Die Spione von Myers Holt: Gefährliche Gabe

Die Spione von Myers Holt Gef hrliche Gabe Der zw lfj hrige Chris Lane kann es kaum fassen Ausgerechnet er der Halbwaise aus rmlichsten Verh ltnissen soll ber ein au ergew hnliches Talent verf gen Er kann Gedanken lesen und in das Bewusstsei

  • Title: Die Spione von Myers Holt: Gefährliche Gabe
  • Author: M.M. Vaughan
  • ISBN: 9783423760805
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Der zw lfj hrige Chris Lane kann es kaum fassen Ausgerechnet er, der Halbwaise aus rmlichsten Verh ltnissen, soll ber ein au ergew hnliches Talent verf gen Er kann Gedanken lesen und in das Bewusstsein anderer Menschen eindringen Dank dieser Gabe wird er auf die Myers Holt Academy aufgenommen Was zun chst nach renommiertem Eliteinternat klingt, entpuppt sich als SitzDer zw lfj hrige Chris Lane kann es kaum fassen Ausgerechnet er, der Halbwaise aus rmlichsten Verh ltnissen, soll ber ein au ergew hnliches Talent verf gen Er kann Gedanken lesen und in das Bewusstsein anderer Menschen eindringen Dank dieser Gabe wird er auf die Myers Holt Academy aufgenommen Was zun chst nach renommiertem Eliteinternat klingt, entpuppt sich als Sitz des MI 18, einer Sektion des britischen Geheimdienstes, in dem Kinder als Nachwuchsagenten ausgebildet werden Dort ist Chris Hilfe bitter n tig Ein unbekannter Junge hat k rzlich n mlich Anschl ge auf wichtige Mitglieder der Regierung ausge bt F r Chris und seine Freunde beginnt ein gef hrliches Abenteuer

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    1. AWESOME BOOK!!!! The story is about a boy called Chris who finds out he can enter people's minds. The minds in The Ability are like cities and each city is different for every person. The characters are really believable and interesting. For example, at the beginning, you think that Rex is a bully but as you read on you learn that Rex is actually really funny and just gets things wrong. Chris has a really hard life but he is such a nice person even though he's gone through everything that he has [...]

    2. Best book ever according to my son! He got his copy a day before release and, not only did he finish it but he's already started to read it again - that's how much he loved it.I can see how this will be a 5 star or 1 star book - 1 star from adults who are uncomfortable with the dark content (and boy is it dark at times!) and 5 stars from anybody who gets how much kids will like it for exactly that reason! It's funny too.On a side note, from a parent point of view, it brought up some great issues [...]

    3. The excitement at my school about this author is unprecedented! A group of students went to see her speak when she came to visit from England on her book tour and it has had a snowball effect. I finally got round to reading it and can see exactly why the book has had such a reaction - it is fast-paced, full of details about the mind that are original and clever and full of humor. There are criticisms - I do think that some of the side characters need fleshing out (but it is the first in a series [...]

    4. I am a total sucker for middle grade novels about special schools and kids with powers. Perhaps it's because I grew up reading Harry Potter, and am still on the hunt for that elusive book that will mean as much to me, though I know that will likely not happen, because I'm an adult now and less able to appreciate the magic. Still, for all that I'm not likely to find something as amazing as Harry Potter is, my middle grade choices have yet to fail me. The Ability is a darker-than-usual middle grad [...]

    5. Wow! Great book!!! If you love anything about England (like me) - this book is a must-have. Really fun. Bit like Harry Potter but older. I really recommend it. i can't wait for book 2!!!

    6. I work in a bookstore and a kid recommended this to me. Usually it's the other way round! Kid was right--it's a GREAT read! It's great fun and works on different levels - for kids, there's the action-packed story, a deliciously evil family and tons of 'i wish i could do that'! For teenagers and adults, there's a whole other level to read this book on - the desperate and complex situation of the protagonist and the way he deals with that and - what blew me away - the concept of the unique city of [...]

    7. I haven't read this (yet) but my 12 year old just finished it today and is in love with it! What I like, as a parent, is that this book has been the catalyst for some of the deepest conversations about ethics/morality, family and responsibility that I have ever had with her. She's loved reading it and I've loved her reading it. Both of us are looking forward to number two!

    8. Don't - and I'm saying this as an English teacher - get all literary on this. This is fast and full of detail - the kind of book kids can read again and again. It might not win any literary awards but that's fine by me, not all books worth reading have to. The kind of kids I teach - boys mostly - NEED more books like this!More serious and thought-provoking than Mysterious Benedict Society (which I love too btw), less of that Harry Potter magic that sometimes puts boys off. I KNOW this is a book [...]

    9. this book is soooooooo amazing!!!!!! I can't wait for the next one -is ernest is going to be evil now???!!!!

    10. I really enjoyed everything about this book. First off, the style reminded me of the kind of books I read in elementary school that were written in that magical period of the 1950s-1970s. Second, I know a lot of people will want to compare this book to Harry Potter, but for me it felt more like Matilda meets X-Men: First Class, by way of The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids series.So here's the premise:6 twelve year olds are chosen to attend a special school where they can learn to strengthe [...]

