried to let it slide.Definitely l [...]

    16. My brother gave me this for Christmas (along with an OJ Simpson trial collectible POG set - very good at gift giving). I felt uncomfortable at first because of the whole Nazi thing, but I finally decided to go through a few pages before getting rid of it. I read it all, not to say that it's a good book or anything. The writing is absolutely terrible. It doesn't really go into if the Nazis won the war, it's a wacky dreamlike story about an SS guy trying to find the last imperfect guy and extermin [...]

    17. i was very excited to read this book i went and ordered it and everything. i was very let down when i got it for one it was super short for another it seemed like it was written for a 5th grader. i guess u live and learn.

    18. This was a very very weird book! I really can not describe it because it really did not make a lot of sense! Reminds me of "Alice in Wonderland," probably, thus the name "Adolf in Wonderland." Very very very strange!

    19. i thought this book was good read. the only thing i did not like was that they did not name the place where there are

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