    11. Very enjoyable middle grade read. Protagonist Christopher Lane learns that he has very unique abilities such as mind reading and telekenesis. He along with some of his new classmates at a special school are being trained how to control their powers and eventually they all team together to foil the dastardly plans of a former student at their school.Overall the characters and the plot were very strong. I anticipate a sequel or two based on the ending. Too bad I will have to wait a while.

    12. M.M. Vaughan's "The Ability" is the answer to the frequently asked question: "what should I read after Harry Potter?"A book with great promise and a beautifully illustrated cover, The Ability follows the trials and tribulations of Christopher Lane, a child who, like Harry, comes from a dysfunctional home. Chris is instantly likeable and pitiable, from his bravery in dealing with his father's death and his mother's mental illness, to his willingness to step up and be more responsible than any 12- [...]

    13. I just finished reading this before writing a review, and while the prologue put me off a little, I found myself referring to it as I continued into the story. I don't want to say too much about it, because I will be writing a review, but the characters are good, the development of the story is good, and the end leaves the door open for another novel. I am not a reader of fantasy, but I do love mysteries, and I enjoyed this title quite a bit.

    14. I love the idea of the school and how they read people's minds by walking through buildings and streets! Amazing book!

    15. When you first read the synopsis for The Ability by M.M. Vaughan, the first thing you'll probably think of is a little book series called Harry Potter. After all, this is a middle grade book about a school for children who have special abilities (also read: "stinkin' awesome powers!"). While the premise does indeed resemble Harry Potter in some ways, I promise that it is very different.I'd describe The Ability as being more like X-Men, or if Matilda went to a school for "gifted" children. I'm al [...]

    16. Chris feels like a failure. No one in his life believes in him, not his teachers, not his mom, and certainly not his classmates. So when a kind representative from a mysterious school called Myers Holt Academy tells Chris he is talented and offers him a place at this prestigious school, he can hardly believe it. Little does Chris know, he possesses something powerful called The Ability which allows him and as well as his peers to manipulate objects and people using only their minds. Chris must l [...]

    17. I was lent a pre-publication copy by a reviewer friend of mine who loved it, in exchange for writing a review on here. I don't normally read children's books and, no, I haven’t even read any of the Harry Potter books, so I was surprised to find I was hooked from the first paragraph Vaughn has created characters that are diverse, colorful and quirky.What I loved the most was that, despite the core fantasy theme in the book, MM Vaughn injects a lots of realism. Bravely, she doesn’t give the tw [...]

    18. Looking back I have always been under the impression that I was particularly bright at the age of 12. I was sharper, less clouded with uncertainty, able to build anything out of Legos, and I knew the name of every damned dinosaur that walked this Earth.Then 13 hit, and it all went downhill from there.M.M. Vaughan's deceptively playful young adult novel entitled 'The Ability' has a spectacular answer for this riddle: all 12 year old children are latent geniuses. They have a window of brilliance a [...]

    19. I received a preview copy of The Ability at work and, while I'm not going to write a full review now, I did want to say how much I loved it. It's fast-paced, has a brilliant concept behind it and the character of Chris is very well rounded-out. I agree with the other reviewer on here that I don't know if it's a bit dark for the younger end of the recommended age group but what I will say is that I think, unusually for a middle-grade novel, it definitely has crossover appeal; I can see teenagers [...]

    20. The Ability is a creative, twist on Harry Potter. Children receive news telling them that they have been accepted into a school for special talents. A group of kids learn to use their special powers to fight evil and save the world.This was a great book for me because I like to read fiction. I would recommend this for fiction readers looking for a new book.

    21. Originally posted here at Random Musings of Bibliophile. I am a lover of boarding school stories and stories with mystery and intrigue so was excited to discover The Ability by M.M. Vaughan. It has all the elements of a great spy story.I like what Vaughan did with the idea of "the special kid needed for important work and gets trained for it" concept. It's been done so many times. What I like about it here is that all kids have the potential for the special abilities Chris and his friends are be [...]

    22. My son and I were lucky enough to meet Ms. Vaughan at our local bookstore, Book People. There was a good mixture of suspense, drama, and comedy. We liked how the main character Chris was written. He has had a hard life but has a very good heart. We look forward to reading the next book in the series.

    23. OH, wow. I loved this book so much! It was absolutely fantastic and irresistible! I've missed middle-grade fiction!

    24. The book was a mildly enjoyable read despite the sadness that rained throughout the first quarter of the book.+ the charactersAs a denizen of La La Land, I didn’t like the sad beginning. Chris was forced to shoulder adult responsibilities because his father was dead and his mother was in perpetual depression because of it. My heart bled as I watched him steal money for food. Even the primary villains, Dulcia and her twin sons, were sympathetic, with Dulcia’s childhood ruined, betrayed by her [...]

    25. This one of those books that is a bit too dark for my personal tastes, but it really drew me in. And the sequel already set up. I almost wish I weren't looking forward to the next one.

    26. 2.5 starsThe short versionThere's nothing really new in The Ability for anyone who has read a children's magic and/or spy boarding school book before, but, in my opinion, The Ability does rather well, even if it does have a lot of the same tropes. (As an aside, yes, indeed, there are plenty of boarding school books that *aren't* Harry Potter, many of which were even written BHP - Before Harry Potter, go figure!). In a lot of ways, including the characters, The Ability was very much a first, intr [...]

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